Daily Habits for Beautiful Lips

Want beautiful lips? You have to baby them! Plump hydrated puckers are a sign of youth and beauty. Dry or dehydrated lips can look thin and flat.

And wrinkled, peeling or chapped lips look painful and pale and won't hold lipstick or gloss very well. If your lips are thin, pale, dry, or wrinkled - maybe your daily habit are contributing to these pucker problems.

Check and see if you follow any of these daily habits that can help you achieve more beautiful lips.

Beauty tips for beautiful lips

Exfoliate lips daily. Some people use their toothbrush and do this before bed. I prefer to mix some sugar and oil in a container at home. An over-the-counter option is Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh. Alternatively, try making you own tasty homemade lip polish.

After exfoliation, follow up with a hydrating lip oil or super moisturizing oil-based lip balm such as Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy lip treatment or Josie Maran’s lip balm.

Lip oil is much more effective but harder to find as it is a relatively new invention. Hourglass has an anti-aging one called No. 28 which also contains vitamins.

Use tinted lip balms instead of lipstick. Glosses are okay as long as they aren’t water based. Look for ones that have oils and moisturize. The companies Fresh and Korres have hydrating balms in a plethora of colors.

Try not to dehydrate your lips. Frequent licking/biting your lips or consuming too much salty or acidic foods can dry out your lips. Alcohol, sodas, and anything overly salty or sugary is a no-no. Be sure to get your 8 glasses of water per day.

Smooth lip wrinkles. Look for serums like Bioxidea’s Anti-Wrinkles Eye and lip serum. Serums normally absorb better than creams, especially if you exfoliate before hand. Or try Mommy Makeup Line Smoothing Lip Gloss.

Plump the lips. Try dabbing on a little bit of spicy ingredients like ginger or cinnamon. These are common ingredients in most expensive lip plumping lipsticks. Or try a mechanical lip plumper like CandyLipz. You can see my before and after pictures using CandyLipz here.

CandyLipz Lip Plumper

Beautiful lips - lip injections

Restylane or collagen injections. If your thin lips are bugging you that badly, go for it if you can afford it. There are many types of fillers on the market, but Restylane still seems to be a favorite (among doctors) for the lip area because it uses smaller particles and is thinner and easier to work with in the mouth area.

Just make sure to have an experienced and licensed doctor preform the injections, and don’t be a guinea pig for a new type of filler.

Other beauty secrets for lips

When getting a facial, see if they can extend your treatment to include your lips as well. If you are getting a gentle peel or microdermabrasion treatment, it should be okay to use on the lips as well as long as you don’t ingest it.

Remember, having beautiful lips doesn't mean you need to have a huge trout pout. Keep them hydrated and smooth for an attractive overall appearance. 

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