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makeup tricks for women over 40Makeup How To Tips for Women Over 40

These makeup how to tips are especially for women over 40.

Many of these suggestions and makeup tricks are based on my personal experiences and observations from real women just like you.

I'm not a makeup artist and not a big fan of heavy or complicated makeup tricks. I want a natural look so people can see my beauty, NOT my makeup

So the trick is to use less makeup with more creativity.

You want to use makeup tricks to highlight and create illusions - not cover or hide.

Especially when applying eye makeup - most women over 40 find this challenging due to under eyelines, puffiness, and dark circles.

Eye Makeup traps

Those dramatic and glitzy glittering eyeshadows and thick eyeliners not only accentuate those issues, but can make us look outdated - even older. 

One of the most important makeup tips we need now is how to apply eye makeup that still makes our eyes pop and makes people standup and notice us! Right?


I found this awesome waterproof gel eyeliner that comes with the slimmest, thinnest eyeliner brush I've ever seen.

Maybe there are some eyeliner makeup tips that can help make your eyes look less tired?

Speaking of eyeliner.............Should women over 40 wear eyeliner? What do you think?

If so, what's the best eyeliner for aging eyes?

What about eyeliner styles? Personally, I think we look best with a few classic eyeliner styles as shown here.....

What Do You See In The Mirror?

When you pass by a mirror - are you happy with what you see?

What about your Eyebrows? Have they been slowly disappearing over the years? Here are some tips..............

Some days it seems your makeup just isn’t doing the trick. Perhaps you didn’t achieve the “look” for which you hoped.

Perhaps the result didn’t really cover fine lines and wrinkles, or even worse accentuated them.

You’re not alone, but there are some makeup “how tos” that don’t cost a fortune and give your makeup the boost it needs.

Click here for some simple anti-aging beauty makeup tips....

Is it time for a change?

Are you still wearing the makeup the same way you did 20 years ago?  If so you maybe guilty of some very common aging makeup mistakes.

Try some of these natural tips to get out the rut or try using natural makeup ingredients for a more flawless look.

The best makeup for women over 50? Click here....

Keeping your look updated can actually help keep you younger looking. This is especially true for eye makeup.

Click here for some great under eye makeup tips for most common problems.

Love eyeliner makeup but think you can't wear it? See my personal tips on how to apply eyeliner makeup for women over 40.

Makeup Primers

 Step one...Let’s start from the bottom up. You need to moisturize your skin.

Without “feeding” your skin and giving it the hydration it needs, no amount of makeup is going to give you the finished look desired.

Don’t even start using concealer or foundation until you’ve finished this step and let  your face really absorb the moisturizer.

Some artists like Bobbie Brown insists on applying a second layer of moisturizer on top of your foundation too.

Some women with oily complexion can skip the moisturizer and just use a primer - like a photo finish primer. This sets the makeup and prevents it from settling into pores and fine lines.

But they can be expensive though......

Step two, let’s get rid of those nagging lines that make you look older by using a liquid concealer.

If you can find one that improves light reflection and has a hint of yellow in it, the end result is more luminescent skin.

That soft, warm look really improves your overall appearance. When applying concealers and foundations, use a sponge applicator for a truly supple finish.

Don’t overdo it! You can always add more if you think you need it in stubbornly difficult spots on your face.

Or give BB creams a try. Make sure to only use those formulated for mature skin. I have found the majority of them actually can accentuate lines and creases!!

If you follow this guideline you do not need to add a finishing powder unless you really want one. At this juncture, treat yourself like a star and sit in a steamy room for 2-3 minutes.

This sets your makeup and gives is a youthful shine and actually helps minimize the look of pores.

This is just one of the many makeup tips and tricks followed by celebrities- especially before a red carpet appearance.

Don't Forget The Eyelashes

Did you know that eyelashes thin out and lose curl as you age? Perk them up with a curler and non-clumping, lengthening mascara.

I like to add a little powder to the tips of my lashes before putting on mascara. You'd be surprised how much fuller and thick my eyelashes look!!!

In terms of on-going facial maintenance, there are other things that indirectly improve the way your makeup looks.

For example, there’s no need to tweeze your eyebrows to death. As we get older we lose some of that hair anyway.

Just keep them tidy and natural looking, remembering that we’re getting away from stark lines that only emphasize the negatives.

Lip Gloss or Lip Stick?

The last important makeup how to - is to go easy on the lipstick. As we age a nude or natural tone really does a lot.

And, luckily there are so many great lip glosses (and wide color selections) that you'll have tons to choose from.

If you lips are thin or thinning, a long lasting lip gloss is a better option. You might have to apply it more often - but it'll look more youthful than a heavy stick.

My favorite makeup how to lipstick trick is to use one of those long lasting lipstick stainers - yes I know - they're very drying. But, then I apply chap stick on top once the lipstick stain dries. You see, I'm not a fan of glossy lips, but the chapstick keeps it all look plump and hydrated and the color stays for hours.

Final makeup how to tip....

Here are a few final quick and simple tricks to use makeup to your advantage.

Did you know your eye color fades with age? But this one simple eye beauty tip using cheap eye shadow can really make your color standout - again.

Or try some of these quick makeup ideas you can try right now.

Help your inner beauty shine, and combine it with a gentle makeup routine that’s suits your personality. 

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