Nerium Oleander product to lift sagging skin?

by Heather

Hi, Are you familiar with the Nerium product and if so what is your opinion?

Editor's Note

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your email regarding Nerium. I have heard about the product but haven't tried it.

Personally, I found the best way to lift sagging skin is through facial exercises.

I'm a fan of CFF program and have seen some nice improvements on my whole face, but especially my neck.

See my before and after neck firming pictures here...

This is only after 8 weeks!! It's not perfect, but changes are happening!

I have been documenting my progress with pictures and sending them to Carolyn so she can monitor my progress. I also plan to post a few more pictures over the next few months.

In addition to the 15 minute routine workout, Carolyn has created several extra bonus exercises for those hard to firm up areas that certain people may have.

The neck was my major problem area and I've added one of her bonus exercise called the Lower Face Lift to my routine and started to see results in about 8 weeks. It's not fast, but it's worked for me.

I've also seen an improvement in my jowls too - I'll post before and after pictures of that area too.

I'm so impressed with how well her facial exercise program worked for me, that I decided to try some of her products.

She originally designed these skincare products for herself and uses them daily. Most of them are about 70-80% organic, kosher, and vegan.

I tried her vitamin C serum that comes with a separate vial of fresh vitamin C crystal power that you mix into a vitamin rich serum RIGHT BEFORE you use it.

So it super potent and much fresher than skin care products that have been sitting on the shelves or warehouses for months and months.

Remember, vitamin C oxidizes very quickly!!

You can read more here:
Vitamin C for Skin

If you're interested in following my face lift progress, bookmark my website at:

Or even better visit some of pages and view my progress. You can see them here:

Why Facial Toning Exercises

I hope this information was helpful.


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