Eye Wrinkle Treatment Tips

By Linda Robison

I’ve been testing eye wrinkle treatment products for over 35 years and consider myself a bit of an expert in this area :-) 

DIY Eye Wrinkle Treatment

So, I’d like to share my favorite finds and what has or has not worked for me.

By age 25 I knew a good under eye treatment was critical.............

While the rest of my face seemed to be aging pretty well, my eyes were showing early signs of aging. Boy, talk about depressing!

By the time I was 40 years old, I started looking into alternative solutions besides just eye wrinkle creams - solutions like:

  • facial exercise programs
  • Retin-A creams
  • Botox
  • eye lifting serums

and more.........................

My eye wrinkle treatment suggestions....

Ok, so here is a list of treatments that have worked well for me........................

reduce under eye lines before and aftereye wrinkle treatment reduces under eye lines

Under Eye Wrinkles – Again, facial exercise program to the rescue! For this under eye wrinkle issue, Carolyn (the owner/creator of CFF exercise program) gave me a special exercise that she invented. These results took about 10-12 weeks.

The change is very subtle, but I think it's really helped. And, it will keep on improving as long as I keep doing the exercises.

Update: Under eye wrinkle treatment results

This picture were taken about 16 months later. When I don't smile I can hardly see any lines under the eyes. So between the facial exercises and the under eye serum, my under eye wrinkles are not easily visible. 

Oh, and yes wearing a bit of eye makeup helps too! :-)

Eye wrinkle treatment sample exercise

This is one of the bonus exercises used to help reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, and firm and smooth crinkly skin.

Make sure the eye muscle is contracted and the skin under your eyes is taunt. It addition to squinting with your lower eyelids (which contracts the muscle), it helps to open your mouth with lips closed - as shown in the picture below.


  1. Rub moisturizer or face oil onto the skin all around the eyes.
  2. Contract the bottom eyelids (like your squinting using lower lids only).
  3. Place your middle fingers in the inner corners of your eyes.
  4. Now lightly slide your fingers to the outer corners of your eyes, keeping your bottom eyelid in contraction the whole time.

Repeat this full slide across the eyes for a total of 10 slides.


  1. Now reverse the direction by placing your fingertips on the outer corner of the eyes. 
  2. And slide inward towards the inner corners of the eyes. 

Repeat this full slide around the eyes for a total of 10 slides. You have now made a total of 20 slides. 10 in one direction and 10 in the opposite direction.

Step #3

Repeat the same process across the upper eyelids too. Make sure to add moisturizer or oil first.
As suggested in the directions, I performed this every morning and night after washing my face. Once I started to see improvements, then I back off to a few times a week.

Face exercises also helped other parts of my face. Look at the before and after pictures of my sagging neck. The improvement is remarkable! 

Crow’s Feet - I tried Botox and it worked very well. But only for eye wrinkles at the corners of the eyes not for the lines under my eyes. And, it didn’t address other issues like dark circles, puffy eyelids, and crepey skin.

The best permanent results I’ve ever seen in terms of reducing wrinkles all around the eyes especially in the outer corners is the crow’s feet facial exercise.  Click on the link to see my before and after pictures.

Temporary Solutions - Eye Wrinkle Treatment

Under Eye Bags and Crepey Skin - Since 2012 this has been a favorite treatment to help reduce the look of discoloration and bags under the eyes. 

Puffy Eyes – Just like every other woman in the world, I heard about Preparation H for puffy eyes. Well, maybe it was helpful years ago when it contained a special ingredient that was known to shrink swollen tissues. Well, that’s not true anymore. Read more about Preparation H and puffy eyes remedy….And see what does work. My friend has very puffy eyes and agreed to let me video her before and after transformation.

Eye Moisturizers – Well, I still go around and around on this topic. First, there are TONS of eye moisturizers on the market, so I’m always trying a new one. But, for the most part they all seem pretty similar. Meaning - I don't think an eye moisturizer will make a drastic difference in terms of sagging skin, puffiness, or deep wrinkles. So now I choose ones that are:

  • not too creamy (creamy products cause my eyes to puff up)
  • anti-aging/anti-oxidant rich to protect from further aging
  • known to help increase cell turnover and encourage health skin regeneration

So I switch different eye wrinkle treatment products around. Some products I use more often during the winter like retinol creams and then I switch over to vitamin C serums during the summer.

I like retinols because they're not as harsh as prescription Retin-A, but help encourage exfoliation and skin cell turnover. You can read more about them here Retinol Cream Reviews.

I also like to use copper peptides because research shows it helps repair damaged aged skin. You can read more about the benefits of copper peptides for skin here...... 

My current favorite product is the Copper Peptide Eye Therapy by Nu Glow. 

Finally, my other favorite eye moisturizer is Carolyn's Vitamin C Serum. It's not greasy, won't puff up my eyes. Actually, like the retinol cream - I use this all over my face and neck too.

NOTE: While most of the eye wrinkle treatment creams I mentioned here are not specifically designed as "eye creams" (except for the copper peptide eye therapy and the instant eye lifting serum) I find these work best for me. You may have to test to make sure these are suitable for your under eye skin. 

Final thought..........

No matter what eye wrinkle treatment I use, I ALWAYS apply my instant eye lifting serum on top of my eye products and I get fabulous results every time. It's an instant temporary fix - but seems to make the whole under eye area look tighter and smoother.

And, I've tried a ton of eye lifting serums - this one by far is the best. Here is a review of some popular serums for under eye puffiness.

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