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If you’re over 40 and suffer from rosacea - consider rosacea products that also have added anti-aging ingredients/benefits. 

Facial rosacea symptoms (sensitive skin) is just your skin overreacting to repeated inflammation and flare-ups. Over time and with age, this can take a toll on the dermis and weaken the collagen and elastin networks…........contributing to the look of accelerated skin aging. 

Adult rosacea

Adult’s with rosacea often find popular anti-aging treatments (like over-the-counter retinols, glycolic peels, and/or scrubs) difficult to use because they irritate sensitive skin.

But, some anti-aging treatments (especially those rich in herbal antioxidants) can help heal and protect against premature aging.  Some can even help reduce symptoms so your skin looks smoother and healthier

NOTE: Did you know that repeated flare-ups - over time - can cause capillaries to stay enlarged permanently? This can lead to skin discoloration and/or patches of thick or bumpy skin – especially on or around the nose area. This condition is common in those who suffer Rhinophyma.

Herbal remedies for rosacea relief

Everyone is different and rosacea conditions can range from mild to severe. So, keep that in mind if you try any herbal remedies. Test a small area of your face first.

Here is a list of natural herbal ingredients that can help with rosacea symptoms and help strengthen and promote healthy collagen: 

  • Co-enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)
  • Cucumber extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Seaweed extract
  • Vitamins A & C

Other herbal remedies can hydrate, soften and improve the appearance your skin by reducing dry, flaky patches. Intense hydration is also import for those suffering from dry skin rosacea symptoms. This list includes:

The following herbs can be especially soothing if you have oily skin rosacea, breakouts, or suffer from intense redness, discoloration, or itching: 

  • Willow Bark Extract
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Chamomile
  • Comfrey

You can find rosacea products with all of these herbal anti-aging, antioxidants at this website (Click Here). This site is dedicated to providing proven solutions to variety of adult rosacea types and symptoms.

Helpful rosacea beauty tips

For women over 40 suffering from rosacea – even the simplest beauty treatment or makeup/foundation can stress the skin and induce flare-ups.

Here are some simple beauty tips shared by others that can help your skin look its best:

1. Mild exfoliation. While not everyone will be able tolerate this – you’ll never know until you try. Look specifically for exfoliating products that are rosacea friendly to ensure they're gentle.

Gently exfoliating not only helps smooth your complexion, unclog pores and reduce flaky patches -  it's a great way to increase skin cell turnover – which in turn helps support collagen production. And, exfoliating always makes skin look smooth and healthy. If you can even tolerate it once week, that would really help!

2. Gentle cleansers. Look for cleansers that are pH balanced and don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate (which can irritate.) I’ve been told that the cheap Walgreen brand of Cetaphil works without drying or irritating.

3. Less makeup. Use a light hand when applying makeup. When it comes to rosacea and aging skin – less is more. Also, try to use a foundation that does not contain additives, fragrance, or dyes. Generally, mineral makeup is your best bet. This is especially important for rosacea sufferers who usually need makeup that has a slight yellow base to help reduce the look of flushed skin.

4. Hydrate. Before applying makeup pre-prep your skin with anti-aging moisturizers that contain ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or omega 3 fatty acids.

TIP: Try patting extra amounts of moisturizer on top of your troubled areas after makeup application too. Ceramides help attract and hold moisture in the skin keeping it hydrated and smooth looking.

I use the OmegaCeramide+Recover Moisturizer - especially during the winter.

This is an excellent moisturizer whether you're looking for rosacea products to hydrate and calm or recovery for post laser-peels and other anti-aging treatments.


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