Gentle Microdermabrasion Products?

by C .K.

Any suggestions on some very gentle microdermabrasion products or treatments I can use? I have super sensitive skin and have a hard time finding exfoliating creams or products that won't irritate my face.

And, forget those home dermabrasion machines, I could never use them. My face looks like someone took a cheese grater to my face!!


My Reply: Absolutely! Just walk into your kitchen and check out your cupboards and refrigerator and you'll find at least 2 if not more natural and gentle skin exfoliators.

Making your own microdermabrasion product might be the best idea since you can control exactly what goes in your product.

Not Interested in Making Your Own Product?

If you want to purchase gentle microdermabrasion products, try to look for ones that contain or lists "microbeads" on the label.

And, if the product reads "Natural scrub", but lists crush walnut shell hulls on the label.....stay away

Many doctors say that crushed walnut shells can cause microscopic tears in the skin!!

Large insoluble ingredients like crushed walnut shell hulls can be too coarse or rough - which may cause irritation and redness...................

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Gentle Microdermabrasion Product Suggestions

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