Why I'm a fan of face oil treatments

Face treatment oil

Face oils have become my new favorite anti-aging treatment!

I have a newfound respect using natural oils for skin and hair rejuvenation! 

When I was in my 20s & 30s I avoided oils like the plague........in my diet, on my skin and in my hair.

But, 30-something years later, I’ve changed my opinion. 

Listen up ladies – especially women over 40 – oils are your best friend!

Natural plant derived oils can help soften and plump - without clogging pores or making your face greasy. 

They’re light but super hydrating and they allow your skin to breath…………

Best treatment oils?

There are some wonderful and natural (by natural I mean …. NO Chemicals, NO Preservatives, NO Dyes, No Perfumes….) face and body oils on the market now.

You can use these oils to cleanse the face, remove makeup, hydrate and moisturize and even as an anti-wrinkle, anti-aging skin treatment.

Face treatment oils can be used for:

  • Eye Skin Rejuvenation
  • Anti-Aging Neck Firming
  • Face Moisturizing
  • Facial Cleansing

Not sure which natural oils to try? Start with the Wrinkles H-Glow an all purpose anti-aging face treatment oil.

Very Important! Make sure the oils used for the face contain 100% natural oil essence extracted from plants. Look for skin loving ingredients like: 

  • Jojoba seed oil, 
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Cypress leaf oil
  • Ylang ylang flower oil.
  • Pomegranate seed oil

Have you ever tried a face treatment oil?

face oil

If you’re looking to soften lines, hydrate your face, and protect and feed the skin  – natural plant extracted oils seem to be a logical choice.

I’ve been slowly adding more natural plant based oils to my daily skincare routine and found that my skin looks better almost immediately and stays hydrated looking longer. Whereas most commercial creams have to be re-applied several times to keep my face looking plump and hydrated.

I started with a simple jojoba oil from my local health food store. I paid almost $15.00 for a tiny ½ ounce bottle, but I noticed a difference almost immediately. 

Then I came across a product line of natural plant derived healing oils that can be used for the face, body and hair.

I began incorporating them into my daily skincare routine and surprisingly my face wasn't greasy or shiny, just hydrated! 

That’s the best way to describe it ----- Plumper Skin!

Face oil cleansers - My newest experiment

I really liked how my skin reacted to oil treatments - so I thought I try a facial cleansing oil next.

I know........ cleaning your face with oil sounds strange, right? Why would anyone want to use oil to remove pore clogging grease and eye makeup?

Well, what I learned is that certain types of oils can act as emulsifiers to help thin out and break down excess skin oils. 

This means it helps break down pore clogging grease and dissolve dirt on the skin’s surface. 

While ridding your skin of clogging oils it's important to make sure you’re not using a harsh cleanser that can strip your skin’s natural protective oil barrier.


Because harsh cleansers can damage or upset the “acid mantle” which is so important for healthy clear skin.

Natural oils for cleansing

If you're not convinced that a face oil can really clean your skin…………try it.  

Take a white washcloth and massage a small amount of oil over your face and neck. Just make sure the product is designed to be a cleansing oil. Then use a white washcloth to wipe it away. 

Rinse out the cloth and wipe again until it comes up clean. You’ll find all of your face and eye makeup is removed and your face is clean and soft.

Over time, I noticed the pores around my nose seem less visible. I assume it’s due to using an oil cleanser that contains special oils to help dissolve these types of greasy plugs.

Best of all – the simple cleansing face oil I found is cheap – about $19 for 1.12 fluid ounces. I paid almost that much for a only ½ bottle of  plain jojoba oil!

Anti-Aging face treatment oils

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve for your skin, natural oils can provide healing properties. From face oil cleansers to simple eye oil serums – they contain a mixture of oils that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Have you tried face oils before? Please share your experience.


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