Why Exercise Facial Muscles?
For Deep Anti-Aging Benefts

Why should you exercise facial muscles? To help tone and firm the skin, underlying muscles, and maintain healthy facial bone mass. Loss of bone mass can contribute to sagging skin and other age related facial changes.

But not all face exercise programs are the same.

exercise facial bone massNotice the droop around the eye socket, mouth and especially the jaw bone?

Photo: Live Science. Credit: Howard Langstein/University of Rochester Medical Center

If you’re thinking about starting a facial exercise program, make sure you choose wisely so you’re not wasting your time.

Why is facial bone loss important?

Our facial bones start to shrink and recede with age - this is one reason we look different when we’re older

A CT scan show that between the ages of 20 and 60 we lose bone mass (volume) around the eye sockets (which adds to the appearance of droopy eye skin) and around the middle and lower face (which adds to the loss of that beautiful defined jaw line we once had.)

Why some exercises could be a waste of time.....

Difference Between Facial Toning and Anti-Aging Facial Exercises

There is a difference between simple facial toning exercises and an anti-aging facial fitness program that really builds and strengthens facial skin, muscles, connective tissues and facial bones.

Simple facial toning exercises work well when you’re young. But, once you’re past a certain age - say over 40 or 50  - you won’t gain much anti-aging benefits.

After a certain age, it's important that your face lift exercise program has enough "umph" to  help regain or at least maintain that beautiful facial structure you once had.

It's important to engage in a facial workout that targets hard to tone areas – like the lower half of the face (jowls, double chin, neck, and chest) and helps maintain healthy facial bone mass.

Are they hard to do?

No. Don’t confuse working stronger with working harder.

It may take a few days to learn the exercises, but after that you can practically do them in your sleep.....….well at least you can do them in bed!

The exercise facial workout that I currently use actually suggests you do them while lying down!

What can you do?

Engage in anti-aging facial exercises that emphasize muscle resistance training and also puts pressure on the face at the same time.

Click here to read more about facial aging and bone loss.......... 

According to Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D. by simply sliding your fingers and hands across your skin while contracting underlying facial muscles at the same time helps to:

  1. Support healthy skin (less papery, thin skin)
  2. Build muscle density (think lifting)
  3. Reduce facial bone loss and builds bone mass (think volume and fullness)

It’s a win-win-win for your face!…………

The combination of building facial muscle and preventing facial bone loss adds volume and lift to the skin and face.  Volume is what gives your face that youthful look.

Why do you think injectable fillers (like Restylane) are so popular? Some even call it a liquid face lift.

But, wouldn't it be nice (cheaper and more natural looking) to have some volume restored to your face naturally - the way it was when you were younger?

What type of exercise facial program is best

I’ve tried a lot of different programs and some are very good. But, I’m impressed with the simplicity and ease of Facial Fitness by Carolyn.

Her attention to target the classic signs of facial aging along with her on-going detailed anti-aging research on preventing (and restoring) facial bone loss is impressive.

And the fact that She’s put together a face exercise program that covers all issues from - droopy eyebrows and eyelids to sagging jowls and turkey neck – that can be done lying down in 15 minutes -  appeals to my lazy side!

Carolyn does her workouts in bed first thing in the morning.

Her face exercise program was designed to be done lying down to take advantage of gravity.

But you can do them anywhere you're comfortable and you don’t have to do them all at once. Do whatever works best for your schedule.

My Exercise Schedule:

I usually do about half in the morning (takes about  6-7 minutes) and the other half after I wash my face before bed at night (another  6-7 minutes) .......Easy!

Here Is A Sample Exercise To Try:

Jawbone Restorer – helps firm and build the jaw bone.

-   Place your thumbs (side by side) on the tip of your chin

-    Push you thumbs into your chin to create resistance, then slide your thumbs out towards each ear, follow along your jawbone with medium pressure, ending just below each ear.

-    Do this slide 10 times

What Do You Gain?

What do you gain if you exercise your facial muscles using a program that includes bone remodeling?

Healthier, smoother and more resilient skin, facial muscles - all while maintaining health facial bone mass.

And, the good feeling knowing that you’re taking control of facial aging in a way that creams and even plastic surgery cannot do.

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