Do Face Tightening Exercises Work?

face tightening exercises

There is no doubt in my mind that face tightening exercises work. Take a look at the stunning before and after picture below.....................................

This woman (Carolyn owner and creator of Carolyn's Facial Fitness) looks younger in her 60s than she did in her 50s!

Natural non-surgical face lift

Her results are like a non-surgical facelift. Wouldn't you agree? If you've ever wondered if facial exercising is worth your time and trouble - let me share my personal experience.....................

It all started with my mom. She sparked my interest in facial exercises when she bought me an micro-electronic facial exercise machine that stimulated underlying facial muscles to help firm and lift the face.


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Did it work?

I didn't use the device long enough to really see results (of course I was under 30 at that time and probably didn’t really need it) but I do remember how it stung and hurt if I didn't constantly apply a special gel to keep my skin moist.

It’s no surprise this face exercise machine soon found a home in the back of my closet!

But, I was intrigued by the idea of exercising the face to lift and firm it.

So sometime in my early 40s I started looking into the benefits of face tightening exercises…..wondering if they really worked. 

Over the next several years, I bought and tried many different types of face exercise programs...............

My experience with face tightening exercises

Note: These are not "before and after" pictures because I've been performing various facial exercises (off and on) since 1998. But I think they show that face exercising can help slow "age related" changes of the face and neck.

Personally, I feel that not only has there been little change over the last 7 years, but some areas have improved. Especially the following:

  • chin - more defined
  • jawline - more defined
  • under chin area - little less droop

Which I feel is a good sign!

Because age related facial changes happen very quickly once we're over 50..........especially, droopy eyelids, flatten cheek bones, hollows under the eyes, disappearing jowl line, double chin and underslung jaw. 

Hardest area to firm?

Eyes, jowls, and neck are harder (but not impossible) to improve!

That's why it's important to start at soon as possible before certain stubborn wrinkles set in. Because even after facial muscles firm up, the skin often takes longer to catch up. This is where facial massaging comes in.

So, in addition to facial exercises, I'm also doing the suggested massages - especially the Neck Brush to address stubborn neck lines.

To be honest, I didn't realize how essential facial massages are for successful results. Read: Why these simple Face Exercise Tips make a huge difference.

And, in the meantime for those tiny lines under the eyes, I use the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck. It helps hide them and lift the lower lids a bit. 

Face lift the non-surgical way

I think you can gain tremendous benefits from facial exercises as long as you select a program that actually builds (not just tones) muscle, massages the skin, and addresses facial bone loss issues. See anti-aging benefits of facial bone remodeling.

And of course you have to like the program so you'll stick with it. I find Carolyn's program easy, quick and comfortable.  

Afraid to try face tightening exercises?

Facial exercising may be somewhat controversial......... Some people believe they work and others are afraid to try them.

Personally, I believe it's a matter of choosing an exercise program that's designed correctly so you don't wind up overbuilding certain areas of the face.

And, of course, one that you enjoy doing on a consistent basis. 

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