Sagging Neck Skin Update

Sagging Neck Skin Update: Here is the update (with before and after pictures posted below) to my turkey neck challenge. 

A while ago I set out to find a non-surgical treatment to help tighten and firm up my turkey neck and sagging neck skin. I originally started this challenge because many women asked “why are we unable to exercise the skin on the neck?

Many were told that because the skin on the neck (like under eye skin) is very thin and delicate and exercising and massaging this area will only cause more wrinkles and sagging.

I'm not sure why some people say that, because I'm proof that it's not true. Unless some people are doing the wrong type of exercises. This time I was smart enough to take before and after pictures for each step of my progress. You if haven't already done so, can read about the turkey neck challenge here...

My Results

Notice how much firmer the under jowl area looks after 16 weeks? My chin and jaw bone seem a bit more defined. Yes, there is still a bit of sagging neck skin right under the chin. But after only 16 weeks, I think my overall results are pretty good.

Tips for firming up sagging neck skin

Over the last few months I’ve learned a few key tips for better results. 

1. Build a good foundation base by firming-up all the muscles of the face and neck. Do this by following a facial workout program on a consistent and weekly basis.

2. Massage the neck muscles and neck skin using gentle massaging techniques like:

I use both. I use the Neck Brush every day after washing and moisturizing my face and neck. I use the Neck Ring Eraser after every facial workout.

3. Apply a light touch, especially if skin is very damaged or papery.

4. Apply moisturizer, especially if skin is very damaged or paper.

5. Never massage delicate skin without FIRST contracting underlying muscles.

The first one, building a good foundation, is important for firmer looking skin. Since facial muscles are directly attached to the skin, if you firm the underlying muscle, the skin goes along for the ride.

Important Note About Moisturizers and Touch

A light touch and moisturizer helps protect the delicate, damaged skin until it can tolerate more pressure. Over time, as your skin becomes stronger and thicker, you can apply more pressure and use less cream.

When I first started the Neck Brush, I applied so much moisturizer that my hands just slid over the whole neck area. It took a few months, but now I can do the Brush without any moisturizer at all and this allows for even better results.

Which facial workout program should you use? That depends on your own personal preference. There are plenty of good programs out there to chose from. I use the CFF program. Click here to learn more about it.

Other benefits of sagging neck skin exercises?

Another Benefit of Face and Neck Workout is a Sharper Jawline

If you look closely at my jawline in the above after pictures, you’ll notice a firmer, more defined jaw line. Sometime in my mid-fifties I noticed that my jawline was softening and my lower face was looking heavier – taking on a more square or rectangular shape.

These are classic signs of facial aging and happens to all of us – no matter what shape face we have. But, it's nice to know you can help regain some definition again. 

Even though I’m mortified on how horrible my before picture is, I am elated that it’s fixable without surgery and hope to help others firm up sagging neck skin and regain those youthful facial contours again.

Like I always say – I don’t mind growing old, as long as I always look the same or as close to what I looked like as a young adult. 

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