Sagging face at 40 are there natural remedies I could try?

by Sandy

Sagging face at 40 - Natural Remedies?

Hello AntiAging Beauty Zone,

Love your site. I was hoping you can help me. I'm in my early 40s and have noticed a lot of sagging on my face, mostly around my cheeks and jaw (or jowl line).

The skin on my neck right in the front part is also starting to look a bit like a "turkey neck" with a line of skin hanging down in the center of my neck.

I've been told that I'm too young for a full facelift, but that a partial lower facelift is a good option for me. But, I'm afraid to do that.

I was also told that fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are a good option to lift my sagging cheeks and that might also give a little lift to my sagging face overall.

What do you think?

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem at home?

Thanks, Sarah.

Editor's Note:

Hi Sarah! Thanks for your question regarding sagging face and home remedies.

I understand your fear of plastic surgery and having a full facelift. I'm afraid of that too. My biggest fear is complications of surgery and the least fear is that I won't look like myself.

Injectable fillers can do wonders! They can fill in the hollows under the eyes, lift the cheeks which will also help lift the lower jowls. I've tried a few fillers on the sagging skin around the nose and mouth area. But I felt it made my face look too fat! :-(

But, that's just me. I know lots of women over 40 that have had great results with injectable fillers. I know it can be a bit costly, but done with the right doctor, the results can be very natural.

Sagging Skin Home Remedies?

So far the best option I've found that I can do at home without spending lots of $$$$ is facial exercises. Just look at my before ad after pictures!!. The changes are amazing.

It takes a little work on your part - meaning you spend about 15 minutes about 3 times a week. And the results can take a few weeks to see. The most dramatic results usually happen up to 6 months later.

But, the best part is there are no side effects and I only pay for this DVD once and I have a tool for the rest of my life that can help me look younger and lift up and firm up my sagging face without spending anymore money!!!

I hope this helps. I know I keep harping on the benefits of facial exercises but the proof is obvious in all of my before and after pictures. I am so happy to have found this!!


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Aug 16, 2018
Face Yoga Exercises
by: Zara

The results of face exercises are mostly long term before you notice any effects where facelift surgery is more or less immediate.

Apart from the expense, there is the possibility of complications and side effects so you really want to do your homework before leaping in to surgery.

For me it was an easy choice after looking at surgery and non-surgery procedures. So I decided before considering surgery I would try non-invasive methods first such as diet, face creams and facial exercises.

After 6 months I noticed a difference, not only my face but my health in general. The combination of diet face creams and the facial exercises work together.

The face cream I use is Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream not very expensive but it works for me.

I hope you found my information helpful.


Hi Zara,

Thanks for sharing. I too found facial exercises to be a pretty effective way to slow the aging process of my face.

I even found that over time, I was able to fix a sagging neck or as some people call it a turkey neck.

Yes, my results are not equivalent to a face lift, but the changes were pretty dramatic and I'm happy with my results.

The important thing to remember is:

1. find a face workout program you enjoy doing.
2. Stick with it and do it every week.

Here are my before and after picture and more information on the program that I finally settle on. I've tried over 5 different face exercise programs.

Some did nothing at all (I'm over 50 yrs old I needed something stronger or more powerful than just facial yoga).

Other face exercise programs required me to spend over 50 minutes doing the exercises 5 days a week! That's crazy!!!!

The one I use now is only 15 minutes and you do them lying down (using gravity to encourage facial muscles to lift and get stronger) so I can do them in bed before going to sleep or first thing in the morning.

Here are before and after picture of my sagging neck....

May 19, 2017
remedy for sagging face
by: SandyAnonymous

I started facial exercise when I turned 50. I have been doing a combination of programs such as Flex Effect and Carolyn facial fitness, both are great. FF being more aggressive and exhaustive.

I never continued on a regular basis but did just a few months at a time each year.

I regret that but have started over and am seeing results quickly because muscle has memory!

I am now past 65 and doing the combo again. I have been doing them long enough to know which are best for me. THEY WORK!!

Along with the exercises please follow a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and healthy fats. One of the things I have learned through the years is bad fats make your face sag!

So you will benefit greatly by using a good diet.

Blessings and you will love facial exercise!!

Editor's Note:

Thanks for your email Sandy. Yes, face exercises do work. Have you seen my before and after pictures.?

I sort of did the same thing you did. I started face exercising in my early 40s and played around with different programs. Then settle on Flex Effect and Carolyn's program.

And, yes I did find FF very time consuming and more intense. Then one day, I accidentally took a picture of the underside of my chin and neck with my cell phone. I was checking something on the phone and CLICK.

Well, when I looked at that picture I was horrified!! I didn't realize (or was I in denial???) how bad my neck looked!

Then I got serious. I contacted Carolyn, showed her my picture and asked for help.

1 - The first thing she told me was to get on a steady workout program (3 times a week, but it's on for 15 minutes not as long as the other programs)

2 - Second she told me to stop all other workouts - because you can cause an overbuild in some areas if you do too many different workouts.

3 - Third, she gave me couple extra bonus workout moves to try to firm up the neck area.

So I did. And it worked well and I have been keeping track of my results. I still taking before and after pictures and am so glad I did because I can see those slow little changes take place and that's what keeps me motivated to keep doing it.

Now, I only workout my face 2 times a week. That's only 30 minutes a week! Simple and effective.

All the best to you,

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