How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Instantly

So you want to know how you can reduce your puffy eyes?

How many times have you searched for remedies to reduce puffy eyes only to find the same advice repeated over and over again; Try cold compresses, cold spoons, tea bags, ice packs, cucumbers, potatoes...

But this can be frustrating because you don't always have access to natural home remedies, especially when you're traveling or short on time. 

Reduce puffy eyes in one simple step

What you need is a puffy eye solution that acts quickly and is easily accessible - no matter where we are.

Just like many of you, I've been dealing with under-eye puffiness my entire adult life, and know how frustrating it can be.

Somedays, I feel so self-conscious because my eyes look so tired, swollen, or puffy…I just wish I could hide behind dark sunglasses and big old hat!

The problem with home remedies is we don't always have them on hand. Especially, if we're out, traveling, or just don't have time sit around waiting for them to work their magic.

We need a quick solution

I need a solution that works instantly, anywhere, without the need for special compresses or even a mirror. And, I'll bet you're probably looking for a quick and easy solution also.

After years of searching, I found a serum that's gentle for under eye skin, but effective enough to make a difference between looking tired and looking refreshed.

Watch this before and after video...

Oh, the trouble we go through to remove under eye bags

I wake up with swollen eyelids almost every day, so getting ready in the morning was such a hassle!

I could never just get up, wash my face and go. Instead, I would set my alarm 15 minutes early every morning, place either ice packs, cold cucumbers, or cold spoons and hope they helped reduce some under-eye puffiness quickly.

I don't have to do that anymore!

After searching for over 20+ years, I found an anti-fatigue, eye lifting serum that works instantly (in 10 minutes or less).

And, it offers the dramatic results I'm looking for and lasts all day. This serum acts like a girdle that gently pulls-in and smooths the whole under-eye area.

Now I feel confident that no matter how tired I am or where I'm at -  I'll look more wide awake in just a few minutes. 

Before and after picture: Puffy under eye bags are gone 

Here is a before and after picture using the EES serum on one eye.

Within 5 minutes of swiping a thin layer of EES serum under my eyes, I look less puffy and sleepy. It's also a great treatment for under eye crepiness.

Creams and serums for bags under eyes

Creams: If you suffer from puffy eyes, you've probably tried lots of under eye creams that are supposed to de-puff the eye area. However, soon realized while they may feel hydrating, they did NOTHING to reduce that puffy look or tighten/lift the under-eye area.

Serums: While some eye lift serums helped reduce eye puffiness, they usually come with uncomfortable side-effects that can leave the skin feeling irritated. Most were too drying, too sticky, left a white powdery residue, or cracked when you smiled. At least that's been my experience.

If you've every watched those informercials for puffy eye serums that work in 60 seconds, have you noticed the person who had the miraculous results never smiled? That's because many of those of eye lift serums are so drying, they crack and peel when you make facial expressions.

This eye serum is different

This eye lift serum is different because:

  • it's not glue-like, thick, drying or sticky
  • it does not leave a whitish residue, unless you use too much
  • it's easy to work with
  • it has a light flexible, gel-like consistency 

Plus, you can apply this eye lift serum on top of your favorite moisturizer or makeup, unlike other eye serums I've tried that recommend you only apply over clean, dry skin.

This is important if you're a man or woman over 40 and have dry under eye skin. We need our moisturizer, right?

How to reduce puffy eyes with the EES serum: Tips for best results

You only need to apply it once a day and it will last for 10-12 hours.

For me, it's even lasted after a 2-hour long sweaty workout, as long as I don't rub the under eye area.

Important Tip: After washing and drying your face, apply your favorite eye moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, etc., then wait a few minutes until all products are absorbed into the skin. The puffy eye serum works better that way.

If you use a lot of oily products around the eye area, consider lightly blotting the area with a tissue before applying the serum.

Once the other skincare products have had time to soak in (about 5-10) minutes, I do the following:

  • swipe a pea-size drop of the EES serum across the puffy part of the under-eye area.
  • While the serum is absorbing, try not to smile or crinkle the under eye skin. Some people feel a bit of tingling as it works to shrink and lift the skin.

Does this work for dark bags or circles under the eyes?

Sometimes under eye puffiness can cast a shadow above the cheek bone which can look like dark bags or dark circles under the eyes. If you reduce the puffiness, you can reduce the look of shadows or dark circles under the eyes too.

Help brighten under eye area

If you have slight discoloration under the skin around the eyes you can smooth a tiny drop of the EES Illuminating Cream, which is a brightening cream that is meant to work with the EES under eye serum.

While the Illuminating cream is not a concealer, it does contain reflective particles and small amounts of highlighter, so it brightens and lightens the whole eye area.

Here is how I use the Illuminating cream on days when I have dark shadows, discoloration, or dark circles under my eyes.

I'll apply a small drop of the hydrating cream:

  • under the eye
  • above the eye (on brow bone)
  • on the top of my cheek bones for a brighter more wide awake eye area

Then when this cream has had a few mintues to soak in, I'll apply the EES eye serum on top. 

Want to reduce puffy eyes - give the serum a try

If you suffer from puffy eyes and nothing has worked - I urge you to try the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck Serum. This has been my favorite remedy to reduce puffy eyes since 2012. 

NOTE: Iyou're still on the fence about trying the serum - consider trying the smaller, less expensive sample size by following the link above.

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