Why Eyebrows are Important for Attractiveness 

by Linda Robison

Why eyebrows are important for a more youthful look. How to find the right shape for your face.

Why eyebrows are important. Shape chart.

We're going to talk about your eyebrow hairs. Exciting right? Actually, yes it is. You'd be surprised how important they are. 

Sounds superficial?

Maybe, but what if I tell you, your eyebrows do more than just fringing your eyes and amplify your facial expressions?

They also play a crucial role in enhancing the shape of your eyes and contribute to a more youthful and vibrant facial appearance.

Your most important facial feature

Eyebrows are the unsung heroes of your face. Here's why...

The right shape for your face type not only defines your bone structure, sharpens your facial features, but can have an anti-aging effect.

Also, well-groomed eyebrows can hide what you are self-conscious about while highlighting your natural beauty. More about that below...

Fun Fact: Ever wonder why eyebrows are so important?

According to an article published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeryeyebrow enhancement, can contribute to a more youthful appearance by adding definition and lifting the features.

The underrated art of eyebrow shaping

Finding the perfect brow style most suitable for your face can be a game changer, adding more symmetry and balancing the overall look.

While it sounds easy, it involves learning about your face shape. Then finding the eyebrow shape that complements it.

Let's dive into it then.

Identifying the shape of your face: best eyebrows for face shape

different face shape chart

How do you unlock the secret to perfect eyebrows? By determining your face shape.

Women often ask what's the most attractive eyebrow shape? Should my brows be thick, thin, big, or arched. Well truth is it all depends on your face shape and what mother nature gave you.

For many women, years of over-plucking, shaving, hormone imbalance, or aging, distorted the natural brow shape. So look at pictures of yourself when you were young to get an idea of how they should look.

If they're unkept, messy, thin, missing or sparse; clean them up and fill them in to mimic their natural shape.

Still don't know what shape they're supposed to be? Then determine the shape of your face and follow the guide below:

Here are the most common 8 face types

Oval: The length of your face is more than the width, your jawline is rounder and your face tapers slightly to the chin.

Square: Your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are nearly the same width and your jawline is squared.

Round: The width and length of your face are about the same, with a rounded jaw and hairline.

TriangleThe forehead is the widest part as the face narrows down to a pointed chin or angular jawline, creating a distinctive triangular appearance.

Base-down Triangle: The jawline and chin is wider compared to the forehead. The shape resembles an inverted triangle, with the broader part at the bottom and a narrower forehead. 

Diamond: Your forehead and jawline are narrow, with wider cheekbones forming the widest part of the face. Your chin may be pointed or angular.

Heart: Your forehead is wider than your cheeks and jawline, with a pointed chin.

Long, Oblong, Rectangle: The shape is characterized by an elongated appearance with the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline roughly in the similar width. The chin in an oblong face might be more pronounced or pointed.

Now that you've identified your face shape, let's move on to the nitty-gritty.

Best eyebrows for face shape

eyebrow shape chart

Here are basic tips to highlight the natural shape of your brows. Remember, these are just guidelines, as no two faces are exactly the same.

Play around with the shapes to see what works for you.

Note: Based on my experience, when you find the right shape, you'll recognize it right away. Your facial features will look a more harmonious and balanced instantly. 😊

Oval and longer faces: A soft angled shape is best. It goes straight up and gently curves down. Consider extending the tails (the beginning and end) of your brows east-west. This helps creates a perfect balance between the length and width of your face. 

Round Faces: Consider a high or steep arch shape. This gives a vertical lift to your face and makes it appear less round. A high arch brow shape is the signature style for you. This bold contour ascends dramatically and descends gently, creating a vertical lift that impeccably balances your facial width, giving it a more elongated look.

Square Faces: You are gifted with a strong bone structure. To match your striking features, try a steep arch shape. A prominent or angled peak at the top complements your square jawline and adds and softness to your features.

Heart-Shaped Faces: Subtlety is key. Opt for a natural, slightly rounded brow. This gently arched style softens your sharper features and enhances your delicate chin without adding extra length to your face.

Diamond Faces: Both soft angled and rounded shapes with a long tail can work well. The key is to strike a balance that complements the wider cheekbones and softer jawline. 

Your eyebrows: The magic cosmetic eraser and enhancer

Normally, your natural brows usually match your face shape. However, years of waxing, over-plucking or age might alter that original shape.

So enhancing or filling in sparse areas can not only restore balance but also help lift and make your face look younger. Thick, full brows are attractive, and can take years off your face.

Strong brows are the easiest and cost-effective cosmetic enhancements you can make

As you age, changes in your face shape may result in features you might not like, such as an elongated or bottom-heavy appearance.

You can counteract these effects by emphasizing a specific brow shape that minimizes these changes and helps restore balance to your overall facial features.

The Magic Eraser

The right brow shape works like a magic eraser, skillfully hiding less desired features. For example:

Wide Forehead: 

  • Slightly long brows can create an optical illusion and make a wide forehead appear smaller. An extended tail of the eyebrow towards the temple can draw the focus on the center of the face.

Close-set Eyes: 

  • Thicker brows that are a little apart from the bridge of your nose can create a perception of wider-set eyes. A soft-arch shape would be ideal.

Protruding Eyes: 

  • A flat, straight brow can help to counterbalance and diverts attention from protruding eyes. This shape creates a harmonious balance between the features.

Small or Hooded Eyes: 

  • High arched adds a vertical dimension to the face and can create an illusion of larger, more open eyes. The high arch provides more space on the lid, which can make the eyes seem larger.

Wide Nose: 

  • Straight Brows tend to slim down and soften the nose.

The Magic Enhancer

Meanwhile, as an enhancer, brows can highlight your best attributes. Here's a guide to accentuating some desirable features:

Beautiful Eyes: 

  • If your eyes are one of your best features, a well-defined arch at the outer corner of the brow can help draw more attention to them. This type of brow shape frames and enhances the eyes, making them appear larger and more open.

High Cheekbones: 

  • Strong cheekbones can be further accentuated by a prominent, sharp arch to mirror the strong angular shapes of your cheekbones and create a balanced look.

Strong Jawline: 

  • If you have a strong jawline, a medium-to-full brow with a solid arch can help complement and enhance this feature. 

Full Lips: 

  • A bold, arched eyebrow can help balance and draw attention to full lips. The arch of the brow can mimic the cupid’s bow shape of the upper lip, creating harmony between the two features.

Remember, experiment with these suggestions and adjust based on personal preferences. Your beauty is unique.

How to care for your brows

Beyond finding the perfect shape for your face, maintaining healthy, well-groomed brows is crucial.

Eyebrows not only play an aesthetic function, they also play a crucially important role in protecting your eyes from dirt, sweat, and other foreign bodies.

Here are some simple tips for eyebrow care to help you maintain your natural beauty.

The first thing is to ensure your eyebrows are well-defined and groomed. Nothing ages you more than thin, sparse, or unkempt brows.

Second, hydrate and nourish. Just as your hair needs conditioning, your eyebrow hairs do too. Consider using a brow gel or even natural oils like castor oil to keep them moisturized and prevent hair loss.

Third, regular trimming goes a long way in maintaining the shape and neatness. Be sure to use a high-quality pair of scissors and a spoolie brush to trim them effectively.

Remember, less is more when it comes to trimming; you want to avoid over-trimming that could lead to sparse brows. 

Fourth, brush your eyebrows daily to keep them in shape and boost circulation to the hair follicles. Brushing in the direction of hair growth can also help to promote fuller and healthier brow growth over time.

Finally, don't overlook the power of eyebrow makeup. It's a helpful way to maintain well-groomed and good-looking brows.

Armed with these simple tips, you're well on your way to possessing healthy eyebrows. They can enhance your overall look, complementing the perfect shape you previously determined for your face.

Why eyebrows are important: Final though

Still think the shape of your eyebrows is frivolous? Hopefully not.

Rightly styled eyebrows can give your face a sculpted and more youthful look. Indeed, they are your most important feature, adding harmony and symmetry to your face. 

So next time you groom your face, remember to give your eyebrows the attention and care they deserve, for they hold the power to magically transform your face.

Experiment with styles, find what fits you best, and flaunt those perfect arches like a pro! Because every face deserves its perfect frame.

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