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I'm Linda, a Certified Facial Fitness Specialist and former anti-aging Health Advisor.

I'm here to help you look your best at any age, offering DIY at-home techniques as well as tips and advice on professional treatments for anti-aging beauty.

Beauty and Aging: I don't look like myself anymore! 

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Feeling like you're in your 30s mentally but spotting unfamiliar changes in the mirror? You're not alone.

Around the late 40s, many women start noticing differences, admitting, "I don’t look like myself anymore!" 

Anti-Aging Beauty News

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Small beauty hacks — big impact

Slow and steady wins the race. Small changes can add up over time.SLOW and STEAD: Small changes, big results over time.

Tackling Common Challenges:

I'll show you how small changes can rejuvenate your look without breaking the bank. For example:

Firm-up deflated cheeks

Do your cheeks appear flat? You can improve the shape naturally. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see results.

Replace missing eyebrows

Check out your eyebrows. Are they faded or spotty? Defined brows can revitalize your look and give an instant pick-me-up for a tired-looking appearance!

Smooth under eye puffiness

You can temporarily reduce puffy, tired eyes within minutes with a swipe of an eye lift serum especially designed for sensitive mature skin.

There are many anti-aging beauty tips available. Some work, some don't.

I'll share which ones worked for me.

And the best part; most are simple, cheap, and can be done at home.

For over 30 years, my goal has been to age confidently, enhancing my unique features naturally without expensive procedures, or surgeries.

And along the way, I found inexpensive anti-aging treatments, beauty products & eye makeup tips that have worked well. And I like to share them with you.

Here are some anti-aging tips to get you started:

Puffy Under Eye Serums - Anti-Aging Beauty Zone
Eyeliner Makeup Over 40
Pink lips
Woman massaging her forhead
Kansa Wand neck massager
How to Reduce Turkey Neck
Mineral makeup powder
Woman touching her puffy under eye skin.
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How effective are at-home treatments: My experience/results

While my pictures show positive results, it's important to understand that everyone responds differently. Stay encouraged, have realistic expectations, and give these exercises a go!😊

My face before and after facial exercises.BEFORE AND AFTER: 10 YEARS LATER.

Firmer Face and Jowls. Inexpensive face exercise, helped firm the jowls and plump the cheeks.

neck before

The neck is a very hard area to fix. But I was able to reduce the neck ring and "some" sagging. 

neck brown spot

Brown spots are very hard to lighten at home. But it's possible with exfoliating combined with daily vitamin C serum routine.

It's important to note: At-home treatments won't provide the same dramatic results as professional procedures. And outcomes will differ for each individual.

Also, don't forget: 

It's important to use anti-aging products (like retinols and AHA's) to protect and promote collagen/elastin production.

Also, use a good sunscreen (one with a high PA+ rating). Yes! Sunscreen can protect and reverse skin damage! Who knew?

And, of course, diet counts too 😒. Sorry ladies, but Poor foods choices will contribute to skin aging.

"I don’t mind getting older, as long as I always look the same"

What causes our face to change: Understand the science behind aging

Okay, this part might be a little dry for some!

But, hey, understanding why our faces change over time can actually be pretty fascinating. Let's demystify the aging process together!

Many factors contribute to facial aging, like:

  • poor diet
  • gravity
  • loss of collagen/elastin
  • decrease in facial muscle tone
  • genetics
  • medication
  • etc

But, in my opinion, two factors that make the biggest impact on why we look different are shifts in facial fat pads and bone structure

Note: As a facial fitness specialist, I've stressed the importance of facial fat pads and bone mass.

It's wonderful to see prominent cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Rajani and Dr. Karam acknowledge how important they are in preventing facial aging.

Effects of facial fat pads

Facial fat pads are groups of fat cells tightly packed under our skin. They give your face a plump, full, smooth look. 

However, over the years, the distribution of these pads spread and change.

For example, pads in the upper part of our face, (around the eyes and cheeks), separate and thin out, causing hollowed eyes and droopy cheeks.

At the same time, the pads in the lower face (around the jawline) increase, causing the area to look saggy, wider and bottom-heavy.

Bone loss and facial aging

Another major impact on facial aging is bone loss…

The difference in facial bone loss between two women, 40 years apart. Bone loss affects how our face ages, and preventing it is a big part of anti-aging beauty treatments.The study by Langstein and Shaw, M.D., gives evidence that facial bones are constantly subjected to forces that remodel them. (Image credit: Dr. Robert Shaw.

The bones in your face change. They lose volume and shift (as seen above). This affects the support they provide to your skin.

When the bones change, the skin on top of them can start to sag or droop.

So, as you age, both the skin and the bones in your face go through transformations that can make your face look different

See how Facial Bone Loss can age your face …

Facial Exercises

Home-based anti-aging treatments, such as facial exercises and massages, can help counteract some effects of facial aging.

These treatments may help improve muscle tone, reduce puffiness, and promoting healthy skin.

Studies show that massaging the face can provide anti-aging benefits by reducing wrinkles, sagging, and improving overall skin appearance and elasticity.

Positive Aging

Aging is a journey, right? So, let's make sure our face and neck stay in top shape along the way.

Here you'll discover a hand-picked collection of beauty hacks, designed to address the unique concerns faced by mature women like us, including:

Can these tips really make a difference at our age? I think so!

Come on and join me, I'll show you what's possible.

easily fit into any skincare routine

And, the best part is all of these at-home anti-aging beauty treatments can easily fit into your current skincare routine.

If you currently get in-office procedures or have had plastic surgery, you can maintain your results longer with certain at-home anti-aging beauty routines.

Some anti-aging techniques, like face exercises, massages, and exfoliating peels, can be preventative and even help slow facial aging.

And, let's face it, the beautiful, healthy glow you get after a face massage cannot be obtained with a Botox injection or a facelift.

NOTE: if you've recently undergone in-office facial treatment, check with your doctor before trying any suggestions on this site. 

Over-the-Counter Beauty Products 

I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.

― Mae West

Holy Cow! There are so many over-the-counter anti-aging gadgets and products! So where do you start?

I'll Try Anything Once! 

I purchase and test a lot of beauty creams and devices. And while many products fail to thrill me, persistence pays off.

Sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised how well these affordable facial aging beauty tips work. 

Yes, some may seem a bit funny or strange, but they work.

Here are a few of my favorite beauty gadgets and hacks:

Tailored solutions: Just for you

Whether it's facial exercises or over-the-counter beauty products, you'll find helpful options that fit into your lifestyle.

At-home treatments and preventive measures can be your allies in aging well.

Hopefully, through my personal experience along with contributions from women like you, you'll find helpful anti-aging options, including:

Let's share ideas, beauty tips, and have fun while we look amazing and elegant regardless of age.

About me and my site

I've been researching, testing and practicing anti-aging beauty techniques for over 30 years, And, I'm proud to say, I earned an Honorary Certificate as Facial Fitness Authority.

This website started out as my personal journal.

Later, it became a creative way of showing you how different anti-aging beauty tips, techniques, gadgets, and products work.

I hope to share with you everything I've learned over the years so that you can look your best, regardless of age.

My interest and passion for beauty and anti-aging, started from childhood.

Me boxing is dedicated to my beautiful mother, Wanda. I know she would have enjoyed this site and I hope you do too.


P.S. Didn't find what you're looking for?

I'm always happy to hear suggestions about what you want or need to know. Just let me know here...

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