Eye Beauty Tips: Is Your Eye Color Changing?

Here are some simple eye beauty tips to make your eyes standout and sparkle!

Do you feel your eyes seem to have lost that sparkle? Do they look a little dull or tired? Well, maybe your eye color can change and fade with age. Try these tips and see the difference. 

eye beauty tips for brighter, younger looking eyes.

Eye color changes with age?

Studies show that your eye color (like hair color) fades with age. This could be why your favorite makeup routine is no longer working for you.

Yes, it's very possible that your eye color is not only changing, but is less vibrant than it used to be. Researchers say that over time, the iris produces less melanin, which is a light refracting pigment that gives your iris its natural vivid color.

As a result, you may notice that your eye color seems duller or different. And in order to compensate for this lack of "sparkle" many women tend to over-do their eye makeup.

This means applying more mascara, heavier/darker eyeliner, or more eyeshadow. But this is usually not a good idea for women over 40. Too much heavy eye makeup only ages the eyes.

Simple eye beauty tips can help

1. One tip to bring out those baby blues (or browns or greens) is to apply a bronze/copper eye shadow across the upper eyelid.

According to celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills certain eye shadow colors can enhance multiple eye shades. Eye shadow colors like:

  • bronze
  • copper
  • deep gold
brown, gold and rose eyeshadows

Regardless of your eye color, the combination of the different gold undertones found in the bronze and copper eye shadows can make your eyes seem brighter by highlight any natural tones found in your iris.

This is a great way to add that "sparkle" back to your eyes!

Eye beauty tips: A good primer

2.  Smooth a creamy primer across your upper lids. As we age, the skin around the eye area thins out causing blood vessels to show through which gives the whole eye area a dark shadow. Applying a small amount of concealer, or primer can help create a nice bright even smooth canvas for your eye makeup.

Start with the inner corner and smooth all the way out to the outer corner. There are specific eye shadow primers, but to save money, you can just apply a regular makeup- foundation primer.

I use Mommy Makeup Velvet Veil Smooth Soothing Primer all over my face and eyes.

Velvet Veil Smoothing Soothing Primer

Why Use a Primer: If you don't use a primer (and you're over 40) you should try it - you'll love the way it looks on your skin!

Primers help condition the skin and prepare it for makeup or eye shadow. But, here is the part that really helps for mature skin - a good makeup primer helps to gap from fine lines and enlarged pores. 

So when you apply your makeup (or eye shadow) it's able to go on more smoothly, has a more uniform color, and last much longer.

Eyeliner helps your eye color pop

3. Now you're ready for a great colored eyeliner.  Lightly apply a caramel, golden, or bronze eyeliner on top and bottom lids. You can also use this as a highlighter or even an eye shadow. It's very versatile!

I LOVE Mommy Makeup AnyWear Cream

Mommy Makeup Any Wear - Golden Caramel eyeliner for brighter younger looking eyes

AnyWear Eye Cream

I love this cream because the colors are rich. In the picture below, I'm wearing the golden caramel) and it lasts until you wash it off.  

Plus, it's an Any Wear cream, so you can use them anywhere on your face. Eyes, cheeks, and even lips.

You can also just run your index finger across your favorite bronzer, dusting powder or blush and smooth across the upper lid and up into the crease.

Depending on your skin tone, you may have to play around with the color to find one that works best. Here I smoothed the Anywear Cream on my eyes, lids, and cheeks.

But as a general rule, whatever color bronzer you use to give your face that sun kissed glow will usually work well on the eyelids too.

Don't forget your eyelashes

4. Another tip that can help to brighten up your eye color and help you look more awake and refreshed is to try an eyelash curler to give your lashes a boost.

  • Curling your lashes will open up your eyes and make them appear wider and brighter.
  • Finally, don't forget to apply mascara! A few coats of deep black or navy blue mascara will really make your eyes stand out. 

Lifestyle beauty tips for younger looking eyes

5. Try eating a healthy diet. It can't hurt and can help you look and feel better overall. 

1. Eating plenty of leafy greens and other colorful fruits and vegetables can help to brighten the whites of your eyes.

2. Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for overall health, but it can also help to reduce dark circles around the eyes.

3. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the body and skin hydrated, which can also help to brighten the eyes.

4. Use eyedrops: If you suffer from dry eye or other conditions that cause redness, using artificial tears or other eyedrops can help to improve the appearance of your eyes.

5. Protect your eyes from the sun: Wearing sunglasses or hats with brimmed sides can help to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Other eye beauty tips: Make your whites whiter

Consider using eyeliner that helps the whites of your eyes look brighter and whiter. Certain eyeliner colors, like a dark hunter green. You won't notice that you're wearing "green" eyeliner, but it can make the whites of your eyes look brighter.

I use this eyeliner on the top eyelids only, and it works incredibly well to make the whites of your eyes whiter and brighter.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

Click here to learn more about eye brightening gel eyeliners.

Eye Beauty Tips: FAQ's

Q: Can the Anywear cream be used as an eyeliner on the inside rim?

A: Yes, I'm able to use it on the inside rim without any irritation. Which is unusual for me since I have very sensitive eyes.

Q: How to get rid of tired eyes instantly?

A: Try the Hunter Green eyeliner which will make the whites of your eyes look brighter in seconds. Also, try the instant eye lift serum that I use. It will hide wrinkles, lines and puffiness in about 5 minutes without that drying, flaky effect that most other eye lift serums cause. This one is very light and gentle, but very effective. Check out the video here...

Want more beautiful eye tips?

Eye beauty tips wouldn't be complete without advice on how to apply and wear eyeliner. Click on the infographic below for eyeliner tips for women over 40.

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