Anti-Aging Skincare

Here are some anti-aging skin care tips that have helped me. 

As we age we start to notice issues that may bother us. So I'm always on the lookout for products, makeup tips and ideas that won't break the bank - but are effective and can help me look good as I feel.

Everybody wants to age well!

Let's face it, age related changes can be upsetting. You wake up one morning and suddenly you notice tiny crinkly under eye wrinkles or puffy or swollen eyes.

And you think.......When did this happen? 

P.S. I found an eye moisturizer that works well with my specific under eye skin issues. If you have puffy eyes or lots of wrinkles - you might be interested in this.

Have you suddenly noticed those little forehead wrinkles are now starting to resemble a road map? Been thinking about getting bangs lately?

And what about those crow's feet?

Tips for better skin

Whether you have troubled skin like Rosacea or you're looking for a way to safely lighten/brighten uneven skin tone, age spots and skin discoloration. I found a way to lighten brown spots. See my before and after pictures here.

You can improve the appearance of aged skin without having to resort to expensive non-surgical procedures. I've gotten great results using many of the tips, techniques and anti-aging skincare products listed on this website. 

Even the dreaded double chin and neck wrinkles - which do not respond very well to creams - have improved significantly. Check out my before and after pictures found in many of the links on this page.

What else besides anti-aging skincare products?

In addition to using great anti-aging skincare products and engaging in some anti-aging facial exercises, there are also several makeup tips and tricks for brighter eyes and more youthful lips. 

It's about Aging Well.....

Now that I'm in my fifties - I would never expect or try to look twenty. But, I do want to look as healthy, vibrant, and attractive as I can for a woman my age.

That's what this whole website is about. ……researching, exploring, trying out products (and sharing tips and ideas from readers like you)  to look not just good, but amazing.

And, through all the marketing hype, you'd be surprised how many simple, inexpensive anti-aging skincare ingredients that actually can help slow down the signs of aging.

For example, using antioxidant, nutrient rich creams can slow down the formation of future wrinkles by supporting collagen production and cell turnover.

This is very important for those of us over 40.

Don't know what ingredients you should look for in a wrinkle cream?


Best anti-aging cream for women in their 30s

Best anti-aging face cream for women in their 40s

Applying nutrients to the skin can help too

Pure, fresh topical vitamin C is a potent anti-wrinkle ingredient, yet hard to find in the pure active form.

We're not talking about your typical drugstore brand face cream that contains a little vitamin C and has been sitting on the shelve for months or years (which renders the vitamin C useless!)

But rather applying pure, non-oxidized (think fresh) vitamin C serum directly to skin. Regular use can significantly improve skin appearance.

You can read more about this type of vitamin C serum and others here.

Anti-aging supplements

We also discover that the right diet and supplementation can feed skin cells from the inside and therefore slow down the aging process. There is scientific proof of that, it's called glycation.

(Ref: 1 and 2)

In simple terms, glycation causes wrinkles and creping/sagging skin because it speeds up collagen breakdown and interferes with the body's ability to regenerate new collagen.

But, there are many nutrients – like vitamin C and anthocyanins  for example - that can interfere and protect against this breakdown.

This is why it's very important to pay attention to our diet if we want to reduce or slow the signs of aging.

Learn about the best anti-aging foods and what foods to avoid if you want healthy, ageless skin.

So, explore the links on this page and try some of the anti-aging skincare tips.

Don't forget to drop us a line or post your comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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