Which is best for under eye crepiness? Plexaderm vs Sudden Change

by Betty

Which the best temporary treatment for under eye crepiness? I've tried Plexaderm and it just caked up and peel off as soon as I move my face.

I heard Sudden Change is also a temporary solution for crepy skin under and around the eyes, but I don't see it anywhere online or in the drugstores.

You talk about crepey skin a lot on your website, what have you found that works? Please don't suggest laser, fillers or fraxel treatments. I'm over 70 yrs and have medical issues and don't want to try something that drastic.

But, since Covid-19 and having to wear masks all the time, all people see are my eyes and this seems to bring more focus to the crepey skin under my eyes. I'd like to find something easy to use that can make my eyes look a little bit better.

Thanks so much,
Hi Betty!

Thanks for your question regarding the best temporary fix for under eye crepy skin. Well, you've come to the right place! I've been researching this topic for over 20 years! For me it started with a right eye that was always puffy, even as far back as high school.

Later as I got older, that puffiness also turned into crepey skin, probably because of all the skin stretching from the constant puffiness. The under eye skin is so delicate.

Anyway, I've tried every temporary eye lift serum on the market, starting with Sudden Change which came out in the late 1980s. And I finally found one that I can live with. It doesn't cake up (if you apply it well) and doesn't dry out or cause my skin to feel uncomfortable.

You can read about the comparison of all the ones I tried and why the EES Serum is my favorite here at this link. .

You can also visit this page for info about EES.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have anymore questions. And stay safe and keep your mask on. This pandemic is a crazy time for us all.

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Why does the Instant Eye Lift Serum have mixed reviews?

by Debbis

Instant Eye Serum - Does It Work?

Instant Eye Serum - Does It Work?

I've heard good things about the instant eye serum you talk about. But yet, I see mixed reviews all over the place. So what's the deal?

Is it worth trying it? I have slightly puffy eyes but mostly I hate the tiny lines under my eyes.

Even when I'm not smiling I can see the lines. And if I use a concealer or apply makeup around that area, it just makes it worse. If I use a moisturizer they stand out even more because the whole area is shiny.

I'm frustrated and wish something would really work. But is this going to help me?

Editor's Note:


Thanks for your question regarding the EES Instant Eye Lift Serum. RE: Why mixed results and will it work for you?

Great questions. Of course I can't predict what will work for you - but let me tell you a few things that might help regarding the mixed reviews.

I've been using EES Instant Eye Tuck since 2012 and love it. Compared to the other instant eye firming serums and gels - this one by far works the best for me. See the difference it makes for me here: Instant Eye Lift Before/After.

I think there are a few reasons for mixed reviews:

1 - Some people don't know what to expect. Instant eye firming/lifting gels and serums are not like moisturizing creams. They tend to be a bit "sticky" that's what makes them work. Most of the ones I've tried are very drying and while EES is much better than most, some people don't know what to expect and are surprised of it's consistency.

2 - Some people have serious eye bags or malar bags and expect a product to work miracles. Nothing short of maybe surgery is going to completely get rid of eye bags. But for those with normal eye puffiness and under eye wrinkles - sometimes a good product can help minimize the appearance.

3 - I think many people use way too much of the product. I use about a pea size drop and it works well. If you slather on a thick layer of the serum (and this is true for all eye tuck serums) you will see a whitish film under the eyes. But since EES Instant Eye Tuck Serum is so light and has sort of a watery consistency - I think people tend to apply more than is needed.

4 - Finally, if you use eye creams, sunscreen, or moisturizers....you need to let those creamy/oily products soak in before applying the serum. That's why I always apply a thin layer of serum right before I'm ready to walk out the door. This give plenty of time for the creamy eye products I applied 20 minutes ago to soak in.

(This is a much better option than those other "eye lift serums" because their directions stress that for best results you should apply the product over bare clean skin. I can't do that. My skin is dry and I need my eye moisturizer!! If a product requires me NOT to use a moisturizer - than I won't use it.)

I have plenty of repeat customers - not to mention friends and family members who love this serum as much as I do. I'm not saying it's perfect or a miracle product. But I've have tried enough of them to know that this one works the best for me.


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