Vitamin C Skin Whitening: 5 Helpful Tips

Vitamin C Skin Whitening...................

If you’re considering using vitamin C for skin whitening powder or cream to lighten dark spots and blotches, there are a few things you need to know for best results.

Vitamin C for skin whitening and lightening
  1. Topical creams and serums are best. Taking Vitamin C orally as a supplement is great for general health. But don’t expect miracles in terms of smoother skin tone or lighter skin spots. Chances are oral supplements won't have much effect there.
  2. Potency is important. In order for a Vitamin C skin care product to effectively lighten and brighten and offer anti-aging benefits – it needs to be potent. What is the potency of the product you’re using? Most studies suggest anything over 10% potency is a good choice.
  3. Freshness counts. While ascorbic acid is considered one of the best forms of Vitamin C for skin care – ascorbic acid is very unstable which means it loses its potency quickly and therefore has a short shelf life. Over time, it also oxidizes which is not good for the skin.
  4. Know the pH balance of the product. This can have an effect on how much vitamin C actually penetrates the skin. The pH balance should range between 3.5 – 5.5. But, the lower the pH, the more chance of irritation. So if you have sensitive skin keep that in mind when buying Vitamin C skin care products.
  5.  Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! If you really want good results faster - you need exfoliate weekly. Exfoliation helps sloth off those darkened and  discolored dead skin cells. This will help bring about smoother, clearer results faster.

Vitamin C Skin Whitening

NOTE: Not only did the Vitamin C serum help lighten brown spots, but the neck exercises helped reduce the deep neck lines. Awesome!!

I have fair skin and tend to freckle easily. But, those dark spots are getting lighter and lighter - and that makes me happy!!

Vitamin C skin whitening and health

In addition to skin whitening and lightening benefits, applying a potent, fresh concoction of vitamin C cream or serum to your skin every day can also help improve its appearance and provide younger looking skin – overtime.


Topical vitamin C products can help reverse, slow down, and even prevent future age-related skin changes such as wrinkling and sagging by promoting collagen production - leading to firmer more elastic skin.


Vitamin C can also help guard against sun damage (you still need to wear your sunscreen however), while helping to reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Mix your own Vitamin C product

All of the benefits of topical Vitamin C sounds wonderful – right? However, the problem is finding a Vitamin C cream or serum that is fresh and potent and has NOT been sitting on a store shelf for months or years.

Remember, while ascorbic acid is the best type of topical Vitamin C, it’s not very stable once it’s mixed with liquids. That’s why mixing up a fresh batch monthly is your best bet for really good results.

If you can find pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder that does not contain additives or flavoring (try your local health food store), you make your own fresh Vitamin C serum. Simply mix:

1-      One teaspoon of Vitamin C powder into a jar (dark colored to protect from light oxidation) with warm distilled water.

2-      Shake well to make sure it dissolves.

3 -  Add 1 teaspoon of aloe vera or glycerin. Those with sensitive skin also add a few drops of Vitamin E to help reduce any stinging or irritation.

Buy unmixed Vitamin C

I tried making my own Vitamin C skin products but was never sure of the potency or pH balance. Plus, my concoction seemed to dry my skin a bit. Now I just use this Vitamin C serum/powder.


I can mix it up fresh at home before using it and I know it’s pH balanced (between 4.5/5.5) and offers a potent 16% concentration of Vitamin C along with other antioxidants to help support younger skin and collagen production.

This concoction is pretty potent and very rich a little goes a long way covering my face and neck area. So one vial will last about 35/40 days. This is the Vitamin C serum I was using for about 6 months when I noticed those two big brown spots on my neck started to lighten up………..I was pretty impressed!


NOTE: If you make you own, don’t make too much at one time. After about 35/40 days your Vitamin C serum will start to turn brown. That means it has oxidized and SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED TO THE SKIN. Throw it out!!

I wasn't using Vitamin C for skin whitening

I wasn’t using Vitamin C for skin whitening at first.  I was using it to help improve the firmness of my neck while I was testing out these facial exercises. So I never really paid much attention to those brown spots. 

But while documenting my neck lifting results through a series of before and after pictures, I noticed after a few months those brown spots on my neck were getting lighter and lighter.

I am living proof that a good quality vitamin C serum can help whiten and lighten the skin!

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