Face Lift Treatments: inexpensive at-home treatments for a firmer skin, face and neck

At-home face lift treatments and devices will never be as dramatic as a surgical face lift, so are they really worth it?

On this page, you'll find some inexpensive face firming options that are worth trying. How do I know they work? Because I use them myself.

We all want to age well and look the best we can. And while a surgical face lift may make you younger, there is no guarantee you'll actually look better in the long run. Plus, face lift surgeries are expensive and well...just scary.

But there are some treatments you can do at-home for very little money that can help improve skin elasticity and help your face look a little more lifted and firmer. And the sooner you start, the better the results.

My favorite face lift treatment

My favorite face lift treatment is a good face massage.

You'd be surprised what a little massaging, kneading, and rubbing can do for your skin and facial contours. And the best part? These treatments are inexpensive and can be done at home.

A simple face massage, using either your hands or a massaging device, can help:

  • tone a puffy bloated face and jowls
  • relax facial muscles, tension lines and wrinkles
  • increase blood circulation bringing nutrients to the skin
  • tone crepey skin
  • amplify the effects of anti-aging creams

Destress tension lines and lift facial muscles

When we're stressed, it shows on our face and neck. We tend to scrunch up the face, furrow the brow, and hold our shoulders tightly upward around neck. 

Put a mirror next to your computer and check out your facial expressions when you working hard or are deep in thought. You'd be surprised how "pinched up" and tight your face looks!

All of this tension pulls the muscles of the face and neck downward and can exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles. A face lift massage can help release and relax the muscles giving the appearance of more lifted look. 

A simple 5 -10 minute massage can help relax the facial muscles, relieve tension, and improve blood circulation which also brings about a nice rosy glow. 

According to Dr. Field, Ph.D., director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, a moderate pressure massage helps stimulate pressure receptors located under the skin which increases skin temperature, slows down physiology, enhances immune function and reduces stress hormones. She states,  "Just as massage and exercise contributes to health in general, it would also be expected to contribute to skin health."

Plus, it just feels good!

Any type of face massage technique can help release and relax those pulled muscles, whether it's a massaging tool or just your hands. Other benefits may include skin firming and a reduction in depth and appearance of fine lines. 

Face massage for wrinkles - my experiment

If at-home products and face treatments really eliminate ALL wrinkles - we'd all be wrinkle free and looking fabulous, right? But the truth is, nothing short of surgery, Botox, or fillers can get rid of wrinkles.

But, I found that sticking to a consistent massaging routine can help reduce the depth and width of some wrinkles.

I decided to run an experiment to see if certain face lift treatments can help reduce the depth and appearance of the big wrinkle/line around my neck.

What I found that was that massaging my neck (in conjunction with face exercises) helped to not only reduce the width and depth of the line across my neck, but also improve my skin tone too.

I never realized how crepey my neck skin was becoming.

Also, as side benefit, the two brown spots are almost invisible thanks to regular application of vitamin C serum used before doing the massage.

To get these result I added a neck massage called The Brush to my weekly face exercise routine that was developed by Carolyn Cleaves. Here is the video...

You can get more free face exercise and massage videos here...

Which face lift massage should you use

There are plenty of YouTube videos and instructions on how to perform a face massage at home. And, most of them look well designed and will offer some skin enhancing benefits.

But, if you want to take it to the next level, incorporating muscle toning along with skin polishing is a good two-pronged approach to achieve a more firmer, lifted face.

According to Dr. Rossiter, M.D., facial muscles go through the skin, this is what allows us to show facial expressions. So if you contract the facial muscle first and massage or slide your hands across the skin, you will be toning your facial muscles and firming the skin at the same time.

Example of how to contract facial muscles before doing a massage. This is called the Long O Face.

This massage is called the Circle-Up Rub. It's purpose is to firm the face muscles and help reduce fine lines and crinkly skin along the jowls, cheeks and temples/eyes-crow's feet area. This massage is to be done on wet or moisturized skin only and over contracted muscles.

You can learn more and get full instructions on how to do this face lift treatment here at this link.

Face lift treatments using massage tools

What if you can't do face massage treatments on yourself because you find it too tiring on the hands and fingers. Or you have problems (such as pain and stiffness) with fingers, hands or wrists due to injury or aging.

That's where face massage tools and devices come in. There are plenty of wonderful and effective massaging devices available today. Some are crazy expensive and some are surprisingly cheap, yet still beneficial.

Well, I've tried a few massage devices and tools that are easy on the fingers and hands. And many can be done without too much concertation so you can do them while relaxing or watching TV.

The articles below cover some of the face massage tools and gadgets I've tried:

The Kansa Wand: DIY Ayurveda Face Lift Massage Wand

The Kansa wand is a therapeutic massage tool used in Ayurvedic healing.

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Amazing facial treatment with this heated, vibrating, microcurrent, red-light device. Watch this video...

Facial Cupping Massage Treatments

Get at-home facials and massages. Help reduce puffiness and fine lines. Also helps tone and firm jowls, chin and neck.

What is Gua Sha Facial - Treatment and Benefits

What is Gua Sha? How to use it for anti-aging benefits for younger looking face and skin.







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