Simple Anti-Aging Foods For Better Skin

Anti-aging foods are not complicated, but the effects they have on skin health can be detailed and intricate.

However, all you need to know is which foods and nutrients provide the best anti-aging benefits and how you can easily obtain them through diet, supplements or by applying them directly to your skin.

Anti-Aging Food Chart

Interested in adding more skin loving anti-aging foods to your diet? 

Think Colorful!

Like: Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Green...

Incorporating these skin loving foods into your diet is easy.

For example, just adding a few tablespoons of tomato paste weekly can make a big difference. Tomato paste is loaded with lycopene - an antioxidant - which naturally protects your skin from sun damage.1

The National center for Biotechnology Information found that consuming a small amount of tomato paste can protect against photodamage. 

Good excuse to enjoy a nice plate of pasta – right?

All you need is just a few tablespoons of tomato paste daily. Dr. Oz recommends 4 tablespoons daily for general health or you can take a lycopene supplement. The Life Extension Foundation recommends between 10-30mgs of lycopene daily for optimal health.2

clear skin vegtables and fruit

And when you're cooking up that pasta and tomato sauce, consider throwing in a few slices of Red peppers to support collagen production. Yes, red peppers are loaded with vitamin C.

Think Pink For Smooth Skin

Pink - Well, sort of pinkish foods like salmon, shrimp, lobster….contain Astaxanthin ("asta-zan-thin"). This carotenoid also protects against sun damage and damaging UV rays. 

Research indicates that astaxanthin also helps with fine lines, skin spots and support elasticity and firmness.3 

Again, supplements can help too if you don’t like these foods or are allergic to them.  The Life Extension Foundation recommends 1 mg two times a day.

Cheap Anti-Aging Foods

Orange – Carrots and sweet potatoes are inexpensive and really easy to work into your diet and are in season all year round. They naturally contain beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body.

A study published in the Photochemistry and Photobiology found that beta-carotene along with sunscreen offers significant protection against sun damage.

More recent studies found that beta carotene offers a wide range of health benefits from improved cognitive function to anti-cancer effects.4

Gold - Herbal teas are often overlooked for their powerful anti-aging benefits inside and outside the body. With a beautiful scent and color - herbal teas not only have a magical calming effect on your mind and body, but they also posses powerful health benefits.

Plus, they are inexpensive and easy to find in any supermarket or drugstore!

While green tea is the most popular herbal tea - there are several other varieties (like black tea) that are just as effective for healthy skin aging and more.

Not sure which tea to go for? We break down the best top three teas for a youthful appearance and age-related disease prevention benefits. Click here to learn more.

Fight Free Radicals With Greens

Green – Green foods like spinach, mustard greens, avocados and olives contain high amounts of vitamin E which is a great antioxidant and can help fight free radicals.

Simply put - free radicals can destroy collagen which can lead to wrinkles and skin aging. And don't be afraid of the good fats in the avocados and olives – they can help keep your complexion smooth and moist. 

Foods for glowing skin tips

With a little effort you can work these important anti-aging foods into your daily diet, while avoiding the worst foods for your skin. Proper nutrient dense foods can also help repair premature aging skin due to physical abuse like alcohol.

While anti-aging foods are important, don't forget to use creams, serums, and masks that are rich in vitamins too. Topical skin vitamins can have an impact on skin health too.

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