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There are lots of tips on how to reduce puffy eyes. But how well do they work?

Dealing with under eye bags and puffiness has been a problem all my adult life. But I finally found one simple step that really works. Watch this before and after video...

I used to set my alarm about 15 minutes early each morning so I could sit with ice packs or cold cucumbers on my eyes in attempt to reduce reduce eye puffiness. Now I don't have to do that!! 

How to treat puffy eyes and reduce crepey skin.Within 5 minutes of swiping a thin layer of EES serum under my eyes, I look less puffy and sleepy. It's also a great treatment for under eye crepiness.

Ok, here is another picture with the serum on my other eye and with better lighting to show my true results.....

If you're like me you have probably tried a ton of eye lift serum products. But what I like about this one is that it is light...soothing and does not cause that dry powdery look that the others have done. You can work with this one and apply less or more as needed to get the results you need. 

So how to reduce puffy eyes?

I've search the internet looking for the causes of puffy eyes. What I found was mind numbing...............

There are hundreds of different causes and reasons for puffy swollen eyes!!!

From genetics/age (extra fatty deposits around the eye socket), to allergies, medication, diseases like thyroid disorder, and simple water retention………

I knew I didn't have a medical condition, so this information didn't help me much at all.

Then I realized, I don't care about the causes - I just want a solution on how to reduce puffy eyes!

I wanted a quick remedy. Here is what worked for me.....

Ok, so some home remedies worked a little but were too time consuming and didn't offer the dramatic results I wanted.

After 20+ years of searching for something, anything to ease the look of bags under the eyes..............

I found this eye de puffer, eye lifter, anti-fatigue eye serum (called Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck) that works in less than 10 minutes. It offers the dramatic results I want and lasts all day.

It sort of acts like a girdle to gently pull-in and smooth the whole under eye area.

And, it's not like those drying, sticky, gluey serums usually found in drug stores………..

Trust me, I've tried them too! This serum is very comfortable and seems to work well even on sensitive or very dry skin.

Plus, you can apply this serum on top of your favorite moisturizer or makeup.

(This was a BIG plus for me, because when you're over 50 --  going without an eye moisturizer is not an least not for me.)

The problem with the other serums (at least for me) is that they only worked if you applied it to clean dry skin. And, they would crack and peel when I smiled or moved my face.

So, it's been a love affair ever since

Note: Serum contains Acetyl Glucosamine and Hyaluronate to help strengthen and hydrate with regular use.

I use this serum every morning. It's the last thing I apply after my moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup.

On days when I have dark shadows or circles - I apply the hydrating illuminating cream (under and above the eye area), then the serum.

The illuminating cream contains reflective particles and small amounts of highlighter so it brightens the eye area.

Good for those days where you have dark eye circles or look very tired.

Still want to try some home remedies to reduce puffy eyes?

Ok, with some extra effort and time, some home remedies and tips did help reduce puffy eyes a little bit. So, If you're interested trying them, return back to the Puffy Eyes Remedy section for more information.

Otherwise, I urge you to try the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck Serum, my favorite remedy to reduce puffy eyes. 

NOTE: Iyou're you're still on the fence about trying the serum - consider trying the smaller, less expensive sample size by following the link above.

NOTE: For helpful information about under eye treatment tips and directions from regular users - Click here.

What's your opinion?

Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck for puffy eyes....

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