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It's been sizzling hot lately, and it's not just the weather that's turning up the heat.

In the world of beauty trends, especially among young celebrities, there's one procedure that's gaining popularity and making faces look scorching hot – buccal fat removal!

Many are under the assumption that this simple and quick in-office surgical procedure can help reduce sagging jowls.

But is it a quick solution, or a potential aging problem?

Buccal Fat Removal: Does it help saggy jowls?

chrissy Teigen Buccal Fat Pad Removal

In this article, we'll cover how it works, its side effects, potential benefits, and the concerns regarding its impact on aging faces.

Jowl Exercises

This quick video shows you a 3-step exercise to help jowls by working on the malaris muscle.

It also helps firm and shape the cheeks and firm the skin.

In Anti-Aging News...

malaris muscle lifts jowls

According to the European Journal of Plastic Surgery, the malaris muscle could be an anti-aging link of the midface.

The malaris muscle is a tiny muscle located near the eyes. This muscle starts from the top of the cheekbone area and extends downward to the upper lip. 

The malaris muscle's role is not well known, especially in Caucasians. However, it might help prevent midface aging, as observed in people with prominent cheekbones like Asians.

"I may be a senior, but I'm still hot!"

~Betty White

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