Eye Makeup Tips: How to make older eyes look less tired and more youthful.

eye makeup tips

by Linda Robison

Sometimes the simplest eye makeup tips can be the most effective.

One area of the face that really shows our age is the eyes, which can make us look older or more tired than we feel.

Not to worry, as women, we have lots of cosmetic options like eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and concealers which can help us look younger and more awake.

So, let's get started and try some of these easy tips!

Eyeliner tips for older women

Define Your Eyes

Without any eye makeup, many women over a certain age can look washed out or tired.

I think most women can benefit from some type of eyeliner, a little color around the eyes, to help define them and make them stand out.

eyeliner outer cornerApply in the OUTER corner in a < shape.

The trick is to go lightly, don't use too much on the lower lids, and only line the outer corners in a < shape. 

Try lining the outer corner of the upper lid first and see how you like it. Then, try adding a little to the outer corner of the lower lid. 

 See how I apply eyeliner and get step-by-step tips on using eyeliner for mature eyes.

If you're not confident using eyeliner pencils or gels, try using a bit of dark eyeshadow. Apply it in a < shape to the upper and lower outer corners of the eyes.

Brighten up with white eyeliner

Apply white eyelinerApplying white eyeliner can be tricky. Visit eyeliner styles for more ideas,

With age comes discoloration and darkness around the eye area, and using eyeliner may exaggerate those dark shadows.

So what to do?

For a brighter look – try adding white eyeliner to the corners of the eyes and/or the inner corner of the bottom lids. You have to try it to see what works best for you.

An off-white color works best for most people. This really helps get rid of the reddish color.

You really have to play around to see what works best for you. I can't use a bright white pencil, but a creamy, off-white color looks natural on my skin tone.

How do you cover up dark circles?

How to cover dark eye cirlces

We all know that applying a little concealer under the eyes helps cover those dark circles.

But many women do it wrong. They apply concealer across the whole bottom eye area below the lid. 

This will only bring attention to the puffy under eye area.

What To Do Instead?

Try applying a creamy highlighter in a triangle shape under the eyes, not across the entire puffy area. As shown in the photo above.

How can I make my dark circles less noticeable: Another tip

While there are hundreds of eye makeup tips for dark circles - one that we love is very simple and easy to do.

Try highlighting the very center of your nose.

reduce the look of dark circlesBlend a highlighter down the center of the nose to help reduce appearance of dark circles

 Not only does this tip brighten your upper face - it gives definition to your bone structure, especially your cheeks.

How to do this:

Simply draw a straight line (using a highlighter or concealer of your choice) down the center of your nose and blend it in. Use a color close to your natural skin tone for best results.

This may not work for every bone structure, but it's worth giving it a try. I found that this seemed to brighten the whole upper area of my face!

Hint: experts recommend concealers that have a yellow base can reduce the purple/blue like discoloration and provide a more luminous look

Finally, try adding a dot of a very bright concealer to the very center of your eye – right at the lash line. This will widen and brighten the eyes. 

Eye makeup tips for puffy eyes

Puffiness is a problem for all ages, but tends to be worse as we get older.

In the tip above, using concealer under the eye area and down the center of the nose can help reduce the appearance of puffiness. 

But another option is to try a lifting serum.

I know many have been disappointed with the results. Many leave the skin feeling dry and irritated and just make the area look worse.

However, I've been using one since 2012 with great results and is especially formulated for older, mature skin.

It's not drying, it lasts all day. And, if you're suffering from allergies try applying it at night, it seems to minimize puffy eyes the next morning for me. 

 Click here to watch a video and learn more.

Makeup tips for eyebrows and eyelashes

thin eyebrows

Emphasizing your eyebrows and eyelashes is one of the most important eye makeup tips for older women.

Defining this area can really impact how youthful you look.

As many older women realize, the brows and lashes fade in color and thin out with age. This will always make someone look tired and washed out.

You don’t want heavily drawn eyebrows, but try using a very pointy eyebrow pencil to fill in the in missing spots using a color a few shades darker than your current hair color.

Having a hard time using an eyebrow pencil? Watch this video on an easy solution for thin eyebrows.

Be sure to use a sharp eyebrow pencil and "draw in tiny like hairs". Then use an old toothbrush to smooth everything in.

Brush up, over, and out to the outer corners of the eyes. This will blur the line of the eyebrow pencil too.

Tips for longer eyelashes

longer eyelashes

UGH! My eyelashes were getting thinner and more faded every year! And, there aren't many makeup tips to make them look longer or thicker.

Applying a bit of powder before putting on mascara can help define the lashes.

Also, L'Oreal makes a lash primer to be used before the mascara, and it works great!

For permanently longer lashes, this healing serum works for me, and it's cheap and lasts forever. I'm still on the first tube that I purchased 5 months ago.

You can see my before and after pictures here using the lash serum.

Click here to get the Paris Voluminous Lash Primer and Mascara on Amazon.

There are plenty of easy makeup tips to perk up your face and look more awake. If you have any tips to add, please feel free to comment in the section below.

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