Anti-Aging Lip Care Tips

How often do you think about anti-aging lip care? Ahead, you’ll find 5 anti-aging lip care tips for a younger-looking mouth.

Best treatment for aging lips.

by Linda Robison

Whether you’re just starting to see faint lip lines, vertical lip groves, or noticed your lips have lost their shape, these anti-aging tips can help replenish, hydrate and protect the skin around your lips and mouth.

Most of us don't worry about upper lip and mouth wrinkles until it's too late.

Once the skin around your lips starts looking dry, crepey or wrinkled - the damage has started and it'll be that much harder to improve it.

From lip masks, balms, correcting gloss, and hydrating mouth patches – these non-invasive, no-downtime, inexpensive lip care tips can help soften lip wrinkles, vertical lines and improve skin texture around your mouth.

And not all healthy lip products are boring, check out this gorgeous red lip cream that goes on like a cream, but stays put all day! Click here...

So start taking care of your lips now! Because it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when those lines will crepe up around your mouth! I only wish I had followed this advice 20 years ago.

UPDATE: Try this easy exercise at-home to build up your philtrum. The philtrum is the area above your cupid's bow. With age this part of your upper lip lengthens and flattens which makes the lips look shapeless and small. 

A built-up philtrum makes your mouth look  more plump and defined, your whole face looks younger.

Anti-Aging lip care tips

The skin around the eyes and lips wrinkle faster than the rest of the face. This is due to thin, delicate skin wrapped around strong orbital muscles (mouth and eye muscles) which are continually contracting – causing the skin to fold, over and over again. 

When you combine this with the fact that we begin to lose collagen in our 20s, it's easy to understand why wrinkles develop in these areas faster than others.

What can you do?

Just as you would use a specially formulated eye products for anti-aging prevention, do the same for your lips too. 

Here are a few suggestions of different types of lip products we've tried and liked. There are plenty out there - so play around until you finds ones that work best for you.

1. Lip moisturizers

Patchology Lip Service Gloss-to-Balm Treatment

Why just moisturize when you can protect lips against aging by using creams that contains peptides and Atelocollagen to help increases lip volume and reduce appearance of lip bleed lines.

This cream has staying power, so if you apply a thicker layer it can double as a lip mask at night because it stays put.

And, if you’re currently getting professional lip fillers, this cream can help enhance the effects of your treatments.

2. Mouth patches

Flash Patch Hydrating Lip Gels

These lip gel patches provide quick but intensive treatment because they contain niacinamide, peptides, green tea, and honey.

They’re quick and easy – because unlike homemade masks, all essential ingredients are infused in a gel patch that releases nutrients right to the targeted area of your upper lips. These are the best lip gels for your money!

SIO Beauty Lip Patch

This one may be a bit of a splurge $$. But works so well, I have to mention it.

Sio Beauty makes incredible lip patches that offer long-term hydrating treatment. These easy to use collagen-infused gel patches go around your mouth like a smooth sheet mask.

I’ve tried skin patches and love the way they make my skin look. But I feel they might be expensive for everyday use. However, I won’t give them up and use them once or twice a week in addition to my other lip treatments.

3. Lip/mouth masks

DIY - Homemade Lip Mask:

You can easily make your own lip mask to use in-between using professional masks. My favorite and super easy lip mask is to combine:

  • ¼ tsp of sugar
  • ¼ tsp of oil (your choice, see below for suggestions)
  • ¼ tsp or less honey (optional). Honey makes the mask a bit thicker
  • apply mask around your mouth - make sure to cover upper lip area well

Why these ingredients?

  • Sugar – Sugar contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids, which help melt away dead skin cells that are “glued” to your skin. By removing extra dead skin cells, you’ll reveal smoother, younger skin underneath. Also, your favorite moisturizers will be able to penetrate better.
  • Oils – Choose oils that are high in antioxidants for best results. These oils include standard ones you might have on hand right now or essential face oils. Studies suggest that certain essential oils have potent antioxidant properties. Choose varieties like Coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, ylang ylang flower oil, carrot oil, or jojoba oil. These face oils have excellent antioxidant properties and can help keep the skin around the lips and mouth healthy.
  • Honey – Honey is a natural humectant, which means it helps draw moisture to your skin. I like to add a drizzle of honey to make the mask thicker, too, so it stays in place.

4. Best lipstick for aging lips

Mommy Makeup Line Smoothing Gloss

If you use gloss or lipstick everyday, all day, why not choose one that will help protect your lips from aging and instantly plump them up too. 

In the picture above I'm wearing the newest shade of STAY PUT lip cream in matt. I love this scarlet Red for special occasions! Click here to watch a video!

Mommy Makeup makes affordable makeup and lip products. They make a thick, cushiony line smoothing lip gloss that lasts for hours.

However, I'm not too crazy about the color selection for my skin tone, but I do use it and just mix it with my other favorite lip colors. It does help prevent color bleed and 

City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss

This lip gloss “hugged” my lips all day. I don’t know if it was the thickness of the gloss or the anti-aging ingredients, but it’s thick enough to fill in and hide tiny lip lines.  

5. SPF lip balm

Of all the lip care tips for healthy, hydrated skin, sunscreen is most important. Not just to keep the skin looking young, but to also help protect against mouth and lip cancers like Actinic Cheilitis.

But how hard is it to keep sunscreen on our lips when we’re laughing, eating, drinking! Even the area above the lips is often forgotten.

I've always HATED sunscreens! Until now - I found CoTZ as recommend by my dermatologist for my husband who has rosacea. And now CoTZ make a lip balm too! Luck me!

So I use the CoTZ face sunscreen on my face (making sure to cover the area below my nose (upper lip). And then apply the CoTZ SPF balm as needed throughout the day - especially if I'm outside all day.

This pure and clean (but very protective) mineral-based lip balm is non-greasy, silky smooth, fragrance free, and waterproof for up to 80 minutes

Why do lips thin with aging?

Well, aging lips (as with everything else) is never do to just one thing. There are several factors contribute to the thinning of the lips:

Loss of Collagen and Elastin:

Collagen and elastin are proteins that provide structure and elasticity to the skin. With age, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, leading to a loss of volume and firmness in the lips.

Decreased Hydration:

Aging can result in a reduction in the body's natural production of hyaluronic acid, a substance that helps to retain moisture in the skin. As a result, the lips may become drier and less plump over time.

Reduction in Fat Tissue:

The fat pads underneath the skin in the lips and surrounding areas may diminish with age, contributing to a loss of fullness and definition in the lips.

Environmental Factors:

Exposure to environmental factors such as sun damage, smoking, and pollution can accelerate the aging process and contribute to the thinning of the lips.

Overall, the thinning of the lips with aging is a natural part of the aging process along with a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Many of the lip care tips found on this page can help improve the look and firmness of your mouth.

But, it all else fails, you may wish to consider lip injections, in small amounts they can look very natural and bring a youthful look to your mouth. Or even for more subtle results, try a Botox lip flip. I did and love it. 

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