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Hi and welcome to my corner of the web! I'm Linda, a Certified Facial Fitness Specialist and former Health Advisor for the Life Extension Foundation.

I wanted to take a second to share a bit about the journey that brought me here. 

me mom and grandmom

I was raised by two beautiful, strong, proud Polish immigrant women—Mom and Babcia. They always stressed the importance of being healthy and looking your best, whether heading to church, a wedding, or even just the grocery store.

They influenced and shaped my views on self-presentation, beauty and health.

But, more about that later...

My journey in the world of anti-aging beauty and facial fitness has been a labor of love for over 25 years. My passion for helping people look their best led me to train alongside Carolyn Cleaves, the heart and soul behind Carolyn's Facial Fitness®.

Through years of training and practice, I've gained an understanding behind facial exercises and how they work to enhance natural beauty and slow facial aging. 

As a testament to my dedication, I proudly hold an Honorary Certificate as a Facial Fitness authority.

Face Lift through Exercise Honorary Certificate.

But my journey doesn't stop there. I spent over 12 incredible years at the Life Extension Foundation (LEF), as a Senior Health Advisor.

This experience allowed me to personally connect with people on their anti-aging journeys and help them make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

I wore many hats at LEF

Disease Prevention Protocol book.

In addition to working closely with LEF members and customers, helping them choose their best health and wellness course; I contributed to the research and editorial development of the Life Extension Disease and Prevention Protocol book.

Life Extension Magazine.

I also provided editorial copy for the Q&A section of the Life Extension Magazine. A monthly publication that contains up-to-date coverage of the latest anti-aging and scientific breakthroughs from around the world.

Prior to that, I was fortunate to learn about the benefits of herbal therapy for skin, hair, and nails. I was taught by the best, Ric Scalzo, the founder of the Gaia Herbal Research Institute. Gaia, a 30+ year-old company, is a prominent maker of organic herbal products.

Gaia Herbs Certificate of Course Completion.

So where did my interest in anti-aging and beauty begin?

So why an interest in healthy aging and beauty? 

Well, as I mentioned ealier, it all started with my mother and grandmother (Babcia).

About me.Me with Grandma (Babcia) and Mom on Easter Sunday, circa 1964.

My mother loved beauty and celebrated her femininity. Skin, hair, makeup, nails. She loved it all. And despite holding down two jobs, she always looked polished and beautiful. 

My grandmother was born in Poland in 1899. She survived two world wars and even spent some time in labor camps. This forced her to become creative with what she had to stay healthy.

My mom was a glamour girl and always managed to look like a million dollars on a penny budget.

She had a signature style that was all her own. She always told me, don't follow trends, wear what looks best for you.

A smart, creative woman with a passion for ageless beauty, she was always experimenting with and researching new skincare products and gadgets.

As a hardworking immigrant balancing two full-time jobs, raising a daughter, taking care of her mother, and running a household, mom always looked elegant. I never understood how she did it!

My mom and grandmomMom and Babcia circa 1970s

Whether going to a wedding or just grocery shopping, Mom said it was important to "always look your best."

Mom was always trying out new beauty products and techniques. She learned about face massage for plumper skin, how to apply makeup to accent her best features, and even how to cut, color, and style her hair.

Eventually, she became so good at it that during the holidays, she would often do hair and makeup for half the women in our neighborhood!

She loved helping other women feel beautiful.

Bizarre beauty products I tried over the years

When it came to beauty products, mom wasn’t afraid to experiment. The more unusual the more it piqued her interest. 

For example, this gadget circa 1996...

Facial Flex Mouth Exercise device

Does anyone remember this? A good idea, but if not used correctly, it can over-build the mouth area - causing the look of jowls!

If there was a new cream, face exercise gadget, or skin supplement on the market, you could bet mom tried it. And, eventually, she started sending them to me. Ok, now I was getting hooked!

 Soon my bathroom looked like a beauty retail store!

Basket of facial exercise devices

That's when I realized that while not every product worked as intended, surprisingly some did. I finally understood mom's motto “Try it; you might like it.” I also learned that price didn’t guarantee quality. 

Old world beauty recipes and tips

Me and my grandmotherMe and Babcia - Easter circa 1970s. Looks like we turned into glamour girls too thanks to mom's influence. Check out those pearlescent boots we're both wearing. :-)

While my mother was all about the latest beauty products, my grandmother was the queen of old-world health and beauty recipes. The tips I learned from her were invaluable!

She taught me the anti-aging benefits of foods and herbs and how to use them to look good and stay healthy. 

For example, simple foods like garlic and onions are not only good for the body but can have a positive impact on skin health too. They help boost collagen, are high in antioxidants, and have anti-microbial and inflammatory properties.

She also made a lot of home-made face masks. Some of her favorites included:

  • honey face masks for dry skin
  • baking soda scrubs for rough skin
  • glycerin, wild dandelion, and lemon juice skin toner for blackheads

Living strong was my grandma's goal

Talk about strong! I remember my grandma climbing up tall ladders to prune trees, tilling her enormous garden, and even pouring concrete to fix a cracked patio well into her 80s! 

And regardless of her age, she always cared about her appearance. “Age is no excuse to give up,” she would say.

She was quite an inspiration!

Being raised by such powerful role models, it’s no surprise that beauty and healthy aging means everything to me. Especially as I sail into my 60s. 😊

My Obsession

While not all obsessions are good, some can lead to a path of enlightenment and knowledge. I studied Nutrition at Broward College and worked in the anti-aging & health industry for over 25 years. 

I retired as an anti-aging advisor with the Life Extension Foundation (LEF). LEF is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to anti-aging research since 1980. 

Spending my days researching the latest anti-aging breakthroughs and helping others look and feel great wasn't just a job—it was my passion! And I LOVED it! 

The second half of my life 

Now, in the second half of my life, even more focused on aging and beauty, I started a new venture with my website, Anti-Aging Beauty Zone.

Anti-Aging Beauty Zone is an informational website that offers real life solutions to aging beauty concerns based on research and personal experience. 

This site offers inexpensive, at-home solutions to facial aging. I'm especially impressed with the anti-aging effects of facial exercises. 

If it concerns you, it probably concerns me too.  

As a baby boomer, I can relate to what women (and men) my age are going through as they watch the appearance of their face and neck slowly change and wonder…

  • What happens to our face with age?
  • What we can do about it?
  • Are there any products that can help?

So, feel free to chime in and ask questions. I may have had a similar issue and found a solution to your concerns. Or share your experiences (good or bad). We can always learn from each other.

With all the advances in cosmetic and makeup products, there is no reason to look tired and drab. 

I'm not just an owner - but also a customer

I'm not just the owner of the Antiaging Beauty Zone, I'm also a customer. I use many of the products suggested on this site. 

My favorites include:

The Kansa Wand: I love and use this massaging wand several times a week. It helps relieve tension, increase circulation and keeps my facial muscles toned. 

Kansa Wand Neck Massage

Facial Exercises: This is the center of my anti-aging beauty routine. If done correctly and regularly, it gives beautiful results for very little cost.


I started taking pictures of my face once I began my anti-aging journey so I can track my progress. This way I can compare my results because sometimes changes are so subtle you need a visual to see it's really working. 

For example, look at the increased firmness in the lower part of my face/jowls/chin in the photo below. In the photo on the right, I'm several years older (and a few pounds heavier) but yet my face looks more sculpted and firmer!

Before and after picture of my face.

Also, look at the firmness of my neck in the picture below. There is a five-year difference between the before and after picture. 

I'm older in the after picture and yet my neck skin looks younger and smoother and without those dreaded sun spots.

Neck before and after

Personally, I find the difference between the before and after pictures incredible. I owe thanks to Carolyn's Facial Fitness exercise program. I find her program is quick, sound, and easy to follow.

EES Eye Lift Serum: We all have days where we just look tired. Lack of sleep, allergies, head cold...And on these days we could use a little eye lift and something to blur away the puffiness and tiny, crinkly lines under the eyes.

This is where my EES serum comes in. The photo below has NOT been photoshopped. The serum really helps blur and smooth the look of under-eye lines. 

I've tried plenty of types of serums over the years, but this is the only one I can tolerate because it's not too tight or drying. I love this product so much I become a distributor in 2012 and offer it to my site visitors who have issues with puffy eye or crinkly under eye skin. 

Several of my girlfriends use it too. Now I know what to give them for Christmas. :-)

Before and after picture of under eye wrinklesThe after photo was not altered or blurred to make the skin look smoother. The eye serum actually blurs the lines so you don't notice them as much.

How does all this help you?

I can help you find what you need to look your best.

Now, to be honest here - we know some aging issues can't be reversed, at least not without plastic surgery or a magic wand. :-)

But you'd be surprised how a few simple anti-aging beauty tips can make all the difference in how you look and how you feel.

When I recommend a product it's either:

  • something I use and find very helpful
  • something I've researched or tried 
  • or something other women and men found useful and shared with me

I do not get paid for product reviews. I purchased everything I try out of my pocket. However, I am affiliated with some quality companies and I may earn a small percentage of commission if you buy their products from my site - at no additional cost to you.

Meet the experts

  • Dr. Sarah Hart
  • Carolyn Cleaves

Dr. Sarah Hart is a cosmetic physician and international trainer. When writing articles about Botox, I've consulted with Dr. Sarah Hart on the proper use of injectables to achieve the best results for each individual.

Dr. Hart believes in the "less is more" approach with Botox and other injectables. And offers creative solutions for Botox mistakes that could age your face.

Carolyn Cleaves is the designer of the CFF™, an effective and comprehensive facial exercise program. I've consulted with her team (who consists of two medical doctors and a professor of anatomy and physiology) for proper instructions on facial exercises and the use of various skin care products.

What's that you say?

Got a comment or question? Tried a great product you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you. 

Also, don't forget to visit the Beauty Blog to see what's new.

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