Get Fuller Cheeks without Fillers

by Linda Robison

See how to increase volume in cheeks without fillers. These exercises will round and lift cheeks naturally.

Fuller cheeks are associated with a youthful looking face. High, firm, chiseled cheekbones are a standard of beauty that will never go out of style.

A picture of my fuller cheeks with more volume without fillers.

Plumper, rounder cheeks does not mean chubby cheeks!

Well-rounded, full cheeks will NOT make your face look fatter!

It's a common misconception.

Having defined cheekbones doesn't necessarily mean a fuller face; in fact, it's quite the opposite. When your cheekbones are round, full, and positioned high, your face tends to appear more sculpted.

Conversely, when cheeks sag, it can lead to a drooping effect in the rest of the face, making it appear heavier at the bottom, around the jowls and neck.

And when this occurs, it can alter the overall shape of the face.

Face shape changes with age.

As we grow older, our facial contours transition from a "triangular shape" (with more fullness at the upper part of our face) to a somewhat square shape (with increased fullness in the lower part of the face).

How can I make my cheeks fuller and plump?

So, is it possible to make your cheekbones fuller without making your face look chubby? Yes!

Before cheek bone exercises, my face looked chubby.Cheek muscle exercises: My before and after results.

Face Exercises 

Done properly, regular facial exercises can help firm and build all major muscles in the face, including those sagging cheeks. And, it can help slim lower part at the same time.

And, while there are "bonus" exercises you can do to increase volume and round out the cheek area, you need to start with a good foundation first.

You want a balanced, elegant look which can only be achieved by exercising the whole face and neck.

Plus, as you age, other areas of your face will be of concern (like sagging jowls and neck wrinkles). So investing in a good facial exercise program is a good idea no matter what issues you have with your face.

Which Face Exercises are Best? Finding a good facial exercise routine is a personal choice. If you don't like the workout - you won't do it.  So it's really important to shop around and check out the different programs available to find one you'll enjoy doing.

Note: After years of trying several exercise programs, I settled on Carolyn's Facial Fitness. You can visit her site, see how easy these are and if this is something you would enjoy doing.  

How to increase volume in cheeks

Cheek muscle exercises can help increase volume in your cheeks. 

However, for best results, you should also follow a consistent facial workout routine.

If, after a few months, it's a good idea to assess your face to determine if you'd like more volume in your cheek area.

Not everyone may desire this, so it's crucial to monitor your progress after a few months.

In my case, I aimed to achieve fuller cheeks, with a more rounded shape. 

The exercise featured below is one of my favorite cheek builder exercise for achieving plumper, shapelier cheeks.

It's called the Cheek Shaper.

Originally, Carolyn designed the Cheek Shaper to address unevenness in cheek development and maintain a balanced appearance.

Surprisingly, I discovered that it also helped round out and enhance the lower portion of my cheeks, reducing some sagging around the lower part of my face.

Please keep in mind that this specific bonus exercise was effective for my situation. However, Carolyn offers a wide range of bonus workouts tailored to various facial shapes and concerns.

How to exercise cheek muscles

Here is a simple video on how to do cheek exercises that will not only shape the cheeks from top to bottom, but can help firm the lower jowl area.

If you just wish to concentrate on the cheeks, you can do a simpler exercise as shown below. But, I would highly recommend doing the 3-Step Cheek Shaper and Jowl Lifter as shown in video above.

Carolyn performing the cheek shaper exercise.

The Cheek Shaper -  Copyright 2015 Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, LLC™

While this looks strange, the Cheek Shaper is pretty easy to do:

  • Wrap your lips around your upper and lower teeth 
  • Place your open hand against the face as shown 
  • Thumbs are next to the nose 
  • Index fingers are lying next to the temple 
  • Smile with the corners of your mouth while pressing evenly into the face and “lift up” with the bottom rim of your hands, against the natural shape of your cheeks 
  • Hold for a count of 10 and release. Repeat this movement, holding to 10, four times.

Note: Make sure to exert even pressure all along the hand and fingers where it presses into the face.

My Experience with Cheek Fillers

chiseled cheekbones

My experience with cheek fillers

I’ve always had naturally high cheekbones and while they served me well up until my late 40s, once I got into my 50s, my cheeks started to look deflated and flattened. 

Personally, my limited experience with fillers was not so great. The fillers just made my face look bloated. Not the look I was after! That’s what lead me to discover the benefits face exercises

I can see that gravity was taking its toll – and not just in the cheek area but in the entire lower part of my face – especially my neck!

The problem with fillers is they didn’t address other facial aging issues like a double chin, droopy jaw line, or sagging neck skin.

I know I needed something that can “fix” my whole face/neck!

That’s when I learned about face exercising and while I knew I was onto something good. But finding a facial exercise routine that I liked and could stick for the long term was much harder than I thought. 

Some exercises took too much time or were too complicated. You know the old saying about exercises – if you hate it or find it too tedious – you won’t do them!

The other problem I ran into was finding a face exercise program that was gentle (not a lot of tugging or pulling) and complete. I was surprised how many didn’t address all 58 muscles of the face and neck and some didn’t even address the neck at all! 

After years of searching I finally found CFF - which works perfectly for me. I’m getting great results wanted and love what the massaging effect has had on my skin too. 

You can learn more about Carolyn's CFF program here and check out some sample exercises to see if you'll feel comfortable doing them.

What have you tried to get fuller cheeks? What was your experience? Feel free to share with us at the Anti-Aging Blog.

Q: How to get fuller cheeks fast?

A: You really can't rush muscle building of the face. You should only do the exercises a few times a week, with at least 1 day break in-between. This allows the muscles and face to firm up nicely and evenly.

Q: How do you fix sunken cheeks without fillers?

A: The cheek shaper exercises listed above can help. But, you should do the full face workout to help fill-in sunken cheeks. You can find that workout here.

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