Under Eye Puffiness: Review of over-the-counter eye lift serums

My reviews and results testing some popular over-the-counter puffy eye serums designed to instantly tighten puffy, wrinkled eyelids. From Plexaderm, Sudden Change, to Preparation-H, I've tried them all!

I've had under eye puffiness since my early 20s. And, now that I'm older my under eye skin can look a bit wrinkly and the skin looks crêpey! I know part of this is due to the constant skin stretching from eye swelling.

Under eye treatment for puffy eyes & wrinkles

Here are my results using some popular under eye treatments and serums. Listed from least to most favorite: 

Note:Reviews are based on my personal experience. It doesn't mean one product is better or worse than the other. Personal experimentation is a must to find what works best to reduce your under eye puffiness.

Preparation-H Hemorrhoid Ointment

This cream/ointment is supposed to help shrink swollen tissues and reduce their size. But, it did nothing to reduce my eye bags. In fact, it caused my eyes to swell up a bit due to the heavy greasy consistency of the product, as you can see from the picture.

I read that the original product formula changed and the American version didn’t contain the special “live yeast cell” that it once did.

You can learn more about that here if you’re interested - Preparation H for Puffy Eyes.

Instantly Ageless

Even though there are several YouTube videos showing how well it worked for others - I had a very hard applying it. I think because it's so dry and pasty.

The first few minutes after it dries, all looks good. My under eye puffiness is gone and skin looks smooth and tight just like you see on the YouTube videos. But, after a few hours, the skin under my eyes started to flake and peel. It looked like I had eczema.

Also, I don’t like the consistency. It starts out chunky and pasty, and you have to mix it with water to smooth it out, so you can apply it evenly and smoothly.

I’ve also tried applying it with a makeup brush - as suggested by some sellers. But my results are always the same - dry, flaky, and peeling. And, worst of all it can’t be applied on top of any creams, makeup or moisturizers.

I need to use a moisturizer under my eyes every day!

If you’re young, don’t have very dry skin or too many wrinkles – this product may work for you. Unfortunately, it was not good for me.

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye Gel

One thing I can say about this eye firming gel is it works! It will tuck away those puffy eyes - but maybe it works a little too well?

It was a bit too drying for my delicate under eye skin. Plus, it left a crusty, powdery white film on the skin. Read more about my experience and see pictures here - Under Eye Lines and Bags.

Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck Serum

So far, the EES serum works the best for me. It’s soft, not too drying and does not crack or accentuate my fine lines when I smile.

In fact, it helps camouflage those tiny lines and crepe-like skin. I have still see lines when I smile, but when I’m not smiling my eye skin looks pretty smooth. Does it completely get rid of under eye puffiness? No, but it helps reduce the appearance.

If you have very large eye bags it won't hide them complete, but will help lift, tuck and smooth the whole under eye area.

Also, unlike the others, I can apply this on top of moisturizers, makeup, and sunscreen, as long as I let the creams soak in before applying the serum.

  • If I apply too much sunscreen or moisturizer, I let everything soak in for about 15 minutes, then lightly blot the area with a tissue before applying the serum.
  • The serum needs to make contact with the skin in order to work. So the least amount of creamy products applied in that area - the better results.

I like the consistency of this product too. As you can see from the picture above, It’s more fluid - like a thick liquid - than the others and much easier to apply. So you not stretching and pulling skin.

The only problem with that consistency is it's easy to apply too much. And if you do you will notice a whitish flaking residue at the outer corners of the application. If that happens I just wet my finger or a tissue and dab a little off.

Best advice?

My advice is to start out with a tiny drop - half the size of a pea - to see what works for you. If that's not enough, then next time add more until you find what amount works best for you.

Watch this video to see how it works

Best eye serum for under eye puffiness

Serums to reduce under eye puffiness list:

  • Easy Eye Solultions (EES)  - is by far the most effective, less drying and "Easy as Pie" to apply. Just swipe it under each eye, let dry and you're ready to go!

Click here for EES full and sample bottles here and free shipping.

  • Peter Thomas Roth - worked well to reduce puffiness but was a bit too drying for my sensitive skin.

Peter Thomas Roth FirmX on Amazon

  • Instantly Ageless- for me this was the hardest to work with and didn't last as long as the others. 

Instantly Ageless on Amazon

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