Anti-Aging Beauty Club #13

by Linda Robison

Hello and Welcome!

Now that the holidays are here, the festive spirit often inspires us to dress up and experiment with extra makeup, like eyeliner.

If you're looking to nail your holiday look, here's a handy eyeliner guide to help you do it right.

Let's sparkle and shine this season! ✨💄

How to Apply Eyeliner for Mature Eyes

sagging eyelids

I LOVE eyeliner! 

Putting on some eyeliner can really make your eyes stand out and pop. And let's face it … As the years go by, a bit of oomph can do wonders to brighten up our faces. 😊

I'll share my insights and personal experience in applying eyeliner to enhance the eyes of mature women. Nothing fancy, just tips on how to achieve a natural, classy everyday look.

From eyeliner selection and application to little useful gems like should you line the waterline… You'll find it all here at this page.

Plexaderm, Preparation H, Insta-Tox...


Permanently solving under eye puffiness can be difficult. Usually it requires a surgical procedure called lower blepharoplasty. 

This procedure remove fat pads under the eyes to improve the appearance of the eyelids for a more refreshed appearance.

That's why temporary under eye lifting serums like Plexaderm or Peter Thomas Roth Eye Firm are so popular.

These products often work through a combination of key ingredients like:

  • Silicate Minerals that can form a thin, invisible film on the skin's surface, providing a smoother, tighter look. Temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Peptides that can have a firming effect on the skin by promoting collagen production. 
  • Light-reflecting or mattifying ingredients to conceal lines. This helps create an optical illusion, making the skin appear smoother wrinkles less noticeable.

Well, I tested and compared the top ones. You can see my before and after results here.

In Anti-Aging News...


Don't Over Do Your GA Peels: Studies show less is more in terms of what you gain for a beautiful youth complexion.

Most of us know that alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) can improve skin aging. The most notable is glycolic acid (GA). 

Glycolic acid contributes to a more youthful appearance of the skin. But using products with high concentrations and very low pH can lead to inflammation, accelerating the aging process.

So, what's the solution?

Think about using a straightforward glycolic acid product with a mild concentration (8%) and a pH of 4. It's less likely to irritate your skin while still giving you the benefits.

These at home products are easy to find online. Just check out the label to make sure it contains at least 8% concentration and pH level of at least 4.


Glycolic acid adjusted to pH 4 stimulates collagen production and epidermal renewal without affecting levels of proinflammatory TNF‐alpha in human skin explants - PMC (

"I may be a senior, but I'm still hot!"

~Betty White

Thank you for joining me! I look forward to seeing you next month!

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