How to Look Less Tired 

Want to know how to look less tired? Worried that you’re starting to look more tired and older with each passing year? Well, here are a few quick tips to get brighter eyes, glowing smoother face and neck and looking more youthful!

Aging brings about many changes, but the one that bugs me the most is looking tired, pale, or just plain old - especially when I feel great! 

Get tips on how to look less tired.

Why we look tired with age

There's not much we can do about aging, but there are little things we can do to help us look less tired as we age. 

Simply tweaking your beauty routine and makeup choices can have a positive impact on your skin and eyes, giving you a more youthful overall appearance.

For example, are you still using the same makeup routine or skin care products you used 20 years ago? Chances are, they may not agree with your skin anymore.

It’s important to understand what’s changed and address those issues. For example

  • Is your skin drier or thinner
  • Has your skin tone changed
  • Have your eyebrows disappeared
  • Do your eyes look tired or puffy

You'd be surprised how something as simple as disappearing eyebrows or dull, dry skin can age your face and make you look older and tired.

So with that in mind, here are some beauty and lifestyle tips that'll help you look and feel more refreshed.

How can I make my tired skin look better?

Improve Your Skincare Routine

As you age, it’s natural for your skin to change in texture and appearance. Unfortunately, these changes may make you look more tired, regardless of how you actually feel. 

Here are a few things to consider when dealing with mature skin:

- Hydrate

One product you need to invest in is a good hydrating moisturizer. Many women underestimate the power of a really good hydrating face cream.

Applying a hydrating cream and/or a good face oil makes your skin more plump and dewy, helping you look well-rested.

What do I use? I love this super hydrating, anti-oxidant CBD cream that contains organic:

  • avocado
  • jojoba 
  • neem 
  • rosehip and carrot oils

This moisturizer helps revive my dry skin WITHOUT making it look oily. I've been using this line of moisturizer for over 10 years now. There is a 10 yr. difference in the before and after picture below. This cream (along with facial exercise/massage) has help make my skin smoother and hydrated with a nice sheen.

 Click here to learn more about this CBD Antioxidant Crème.

Look less tired with facial exercisesI'm 52 in the before photo and 62 in the after. Face exercise/massage along with a high quality hydrating cream helps keep my skin looking less tired as I age.

While the CBD Crème is my personal favorite, you need to find one that agrees with your skin and not only hydrates for the moment, but keeps your face and neck dewy all day - without looking shiny or greasy.

- Brighten, Smooth and Tone

Consider adding vitamin C serums for a more energized appearance. Vitamin C visibly brightens your skin, helps reduce brown spots and discoloration, and helps build collagen.

- Stimulate and Massage

After applying your moisturizer and serum, give your skin a quick massage to help products penetrate better and increase circulation and blood flow. Skin loves to be stimulated, and you’ll see a difference within minutes after a quick massage. 

There are several ways to do a face massage.

  1. Using the palm of your hands, try the Circle-Up-Rub massage each time you apply your moisturizer or vitamin C serum.
  2. Or try a device like a Gua Sha tool or a Jade massage stone.
  3. If you have issues with your fingers/hands, like arthritis, consider trying the Kansa Wand. This requires very little pressure and is easy on sore hands and fingers.

My face always looks tired

Makeup Tricks to Look Less Tired

Makeup can enhance your features and make you look more energized—especially if you know the right products and techniques. Another great eye makeup trick is to use a bit of white eyeliner. You can apply it inside your waterline so that your eyes will look wider. This creates the illusion that you’re more rejuvenated! 

- Eyeliner

Adding a little liner to the top (and/or bottom) lids can make your eyes stand-out more and help make you look more well rested. 

And, if you choose the right liner, you can even make the whites of the eyes look brighter too. Check out this video on how to apply eyeliner and why this color (Hunter Green) eyeliner can make eyes look whiter.

Mommy Makeup eyeliner helps get brighter, whiter eyes

- Eyebrows

Ladies, this is so important for looking less tired!

For many women over 50, the eyebrows are not as thick or dark as they used to be. But because this age-related change happens so slowly, many don’t even notice it until they apply an eyebrow pencil and see what a difference a darker, fuller brow makes.

Check out these before and after pictures – with and without eyebrows.

- Blush, Bronze or Self Tanners

Blush puts a pop of color in your cheeks, so you won’t have to worry about looking pale. A little self tanner (depending on your skin tone) works wonders to help you look less tired and evens out your skin tone too.

A light dusting of bronzing powder on your forehead, crease of upper eyelids and under your chin warms up your face – especially in the winter.

Finally, regardless of what type of foundation you use, a little hydration helps give older, dry skin a nice dewy (not shiny) glow.

- Makeup Primer

Consider using a makeup primer to create a perfect, hydrated canvas before you apply your foundation. A good makeup primer can do the following:

  • smooth fine lines and protect skin
  • add antioxidants and vitamins 
  • can be worn alone to just soften and hydrate bare skin
  • can add a velvet like finish to your face

 A makeup prime will prepare your skin for makeup while filling in fine lines and pores. I use a primer to help hydrate and seal in my facial moisturizer.

Mommy Makeup Primer

Watch this video on how a makeup primer works.

Does eating healthy make you less tired?

Check Out Your Lifestyle Routine

And finally, don’t forget your lifestyle habits! Dr. Eugene D. Elliott emphasizes that you can try to slow down your skin’s aging process by controlling the factors that affect your skin

For example: a study revealed that women who drink a lot of alcohol have more facial lines, puffy eyes, and volume loss on their faces, as compared to those who drank moderately. 

Another bad habit you may need to break is smoking, since this can cause those dark circles to show up. And, of course, you also need to manage your stress levels by getting enough sleep. 

Rest is essential in your body’s renewal and repair process, so well-rested individuals definitely look and feel more refreshed. Overall, with healthy lifestyle habits, you can improve your appearance and your health.

If you want to look less tired, then you have to take a holistic approach. Try to improve your skincare routine, use the right makeup products and techniques, and avoid bad lifestyle habits. All these combined will help you not only look energized, but feel it too!

 What colors makes you look less tired?

Did you know that wearing the wrong colors can actually make you look tired? It’s important to choose colors that flatter your natural skin tone and provide a healthy glow.

What to know what colors work best for your skin tone? Click here for a free color analysis quiz to find out.

Look Less Tired: FAQ's

Q: Why do my eyes look dull?

A: It could be that your eye color is fading with age. There are a few tips you can try to perk up your eye color and make them look brighter too. Click here to read about eye beauty tips that can help.

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