My Neck Firming Tips

Vitamin C serum is the best neck firming cream for sagging neck skin

How often do you apply a neck firming cream?

I apply a neck cream about twice a day (morning and night) right after washing my face. And, I've been doing my face/neck exercises regularly. However, it wasn't until I added one important step, did I begin to notice firmer skin on my neck skin and under the chin.

Now, when I smooth on my favorite neck cream, I also do a quick neck firming massage that helped tighten-up the neck skin and underlying muscles

Before and after neck firming results doing face/neck exercises and massages

A few years ago, I accidentally took a picture of my neck and chin at a strange angle that was focusing on the neck and up under the chin area. Not a view that’s easily visible when looking straight into a mirror.

I was shocked to see how much sagging there was under the chin and how deep my neck wrinkles were. I thought "how am I ever going to fix this turkey neck wattle?"

I really wanted to know if face exercises and a neck massages worked to alleviate some of the sagging and wrinkles, otherwise I wasn't going to waste my time.

I mean, if your neck looked like that, wouldn't you want to find a neck firming procedure that worked? So I took a before picture, found an exercise program I liked doing to did them every other day for several weeks, taking pictures along the way to document my progress.

NOTE: To make sure the comparison was as even as possible, I took the pictures in the same spot, around the same time of day (so the lighting was as close as possible), with the same camera. I also tried to get the same angle and distance. These pictures have not been altered.

However, I was lazy and didn't do the recommend neck massage that Carolyn (owner of CFF program) so strongly recommended. And while I was seeing some results in the neck area, it was not what I had hoped for, considering I was doing the workout 3 - 4 times a week.

Well, I finally got into the habit of including the Neck Brush and Neck Ring Eraser to my weekly workout and my results improved dramatically! 

No-surgery neck lift 

The before and after pictures above were taken 8 weeks apart. And while it’s still a work in progress – I’m excited to see what amazing improvements another few weeks will bring. And I feel confident that neck lift surgery is not the only option available to firm and lift a sagging neck and chin.

Now I’m Motivated!

I post my workouts in my daily planner and take pictures every few weeks to track my progress. And, it’s all very exciting!

I only wish I would have started sooner. Don’t wait until you see serious wrinkles or sagging.  Start early, it’s so much easier to prevent than to fix. And, trust me, eventually, all areas of your face and neck will concern you. 

My neck firming routine

Every morning and night after washing my face I apply a moisturizer or neck firming cream. Before the neck cream soaks in - I perform this quick Neck Brush massage.

This massaging/firming routine feels wonderful and I feel it even helps my moisturizer penetrate better. Try this neck brush massage and see if your neck doesn't look and feel better!

Here is a sample of my weekly schedule for a firmer neck and face:

  • Bonus – After a few weeks I added two bonus exercises to target my problem area which included the Neck Ring Eraser and the Lower Face Lift. (The Lower Face Lift is a free bonus exercise that comes with the CFF Program)
  • Boost – To help speed skin repair (this is optional) I started applying her Vitamin C crystal serum to help firm up the skin on my neck and face. I like this serum because it’s very potent (16% vitamin C) and you mix it together before using it – so it’s fresh and you know you’re getting the full potency.

Click here to try some sample exercises or to learn more.

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