Eliminate Sun Spots on Your Skin

Anyone who gets regular sun exposure will eventually begin to notice sun spots on their skin.

sun spots on skin

Sun spots, (solar lentigines or age spots as they are also called), are caused by prolonged exposure to the sun - specifically Ultra Violet rays.

Whether you have brown spots on your face, or just a few liver spots on your hands or neck………..

They are annoying and unattractive.

So which products work to get rid of them?

Typical treatments

So how can you get rid of sun spots on skin?

Exfoliation such as scrubs, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and microdermabrasion will diminish their severity.  

But these treatments usually work better on the facial skin because it’s thinner.

Treating sun spots on your arms and legs can be really difficult due to the thickness of the skin in those areas.

Speaking of facial skin spots........................

A less costly treatment includes lightening serums and lotions formulated for sun damaged skin.

Two good ones to consider are:

- Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Skin Corrector 

- Murad Skin Lightening 30 Day Kit

More pricey options

Prescription retinols and exfoliating creams such as Tretinoin  and Renova are also good at fading spots as well.

Ask your dermatologist which is best for your condition.

Over-the-counter retinols can help lighten sun spots on the face (not the body), but my take a longer time to achieve desired results. 

A relatively quick, in-office procedure to get rid of sun spots is Cryotherapy.

It freezes the age spot using liquid nitrogen, which causes scabbing and after a week fall off to reveal new skin.

NOTE: This may not work for deep sun spots on the arms and legs. I've had this done several times and still have brown spots on my lower legs.....

All natural home remedies 

Forget it!

They really don’t work ………..at least not for me.

You might be able to lighten them a bit, but they’ll never go away completely.

None-the-less if you’re interested in trying some a few natural solutions or you only have one or two spots to worry about …………

You can try rubbing lemon juice, buttermilk, vitamin E, or a green tea bag directly on the area twice daily until they are gone.

And remember to wear UVA/UVB sunscreen of at least 30 SPF daily so you don’t worsen or create new sun spots on your skin.

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