What's the best OTC retinol for oily skin?

by Miranda

I have oily skin and have to be careful what I use. Otherwise I breakout and my skin gets red and spotty, even though I’m over 45 years old! Gosh, it’s like having puberty all over again, but with wrinkles.
What over-the-counter retinol serum would best for my situation?

Thank you.

Hi Miranda,

Well, I think most over-the-counter retinol serum products are fine for oily skin. However, retinol creams might be different story because many of them may contain oils that can aggravate oily skin.

But, if you’re asking for my personal opinion about the best retinol serum for all skin types, I have to vote for the one I use – Zenmed Retinol Booster Serum.

You can read more about this and other over-the-counter retinols here....

It’s light, non-greasy, and absorbs fast. And – when my face needs extra hydration – I can use this serum under any moisturizer I happen to be using at the time. I change up my face creams depending on the season. I use heavier ones during the drier winter months, and lighter ones during the summer.

Here is how you can use over the counter retinol for oily skin.

- Wash your face with your favorite skin care cleanser designed for oily skin
- Dry it well. Retinol serums should not be applied on moist or wet skin as this can increase risk of retinol side effects
- Apply the retinol serum as directed and let it absorb fully
- Apply an oily free moisturizer, if you use one, then continue with your usual makeup/skincare routine

Let me know how this works for you. Hope this helped.

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