Sunken Eyes Treatment that's Natural

by CC

Hi, can you tell me if there are any natural treatments to help minimize under eye area that is sunken?

I think that area is called the "tear trough" and because mine is so deep and indented, it looks like I have dark rings under my eyes.

I'm barely over 40 and feel that this makes me look so much older and tired.


Editor's Note: Hi CC, thanks for your question about treatments for sunken eyes or dark eye rings.

While sunken eyes may be a hereditary trait for some, sooner or later we all have issues with sunkey eyes due to thinning skin and atrophy of the muscle AND bone around the eye area.

Take a look at this comparison picture between two female skulls about 30 years apart.

Age Related Changes in Facial Bone Density.

You can see how much more elongated and droopier the eye socket is in the older female. You'll also notice other parts of the face that have atrophied - like the jaw bone.

This can contribute to hollowness of the face and eyes, along with dark circles, puffy eyes, and droopy/drapey skin since there is less bone for the skin to wrap around.

The only natural treatment I know of is facial exercising.

While you can't restore lost facial bone in the same manner as with the bones in the body, you can slow facial bone atrophy, increase proteins that form elastic fibers, improve skin tone and build/tighten facial muscles - all which contribute to a firmer, tighter, and lifted face.

While the exercises are very simple and quick - trying to explain how and why they work is not so easy for me. But, if you want to understand how facial exercises can make your face look younger and firmer - Click here to learn more.

Whether you're concerned with sunken eyes, dark eye circles, under eye wrinkles, droopy jowls, or sagging's important to do a complete facial workout for good results and a balanced look.

Facial muscles are interconnected - so spot training is not going to work well.

I've see wonderful changes in my own face - so I know facial exercise work.

I wish I would have taken more before pictures of other areas of my face to show everyone the drastic changes that have taken place from my forehead to my chest.

But, when I started this "face exercise challenge" in January 2015 - I was mostly concerned about my sagging neck. So I took pictures of my neck progress every few weeks to document my results.

Sagging Neck Before and After pictures.

I did take a few pictures of my eyes - mostly to document the reduction of crow's feet and under eye wrinkles.

Click here to see Eye Wrinkle Before and After pictures.

And click here to see Crow's Feet Before and After pictures.

These before and after pictures are only about 2 months apart.

While results WON'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT....They do happen pretty quickly in some areas of the face.

I hope this information has helped. Just remember, the sooner you get started the better and the quicker the results. You're still young!

And, don't forget to document, document with before and after pictures!!!

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Feb 01, 2017
Fix Sunken Eyes from a Hereditary issue?
by: Anonymous

Is it true that sunken eyes are hereditary? How long will it take for the facial exercise to get rid of them ? I mean. Is it like 2-3 weeks ? Please confirm.

Editor's Note

Hello, thanks for your question regarding sunken eyes. I cannot tell you how long it will take to see any type of results for any one particular situation.

It took me 8 weeks to see my neck firmed up.

You can see that picture here.....

Also, I'm not sure how much changes you can expect to see if it's hereditary. I'd have to check with the owner/creator of this program and get her opinion on this.

I know it's possible to improve age related changes of the face by building/strengthening facial muscles and by helping to prevent facial bone loss which also contributes to that "aged look".....

Click here to learn how facial bone loss adds to the look of an aging face

I'll get back to you about the rest of your answer.......

Nov 05, 2015
how can face exercise help sunken eyes?
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure I understand how by exercising the face you can help sunken eye sockets or dark eye circles?

Editor's Note:

In the face exercise program I use by CFF, you're instructed to slide your fingers along the skin (on certain parts of the face - like around the eyes).

By doing so, you are putting pressure on the skeletal bone of that part of your face - like the orbital eye sockets.....for example.

This pressure rejuvenates underlying bone and creates toned and dense muscle which helps lift the skin. I believe this is part of the reason why facial exercises can help improve the appearance of the eyes.....along with the rest of the face.

Also, the gentle sliding of your fingers around the eye area (while the eye muscle is contracted) helps remove excess fluid and increase circulation around the whole eye area.

Remember, facial muscles are interconnected so by doing a full facial exercise workout - you're firming ALL parts of the face from the forehead down to your neck....and everything in between.

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