Sagging Neck Skin: 10 Natural Ways to Firm and Tighten

by Linda Robison

If you want to improve your sagging neck skin, check out the remedies and exercises described in this article. They work and I'm living proof of that.

Sagging neck skin.My sagging neck skin before natural treatments.

Why is your neck aging?

The neck has the thinnest skin on your whole body, and tends to show the signs of aging faster. Yet, it often takes a backseat compared to your face. 

Main Causes of Aging?

In addition to the loss of collagen and elastin (which starts around the age of 40) weakened neck muscles contribute to a saggy, flabby appearance.

An article published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery suggests that maintaining muscle strength and tone can contribute to a more youthful and firm appearance. Strengthening the neck muscles through targeted exercises may potentially have a positive impact on the appearance of the neck.

Lucky for you, we've outlined simple exercises and do-it-yourself collagen boosting remedies that come to the rescue, and fit easily into your skincare routine.

This is your guide to discovering the best natural remedies for neck sagging, helping you combat the aging signs and giving your skin the love it deserves.

Stick around to get the lowdown on them.😊

Can Crepey Skin be Reversed?

Yes! But it won't happen overnight. However, with regular use it's possible to rejuvenate the area. Take a look at my before and after pictures below, so you have an idea of what is possible. 

I was determined to find ways to help firm my neck inexpensively using natural or at-home remedies.

I found that a combination of gentle exercises and massages along with good skin care treatment (like vitamin C serums) are effective anti-wrinkle solutions that can help improve the look of saggy skin.

Saggy neck exercises before and after

Treatments for sagging neck skin

1. Dry Brushing for Wrinkles

Brushing the skin helps encourage blood flow and improve skin tone, adding in skin rejuvenation.

Just don't brush too hard and if your skin is very sensitive, apply a small amount of moisturizer.

2. Neck Exercises to Firm

Studies suggests that exercises can help firm and tighten. In fact, people who engage in face and neck exercises say they look better, and their skin looks fuller and firmer.

For best results, make sure your neck muscles are firmly contracted before sliding your hand across the skin. 

According to Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D., who developed this technique, contracting and sliding across the skin not only builds muscle fiber but also lifts and tones due to the newly strengthened and denser muscles.

The Gulping Fish exercise below helps improve appearance by enhancing muscle tone and lifting the skin.

3. Massage to Improve Saggy Skin

Like dry brushing, a neck massage helps encourage blood flow and collagen production. It can also help smooth and improve skin tone.

    Neck massage instructions:

  • Extend your neck up toward the ceiling, leading with your chin and stretch with your bottom jaw.
  • Make a loose fist with both your hands. 
  • Place both hands on the left side of your neck.  
  • Slide both your hands down the neck to your collar bone.
  • Go back to the top of your neck and move over to the center and slide your hands down to your collar bone.
  • Go back to the top-right side of your neck and slide your hands down.
  • Make 10 slides, moving left to the right and 10 slides right to left for a total of 20 slides. Do this about 3 times a week. 

Note for Beginners: Your jowls and neck muscles will be a bit sore the first few times you do the jowls exercise.

That's a sign it's working! It's best to space out the workout to every other day to let the muscles recover and strengthen.

You should do the Jowl Eliminator 4 times a week for 8 weeks. Then back down to 2-3 times a month. 

4. Kansa Wand for an Ayurvedic Neck Massage

The original Kansa Wand.

If you have issues with your hands and can't give yourself a good massage, the Kansa wand can be very helpful.

A Kansa massage boosts lymphatic drainage. Relax muscles for a more uplifted appearance.

The combination of bronze and copper head of the wand is alkaline, so it helps balance the skin pH and gives the skin a beautiful glow. 

See how the Kansa Wand works...

5. Hydrate and Moisturize

Dry, dehydrated skin can look saggy.

Make sure to use rich moisturizers that are free from additives and fragrances. Look for ones that are organic and contain cold pressed plant oils for best anti-aging results.

Face oils can also be used alone or with moisturizers. I find this combination especially helpful to keep my neck hydrated.

6. Vitamin C Serum for Skin Aging

Vitamin C treatment for sagging neck.

Studies indicate that topical vitamin C helps aging skin by improving firmness, tone and reducing fine lines.

It also helps reduce discoloration like brown spots.

You can see my neck improvements in the before and after picture above.

Not only is my skin firmer, but the deep wrinkles and brown spots are much lighter. 

But, it's important your vitamin C serum contains fresh 16% concentration of L-ascorbic for best results.

CFF Vitamin C Crystal Serum pH balanced 70% organic or consider trying L-Ascorbic Acid Booster - this vitamin C booster can be added to your favorite cream or serum.

7. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating helps promote collagen production, reduce fine lines, and aides in the absorption of anti-aging products. It's also essential to enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C to aids in spot removal.

You can use a simple homemade exfoliating mask made from a mixture of sugar and face oil once a week.

And, once or twice a month, consider a lactic acid peel. Lactic acid is extremely mild and suitable for delicate areas. It not only stimulates collagen, reduces hyperpigmentation, and improves elasticity, but provides a moisturizing effect.

8. Gua Sha Treatment 

Gua sha massage can firm neck skin.

This Gua Sha helps increase fiber and collagen production to firm the neck and chin and allows your skincare products to penetrate better.

Its special shape and angle allows you to get up under the neck and all around the chin area too.

The Gua Sha device offers 4 functions for better anti-aging benefits.

  • microcurrent
  • heat
  • red light therapy
  • vibration

CFF Gua Sha Device

9. Microneedling

Microneedling can help improve the appearance and texture of the skin. A microneedling treatment uses a roller with very tiny sharp needles to make small punctures (cuts) on top of the skin.

This in turn causes the body to start producing collagen in attempt to heal the cuts.

And, overtime, this extra collagen production can help improve skin texture, fine lines, and light scars.

However, generally, this treatment will not produce a significant tightening or lifting effect for sagging neck skin.

The main causes for sagging neck skin or "turkey neck" is due to aging, muscle loss and muscle weakness.

In the office, medical microneedling with radiofrequency might produce a slight tightening effect, but that depends on how much skin laxity you have to start with.

Your best bet is to consult a professional if you're the right candidate for this procedure.

10. Neck Firming Patches

Silicone neck patches help skin hold moisture longer and can improve the look of your neck.

These patches provide mostly temporary results, so you'll have to keep using them to maintain the benefits. But, for special occasions, SIO Silicon Neck Patches, a great way to perk up sagging neck skin.

Final Takeaway for Improving Sagging Neck Skin

So, there you have it! Keeping your neck looking gorgeous is easier than you think. My results are proof that simple natural at-home remedies and exercises, can make a real difference.

You can combat sagging neck skin by integrating neck exercises, massages, premium moisturizers, and vitamin C serums, along with incorporating techniques such as Gua Sha into your routine.

Remember, these methods can help slow down the aging process and even reverse some effects when done right and consistently - check out my before and after pics for some proof!

Achieving graceful aging is totally within your reach! These easy techniques are just the tools you need.

So why wait? Start incorporating these practices into your routine today!

And hey, I'd love to hear how you're doing. Share your results with me and our community here! 😘 Let's celebrate every step towards a youthful neck together!

Sagging Neck Skin - FAQ

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to ask more questions.

Q: Can you suggest some neck exercises to prevent sagging?

A: Yes, you can find some very good exercises for the sagging skin on the neck, face, and jowls. You'll also see my before and after turkey neck pictures to get an idea of how well neck exercises work.

Q: Can you get Botox in your neck to help with fine lines and loose skin?

A: The use of Botox treatment (Botox neck lift) can give a more youthful appearance of the platysmal muscles. This cosmetic treatment relaxes the platysma muscles, so the vertical neck bands become less noticeable, reducing the appearance of an aging neck.

Q: I've heard of tech neck, can that cause neck wrinkles?

A: Yes, tech neck can cause vertical bands, neck lines, and contribute to a more prominent double chin. Tech neck is a term for a type of neck strain due to constantly looking down at cell phones and computers.

In addition to muscle stiffness and chronic neck pain, it also contributes to early appearance of jowls and horizontal wrinkles. Basically, this constant straining contributes to a look of aged sagging neck skin.

The best way to remedy this situation is to:

  1. Stop looking down at computer devices for prolong period of times (I know, easier said than done!)
  2. Try holding the device at eye level whenever possible
  3. Some people might require physical therapy for the muscle strain, or oral pain medication
  4. Try to firm neck skin and the muscles of the neck and lower face by performing the Neck Brush and Neck Ring Eraser. Check out my turkey neck before and after pictures to see how well neck exercises can help with sagging neck skin.

Q: Will dermal fillers help with the signs of aging of my neck? 

A: It all depends on the degree of your sagging neck skin and what's causing the issue. This cosmetic procedure offers best results for a suitable candidate with fairly reasonable neck skin.

The doctor places dermal filler injections all around the lower jaw and face (sometimes called a liquid face lift).

The added volume can offer a noticeable lift of the sagging skin in the lower part of the face and neck. However, to maintain results, you'll require repeated treatment sessions.

Q: What is a Nefertiti Neck lift?

A: This popular treatment uses injection of Botox all along the lower face (jawline) and on the muscles of the neck (platysma bands). The muscles of treated areas become relaxed, creating a slight lift of sagging neck skin.