Natural Face Lift Treatments to do at Home

I'm always looking for face lift treatments that can be done at home, are non-surgical, and cheap. Also, they must really work!

That’s how I came across this lovely and relaxing Ayurvedic massaging wand that helps your skin age well. 


It has now been added to my two other favorite face lift treatments (see those products below...) as my weekly "go to" massage routine.

This massage helps to smooth out tension lines from my face and neck and give my face a more uplifted look.

Destress tension lines and lift facial muscles

When we're stressed, it shows on our face and neck. 

face massage

We tend to scrunch up the face, furrow the brow, and hold our shoulders tightly upward around neck. 

All of this tension pulls the muscles of the face and neck downward and can even exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles. A massage can help release and relax the muscles giving the appearance of more lifted look. 

Put a mirror next to your computer and check out your facial expressions when you working hard or are deep in thought. You'd be surprised how "pinched up" and tight your face looks!

A simple 5 -10 minute massage can help relax the facial muscles, relieve tension, and improve blood circulation which also brings about a nice rosy glow. 

According to Dr. Field, Ph.D., director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, a moderate pressure massage helps stimulate pressure receptors located under the skin which increases skin temperature, slows down physiology, enhances immune function and reduces stress hormones. She states,  "Just as massage and exercise contributes to health in general, it would also be expected to contribute to skin health."

Plus, it just feels good!

Any type of face massage can help release and relax those pulled muscles. You can even use your fingers and palms. But I find it easier to use the Kansa wand because it glides so easily across the skin.

Plus, studies show that the bronze and copper metal on the head of the Kansa wand provides additional skin health benefits. See References below.

What is the kansa wand

The Kansa Wand is a simple wooden handle with a special bronze dome that - according to Ayurveda medicine - has beneficial effects on the skin. 

In India, bronze is considered a healing metal. While I don't know much about healing metals, I do know that this wand feels wonderful as it's massaged on the skin.

Once the bronze dome makes contact with the skin - it begins to warm up as it glides so smoothly across the face.

Afterwards my face feels so relaxed, especially the areas around my forehead, in between the eyebrows (where we hold a lot of tension) and around the eyes and temples.

This type of massaging wand has been used in India for centuries to promote healthy skin and reduce stress.

Face lift treatment with kansa wand

I know how effective facial massages are for firmer, smoother skin.  I've been doing them for years (along with my bi-weekly face exercise routine) - you can see my results here...

A healthy skin massage on a regular basis not only improves circulation but helps relieve tension in facial muscles – which can contribute to a more relaxed, smoother, lifted appearance.

However, massaging the face for long periods of time can be hard on the hands and fingers – after a while they can get tired or sore.

That’s why I love massaging with the wand.  Not only is it easier on my hands, but seems to bring a calm, stress less feeling to my mind and body. 

The best part is you can give yourself an anti-aging face massage anytime –  while watching TV, reading or checking your Facebook page.

so how do you use it

Just lightly apply some organic oil all over your face and neck.  I use the free oil that came with my Kansa Wand.

But any good quality organic oil will work...

  • Place the bronze dome on your forehead and with moderate pressure begin to massage back and forth across your forehead (make sure to concentrate on the forehead wrinkles). Make sure to get in between the eyebrows, were we hold a lot of tension.

  • Then starting with one side of your face massage the temple and crow's feet area in small circles.
  •  Then slide the wand all around the orbital bone of one eye. Massage around the orbital eye bone a few times.
  • Move to the nose and slide the wand from the nose out towards the temple and ears. 
  • Continue moving down to the nasal labial folds and mouth and out across the cheeks out toward the ears. 
  • Run the wand back and forth a few times across the entire jaw bone.
  • Then be sure to massage across the whole double chin area and 
  • Then up and down your neck.

Repeat on the other side of the face. Don't forget to massage the crepey skin on your chest too....

My List of natural face lift treatments

For best and most successful results I prefer to use a variety of natural, safe, and inexpensive anti-aging/face lift treatment routines. 

1. Kansa face massaging wand has been added in between my regular beauty routine. 

This tool is especially useful for those with painful or arthritic hands and fingers and my have a hard time using other anti-aging face lift treatment tools and exercises.

2. Facial Exercises. Of course this is still the most important and nothing comes close to firming up underlying facial muscles naturally.  The other treatments listed above are additions to my bi-weekly face exercise routine.

3.  Facial CuppingThese tiny suction cups help lift, massage and rejuvenate the skin. They also work wonders to help "debloat" puffy areas of the face like around the eyes and under the chin.

Side Effects: For some people with sensitive skin or issues with dermatitis or acne, try the Kansa wand massage on a small area first to gauge how your skin will react. Also, if you have skin issues be sure to inform your doctor or dermatologist about your plan to use of the Kansa wand.

UPDATE: The people at The Ayurveda Experience company are offering a special deal for my website visitors.

If your interested click here to get the Face & Body wand AND a FREE bottle of organic iYUR Kesaradi Oil!

Great Gift Idea

The Kansa Wand would make a great anti-aging gift for a woman or man.  Especially if they have issues with their hands or fingers like arthritis.

The wand is easy to hold and gentle on the hands, while allowing you to give yourself an effective face lift treatment, or neck, and should massage!

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