Beauty Tips for Aging Eyes 

I love it! Three simple makeup and beauty tips for aging eyes that will have you looking brighter and more awake than ever.

This also works well if you have puffiness and/or dark circles around the eyes. 

My favorite go to products anytime I want my eyes to look wider and more awake…

Beauty tips for aging eyes - step 1

Even though you may feel great, your eyes may say something different. As we age our eyes tend to look smaller - giving the face a tired look.

So the question I hear often is "What makeup is best for tired looking eyes or should I just skip eye makeup all together?"

In my opinion, not wearing eye makeup is as aging as wearing too much makeup. So what to do? Well, you definitely want to skip the heavy eyeliner and shadow. Instead try outlining your upper and lower lids with a light or slightly shimmery creamy eyeliner makeup.

In this picture I've outlined my upper and lower lids with a shimmery, creamy caramel colored eyeliner.

You want to define and brighten your eyes without drawing attention to any puffiness, dark circles, or wrinkles.

beauty tips for aging eyes

I absolutely LOVE this creamy waterproof eyeliner/shadow/cheek highlighter. This one eyeliner makeup has so many different uses.

I also like the fact that it's super creamy so it glides on without settling into creases or lines. You can see more pictures here on this page.

Beauty tips for aging eyes - step 2

Dark Circle Eye Treatment

The problem finding a good highlighter/concealer for most women over 40 is finding one that is thick enough to provide decent coverage, but not so thick that it settles inside all those tiny lines, and papery skin folds around the delicate eye area.

What I found is not so much a concealer as it is a highlighter. It’s called the Brow Power Lift Pencil

But it’s really a dual sided crayon. One end has a matte highlighter and the other end has a pearlite highlighter. But not that garish sparkly pearl color – it’s so soft and ever so subtle. 

It’s like someone placed soft lighting above and around your eyes.

beauty tips for aging eyes before and after highlighter crayonBefore After

I use the pearl side above and directly below my eyebrows. The magical thing about this crayon is that you never really see the pearlescent color – all you see is light bright illuminated lifted eyebrows. 

Then I use the matte end of the highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes and down the side of my nose (along and inside the tear trough).

This helps lighten the dark/purplish discoloration I have in that area and makes dark circles less noticeable. 

NOTE: This crayon is only sold at Ulta stores, but they are often out-of-stock. So I usually by mine (sometimes much cheaper) on eBay. Ulta sells it for about $25.00, but I just bought my 2nd one on eBay for $18.99 and free shipping!

How to get best results for dark eye circles

The Brow Power Lift is a perfect combination of a soft crayon with a bit of staying power…but not drying. And because the color is so subtle you really don't have to rub it it....just pat to blend.

Here is what I do:

  • I draw the crayon in all the areas around the eyes that are discolored or need a lift.
  • Then wait about 5 minutes to let it warm up and melt into the skin. Then I lightly press my finger in that area to blend in. 

Once it warms up to your skin, it sort of melts into the those tiny wrinkles and lines so you really don't notice the crayon, you just see a highlighted area.

Beauty tips for aging eyes - step 3

My other favorite product to along with the Brow Lift is the Instant Eye Serum. This lightweight serum softly helps firm up under eye skin and helps mask those tiny crepey lines under the eyes.

Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck Sample Size

It also helps reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. You can see a video of how works here.

Unlike some of the other eye firming/lifting serums I've tried the Instant Eye Lift serum dries softly and imparts a slight matte finish to the under eye area and complements the Brow Lift highlighter perfectly. I could not do without these two eye products.

Note: You can purchase the Instant Eye Lift Serum here and find out about discounts and samples sizes.

How to get best results for smoother eyes

After you’ve applied your makeup:

  • Apply the Brow Power Lift crayon wherever you have dark circles or wish to have a lift.
  • Wait a few minutes to let highlighter warm up and lightly tap to blend in.
  • Then apply a tiny drop of the Instant Eye Lift serum to areas that are puffy or crepey. Lightly smooth the serum across the area. Then let it dry.

The eye serum might take about 5 minutes to fully dry, so try to keep your face still and DO NOT smile while it's drying. You want the skin as smooth as possible around the eye area.

I generally apply the highlighter crayon first - to the inner corners of the eyes and above my eyebrows. Then apply the serum under the eye area. 

Hope these beauty tips for aging eyes helped. If you try any of these - please drop me a line and let me know how it works for you.

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