How to Fix Thin Eyebrows without Makeup

How to make eyebrows thicker naturally using a hair growth topical.

by Linda Robison

Want to know how to fix your eyebrows without makeup? See how to grow eyebrows, so they look thicker even without eyebrow makeup.

Learn about a drug-free natural eyebrow growth serum that fills-in sparse brows and (this is the best part) naturally darkens them without dyes.

A woman with beautiful thicker eyebrows. Learn how to make eyebrows thicker naturally.

Are your brows thin, fading, or losing their tails?

Whether your brows are over-plucked or they just thinned out with age, there is still hope… You can grow eyebrows faster with a natural, inexpensive eyebrow growth serum.

I found an easy way to make your natural brows look youthful & fuller even without makeup. And it doesn't require drugs with side-effects or expensive procedures.

But most people haven't heard of it, because it was initially meant for the hairs on your HEAD... (Even though it's just as effective on your brows!)

Why thicker-fuller eyebrows are desirable

Fuller eyebrows frame the face for a more youthful look. Thicker natural brows can make your face look younger and more approachable. They also play a significant role in how you communicate with others.

A study from Tennessee Tech showed eyebrows have a huge impact on whether you look friendly or threatening, approachable, or angry.1

Researchers concluded:

"Between eyes and eyebrows, the results showed that essentially, the eyebrows were the more important part of the face, ultimately determining which emotion is communicated." 

So, if your brows are sparse, you may be giving folks the wrong idea about your feelings towards them. Also, studies have shown that eyebrows have a big impact on how old you look.2

Researchers conducted a study of 763 makeup-free women and found that...

Those with prominent brows appeared younger compared to those with sparse or thin eyebrows.3

Researchers suspect that it's because full, dark brows create a contrast in your facial features offering a more flattering look.

Darker, fuller brows are especially crucial if your eyelashes, eye color, skin tone, and hair has started to fade too. Rich, prominent eyebrows can prevent that "washed-out" look.

How fix thin eyebrows - current options

Up until now, the only way to get fuller-looking natural eyebrows without using makeup or eyebrow pencils are Microblading or Latisse.

What is Microblading

This is when a technician cuts into your skin with tiny blades and injects it with pigment... essentially giving you a "semi-permanent tattoo" of an eyebrow.

Now, many people get this procedure because it lasts over a year. But that's not necessarily a good thing because, if you don't love how it turns out, you're stuck with it.

Not to mention, this procedure can leave you with unsightly scar tissue and can even damage your hair follicles, making your natural brows even sparser.4

What is Latisse

Latisse is a prescription prostaglandin drug that has impressive results because it does work. But, because prostaglandins work by manipulating your hormones, it is also associated with side effects including:

  • Hollowing of skin, creating a sunken appearance 5
  • Irritation ranging from mild itchiness to severe pain 6
  • Darkening of the skin, creating an unsightly brown pigment that can be permanent 7
  • Redness of the thin tissue over the white part of the eye (conjunctiva)
  • Itchy, red eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Darkened eyelids
  • Hair growth around the eyes if the medication regularly runs or drips off the eyelids

And surprisingly, many over-the-counter brow serums contain certain forms of Prostaglandins too. It is usually listed as isopropyl cloprostenate, so check your brow serum's ingredient list to see if it contains prostaglandin. 

How serious are the side-effects of prostaglandin? Well, it's been BANNED in Canada due to the side effects.

This is scary and surprised me! I've been using Latisse for about a year, and I noticed that the skin around my top and bottom eyelids had turned a reddish-brown color. Now I have to apply a concealer around the rim of my lids, or I look like I've been crying!!

And, since Latisse didn't darken my eyebrows (like the ad says it does), I have to dye it, or they look faded. This dying process leaves me with itchy, scabby eyebrows…I guess I'm allergic to the dye too.

How to make eyebrows thicker naturally

Brow Boost Redensifying Serum By City Beauty is a drug-free eyebrow growth serum that not only helps grow eyebrows fast, but also helps to darken them without dyes.

City Beauty says:

"This serum contains a botanical blend that is natural and safe for brows and eyesIt contains hydrolyzed keratin, several powerful peptides, Myristoyl Pentapeptide, and is free from side-effects".

One ingredient I'm thrilled about is the biomimetic peptide that targets light or grey hairs and makes them appear darker, giving your brows a more defined look. I no longer have to dye my eyebrows.

In lab tests, biomimetic peptide decreased the amount of hairs that looked gray by an astonishing 81%!8,9

That's probably why so many users reported:

  • Their existing gray strands looked darker
  • The new brow hairs growing in looked darker
  • And they saw fewer gray hairs in their brows overall

And this serum does not any contain dyes. So, the "brow-darkening" effect is entirely natural.

Of course, there are plenty of other enhancing serums that contain peptides. In fact, some use one or two of the same peptides as Brow Boost.

But since peptides are expensive, these other serums usually contain only one or two or, at most, three peptides.

Brow Boost contains a total of 10 different peptides... all at the recommended concentrations and sourced from the world's top labs.

So, if you want to know how to fix thin eyebrows safely without spending too much money, consider this natural eyebrow growth serum from City Beauty

Eyebrow hair growth Serum: Update

Thicker darker eyebrows

I found another eyebrow serum product that works even faster and is inexpensive! 

It's called the Liasion Eyebrow Bond. I first started using the Liasion EyeLash Bond and my eyelashes grew like crazy. See my before and after eyelash results here.

And the best part? I didn't have to use it everyday (even though the directions says you should for best results, but many nights I forgot).

And one tube (which cost less than $40) has lasted over 5 months!

I was so impressed with my results, I bought the Liasion Eyebrow Bond and my eyebrows are growing so long, I have to trim them about once a month.

Click here to read more about the Eyebrow Bond and get 50% off all orders.

Will my eyebrows get thicker?

I'm just started on my second tube so it's a bit too soon to say since City Beauty says it takes up to 4 weeks to see full results.

But I am happy to say those little gray eyebrow hairs are no longer there. I used to pluck them out, but now I don't see any growing back. Also, I'm glad to stop using Latisse. My discolored eyelid skin is starting to look normal again!

I think I finally found a natural way to darken and fix thin eyebrows without drugs, side-effects, or dyes!  I'll keep you all posted on my progress with pictures.

And, always remember, City Beauty offers a 60-day money-back guarantee – which is enough time to see if this eyebrow growth serum will work for you. Just make sure to keep your receipt.