Under Eye Treatment Tips Using Easy Eye Solutions Serum

The under eye treatment tips listed below for the Easy Eye Solutions (EES) under eye treatment serum and eye cream are only guidelines/suggestions.

We've found that different people have different needs and results. So we posted some of the best tips from satisfied customers. We are always amazed at the many creative ways people apply the serum and cream for best results!

Directions for EES Instant Eye Tuck Serum

The following suggestions are only a guide. Feel free to experiment!

1. If you use any type of creamy moisturizer, concealer, makeup, or sunscreen - apply them first. Then wait a few minutes to let them absorb thoroughly before applying the Serum. Some people blot the eye area with a tissue to remove excess oily residue before applying the serum.

2. Next, lightly smooth a small drop of serum across the under eye skin. Some people like to "tap" or "pat" the serum into the skin.

Got Dry Under Eye Skin? If you have very dry skin or find this serum drying, try this tip to thin it out a bit: 

  • Wet your index finger, then pump a small drop of serum onto the wet fingertip. Use your other index finger to mix the two together. 
  • Then smooth this mixture under each eye.

NOTE: Make sure to wipe away any excess serum (especially from the outer corners of the eye). This is often where excess serum builds up and may cause a whitish film. I make sure to smooth the serum all the way out to the hairline.

3. After serum has been applied, try to keep your face relaxed (don't smile or crinkle the under eye skin) while serum is drying.

NOTE: If you notice any flaking or a whitish film after the serum has dried - this usually indicates too much serum was applied. Dab area with wet finger or tissue to remove excess serum and try using less next time.

Directions for Illuminating Eye Care Cream

NOTE: The Illuminating Cream should always be applied before the Easy Eye Solutions Serum.

1. Apply a dab of the Illuminating Eye Care Cream under each eye after your makeup and moisturizers. A little goes a long way. Wait a few minutes to let it (and any other eye creams) fully absorb. Once absorbed, then apply Eye Tuck Serum.

2. Some women like to use the Illuminating cream to highlight the face. Try applying a small amount of the Illuminating cream above and below the eyebrows, to the inner corners of the eyes, and on the upper cheekbones to highlight/enhance facial contours.

I LOVE this under eye treatment tip! It's very subtle, but brings a nice bright sheen to the eye and upper face.

Under Eye Treatment Tips Updates

As we receive interesting or helpful tips for either EES product - we'll post them here, so please bookmark this page. And for more info feel free to watch this video on how to use EES to reduce puffy eyes

Got your own under eye treatment tips?  We'd love to hear them. Please share them with us at the Anti-Aging Blog and tell us what you think.

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