Organic Makeup: Mineral Makeup Benefits

Organic Makeup: Why use organic mineral makeup? Because good clean organic makeup can protect mature skin and help it look younger.

Foundation, powder, moisturizer, and especially sunscreen -  if it contains toxic, non-organic ingredients - I’m not happy using it. Why put extra stress on aging skin when there are safer, natural alternatives that enhance your skin's beauty?

Great news for mineral makeup users

I’ve tried mineral makeup before and never had good results. For some reason, it always looked dry and cakey and made my skin look lifeless. That is why I’m so thrilled with my recent find! This all-natural, non-toxic, earth mineral-based foundation is mixed with a drop of two of face oil before each use so it's fresh every day! This provides a smooth coverage and radiant glow it, that just makes me smile.

Try a sample box

For $20, I received this sample box with eight beautiful colors and a small bottle of face oil so I can test which color works best for me. I’m also able to mix and match colors to get one that suits my skin tone perfectly.

Plus, one bottle contains a pearlescent earth powder that I can use as a highlighter or mix with my regular color for a hint of brightness on those days I’m feeling down and tired.

Benefits of this organic makeup

There are lots of benefits to this particular makeup besides that it’s organic and non-toxic. For example, you can:

  • Custom blend your own color
  • Use with your favorite face cream or skin oil
  • Wear it as a liquid, cream, or dry foundation
  • Skip the sunscreen; this foundation contains nature’s sun protection
  • Feel confident you’re using a natural, non-toxic tinted skin product

Also, if you get the sample pack you can mix and match to find your perfect shade. The sample pack is less than $20 and lasts a LONG TIME.

A little tiny dap of powder – when mixed with your favorite skin cream or face oil goes a long, long way. I wanted to warn you so you don’t wind up wasting it like I did the first few times I used it. 

This makeup stays fresh until you use it

The best part is the earth mineral foundation stays fresh until you’re ready to use it. You simply tap a small amount of powder into your hands, add your favorite moisturizer or face oil, mix and smooth lightly all over your face.

It looks beautiful and so simple to use. In one step, I applied my moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.

Why does it make your skin look so good

I’m guessing it makes your complexion look so good for several reasons. There are no added oils, unnatural colors, or preservatives because it stays dry until you use it.

And, because it’s so deeply pigmented you only need a little tiny bit to cover your whole face and get a beautiful “glow from within” look without that heavy makeup look. I have freckles, and this organic makeup covers my skin imperfections beautifully – and does a great job hiding those enlarged pores on my lower cheeks.

Give it a try or better yet, get the sample box. If you’re not happy return it. If you decide try this organic makeup – please drop me a line and let me know what you think!

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