Face Exercise Tips for Best Results

Face exercises work. Try these tips for the best results. Look at before and after pictures of my face and neck below. I'll share sample exercises and tips that can help lift and slim your face.

So your not sure if a face exercise program will work for you, think you're too old to start a facial exercise program? Maybe you doubt facial exercises work at all and it's just a waste of time?

Well, regardless of your situation, age, or facial condition, I'm a firm believer that face exercises, if done correctly and consistently, will offer some benefits that can help your face (and neck) look younger, firmer or slimmer.

The degree of results you get will vary on many factors like your age (starting younger is always best), condition of your skin, lifestyle and skin care regime and how often you exercise. 

I started my face exercise program in my 50s and already had lots of skin damage, especially on my neck. A year later - look at my great results!

P.S. Notice the brown spot is almost gone? That's thanks to fresh home mixed Vitamin C serum.

Will face exercises slim and tighten your face?

Face exercises for sagging cheeks. Before and after pictures.

As you can see in the photo above the face exercise program I use helped slim and tighten my face, especially around the nasal labial folds and jowls. And it help me get more defined, better looking cheekbones. 

However, it's important to understand, that face exercises won't change your facial bone structure. For example, it can't alter or change your cheekbones, but exercises can help define them by building up your cheek muscles.

In other words - face exercises can help bring out your natural best features and reduce that puffy, sagging appearance which can help your face look a few years younger. 1

Face exercise tips for best results

1. Choose a program that includes isometric and resistance exercises.  Simple face yoga poses and face massages are great. But, after certain age, you'll need something stronger to build muscle.

Muscle building helps replace lost volume - which is what ages a face, gives it a haggard look, and causes sagging.

Also, the extra pressure from resistance exercises also helps prevent facial bone loss which is another reason our faces sag, droop and slide downward. Click here to see what happens to your facial bones over time.

2. Be consistent and exercise your face weekly with rest days in between. Going at it everyday won't give your muscles time to rebuild or can cause an overbuilt look.

3. Make sure your face exercise program includes all the muscles of the face. You want to make sure your program works all the muscles from your scalp to your chest for a smooth, elegant, balanced look. And don't spot train! Follow the program and do all the exercises. Just because you don't have an issue with forehead wrinkles and droopy jowls today - over time - all areas of your face will be of concern. So, work them all keep them in shape, you'll be glad you did years later.

4. Make sure to include face massages. Choose a program that includes face massaging too. This helps keep the skin in good shape and the muscles smooth. Also the added pressure on the face from massaging, helps keep facial bone mass in good shape.

So, what are these key essential face exercise tips?

  • isometric and resistance exercise
  • rest in between workouts
  • consistent weekly workouts 
  • exercises all 57 muscles
  • face massage

Is face exercise hard or time consuming?

No! It sounds harder and more time consuming that it is. I follow CFF face exercise program and it only takes me about 15 minutes a day -  3 times. 

With my morning face massage and a few extra bonus workouts - I spend less than 60 minutes a week. 

Face exercise and massage samples

Here is a face exercise sample for slimmer face

Here is a sample of the type of exercise I do for slimmer, tighter facial skin.

This helps firm the jawbone:

  • Place thumbs on either side of your chin
  • Hands resting on your face below each ear
  • Create resistance by pushing your thumbs into your skin  
  • Then slide thumbs along the jawbone with medium pressure moving out towards each ear, ending below each ear.

Do this slide 10 times.

Here is a face massage sample

Here is a sample of simple massage you can do after your wash your face and it's still wet. Apply some moisturizer if you are creating too much resistance or pull.

face massage exerciseNote: Anytime you massage the face, the muscles should be taunt. To do this: make an O shape with your mouth. Then curl your lips over your upper and lower teeth and contract the facial muscles by trying to smile.

Wet Face Massage  - Contract the face as described above.

  • Make tiny counter-clockwise circles with your wet fingertips 
  • Start at the chin and move to the hollows of the cheeks, the apples of the cheeks and ending at the temples.
  • Massage all 4 areas for a count of 10.

This massage helps to smooth and firm the skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Perform this on wet skin only. I found the perfect time to do this in the morning and evening when I’m washing my face or in the shower.

Do face exercises work?

I think so. I'm very happy with my results. But the only way you'll know if a face exercise routine is going to work for you - is pick a program and follow it. There are a lot of great face workout programs available.

Want more information on CFF, the vitamin C serum I used to reduce brown spots or more samples to see if this is the right program for you? Click here.


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