Facial Toning: Cheap beauty tip for women over 40

by Linda Robison

If you're over 40, facial toning exercises should be part of your beauty routine. I'll show you a very affordable beauty routine that offers excellent results.

Wrinkle creams, serums, injectables (like Botox and fillers), laser treatments, and other non-surgical anti-aging procedures can help you look younger and better with age.

However, facial toning exercises are by far the least expensive anti-aging routine for a more youthful looking face.

And, if you follow a good facial exercise program on a consistent basis, you're almost guaranteed to see some improvement in your skin and facial contours.

You can still indulge in non-surgical procedures like Botox and anti-aging wrinkle creams and serums.

But face exercises can lift and firm the skin in ways these other anti-aging procedures can't.

How can facial toning exercises help you look younger

Simply Answer:

Basically, facial exercises can help replace some lost volume our faces had when we were younger.

This lost volume is due to loss of facial fat and muscle atrophy, which starts to happen sometime in our late 30s, early 40s.

This loss of fat and natural volume causes the face to sag which leads to nasolabial folds, droopy cheeks, and sagging neck skin.

Detailed Answer:

When we're in our 20s and 30s, we have fuller cheeks and more angular or chiseled features (like well-defined sharp jawline or high cheekbones).

facial toning

It has been said that many women like the way they looked in their early 30’s because their faces were just starting to lose that bit of  “baby fat” which accentuated sharp jawlines and defined cheekbones.

If it could only stop there! But it doesn't.

Unfortunately, with each passing year, not only does facial fat loss continue, but so does loss of collagen, muscle, and skeleton bone. 

Yes! Just like the rest of the body facial bone mass shrinks with age. This contributes to sagging skin since there is less bone mass for the skin to wrap around. See Bone Remodeling with Facial Exercises.

Eventually, all of these age-related changes leave the face droopy and puffy and the neck saggy.

At this point, most of us would give anything to have some of that "baby-fat" back again – right?

But in the right places, like the upper/middle portion of the face. Not in the lower jowls like you see in the picture below.

facial toning can help firm sagging jowls.

NOTE: I took a 5-week facial toning challenge. While I've been doing facial exercises since 1998, I never followed a steady program or schedule.

I've sent photos of my concerns (especially the lower face/neck) to Carolyn creator of CFF. She gave me a bonus exercises to add to the standard workout, which should bring about noticeable results in about 5 weeks.

We'll see!  I'll post my results here

Can injectable fillers replace facial toning?

Injectable fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are an effective but temporary way to improve facial contours.

The act as a scaffold for the skin - replacing lost volume and creating lift... As do facial muscle building exercises without the cost and pain of injections!

But, unlike facial toning, injectable fillers do nothing to stimulate underlying muscle mass and support healthy facial bone mass. 

So, while you may look good now, in the long run, you’ve done nothing to help prevent facial aging. 

Plus, in my opinion, fillers can make some faces look unnatural and bloated. That's certainly not the look I want.

What about a good face cream

Picture of face creams.

There is no question that peptides, retinols, and weekly exfoliation facials (increased cell turnover) are truly one of the best anti-aging products for beautiful skin.

And some skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid can provide a temporary fullness due to increased moisture.

But, that’s as far as they go. Don’t count on your favorite cream to build, lift and firm underlying muscles. 

Only a proper facial toning system that is designed to stimulate the skin, muscles, and bone can actually help slow facial aging and ensure that you’ll continue to look as young as possible, but natural.

If done right, face tightening  can help provide a smooth, firm face, toned and defined cheeks and an elegant smooth neck without unnatural looking side effects side or draining your bank account.

Why facial toning is inexpensive

Face exercise programs are one of the cheapest and effective anti-aging beauty tip I can recommend.

The beauty of face exercise programs (at the least the good ones) is you pay once for the system and have a lifetime of anti-aging support.

There are several good facial exercise programs available to choose from.

I tried many of them, but finally settle on the CFF System. For me, it was the easiest and fastest program to stick with. 

In 2008, I paid less than $40.00 for the CFF program and have NOT spent a penny more since then! 

And, over the years, I have received numerous free updates, improved exercise techniques, and even had special workouts tailored to my personal needs. 

If you've tried facial toning systems before and didn't like them, don’t give up. It took me years to find one that I’m comfortable with.

Once you come across one you like, you’ll actually enjoy the facial workout and find it very relaxing.

You’ll be especially happy and motivated once you start to see results, too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with facial toning exercises. Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind.