Anti-Aging Beauty Club
 April 2023

by Linda Robison

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Did you ever wonder why people look so different as they get older?

I did. And I found some interesting and very helpful information.

According to research, our facial bones change as we age. They shift, expand, and bone density shrinks.

Imagine what effect this has on the appearance of the face.

Facial bones are the scaffold that supports your facial skin, fat, and muscles.

A decrease in bone mass, along with loss of natural volume (facial fat pads), means the skin and muscle have less to hold on to, and less support, causing the face to sag downward. 

But, there is something we can do to help slow that down...

Are Your Facial Bones Aging You?

Above, a CT scan shows that between the ages of 20 and 60, the bony socket around the eyes becomes larger due to bone loss and lower bone density.

This causes the eyelids to appear more sunken and the surrounding skin to seem looser, and can make eye bags more noticeable.

Additionally, the bones around the middle and lower part of the face start to shift and diminish, resulting in sagging jowls and eventually neck wrinkles.

Why isn't your vitamin C cream working, and what can you do for the best results?

As you probably know, L-ascorbic Acid, vitamin C, is the only form of vitamin C the skin can utilize.

Vitamin C is water-soluble and so when it's mixed into any skincare product it starts to oxidize soon as it hits liquid. 

  • Do you know how old your vitamin C cream or serum is? 
  • Do you know how long it's been sitting on a shelf or a hot warehouse?

If you're not mixing it fresh before each application, chances are you're not going to see much of the wonderful anti-aging benefits it can offer your skin.

However, if you add a bit of FRESH vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid powder) to your serum or cream every time you use it, the skin can utilize every bit of the vitamin C and your skin will reflect this.

Click on the photo below to see how Carolyn, a Facial Fitness expert, uses vitamin C for her face.

This beautiful lady knows a thing or two about facial aging. In this video, she is almost 77 year old!

cff age spot removal

In Anti-Aging News...

Keep drinking your water! 

The National Institutes of Health found that not staying properly hydrated can age adults faster, raising their chances of developing chronic illnesses and dying sooner compared to those who are adequately hydrated.

To measure hydration, scientists looked at the sodium levels of the blood of 11,000 adults between ages 45 and 66.

Results showed that people with higher concentrations had accelerated aging and a 20 percent greater risk of dying prematurely than those with lower concentrations.

(Source: eBioMedicine, January 2023)

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