Blackhead Treatment

Before you shop for an effective blackhead treatment it's important to know one thing….

Blackheads are not the result of dirty skin. Excessive washing or over drying the skin won't get rid of or prevent future blackheads from forming.

While there are101 products on the market that claim to be the miracle cure for them……. not all of them work and some actually make things worse.


  • Some products contain alcohol, citrus and mint which can irritate and further increase oil production as a result!
  • Products like pore strips often leave part of the blackhead in place so it comes back quickly.
  • Harsh scrubs and cleansers may increase oil production making for more blackheads as well.

Some Causes of Blackheads

It helps to get to know a little bit about the cause of blackheads before you buy. Blackheads form when oil and dirt back up in a pore.

Mix that with dead skin cells and you have an ugly combination just waiting to mar your face.

Once exposed to the air, the skin cells and oil oxidize, creating the prominent black color.

And while the oil in your skin is necessary to keeping it healthy, in this case hormones may be the culprit that’s giving you too much oil.

So What About a Blackhead Treatment

A good blackhead treatment is one that focuses on getting oil production back to normal and help exfoliate dead cells to clear the pores.

You can start helping yourself with some very simple daily routines...........

  • Wash your face with a soft cloth (to help exfoliate) and very gentle soap. Try Cetaphill facial cleanser.
  • If you must wear makeup avoid oil bases, and avoid oily based moisturizers.
  • Use clay mask at least weekly to absorb the excess oil.
  • Consider a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) facial. BHA is oily soluble - which means it actually cuts through the oil and dirt in your pores, treating the lining so they become healthier. It also provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, which is especially great if your acne is irritating. 
  • Try baking soda scrubs. Just mix a little with water and make a paste. Then massage the paste onto the affected areas. 

Other alternatives - consider trying a blackhead removal tool (comedone extractor) in combination with steam treatments that open your pores.

If you go this route remember to gently wash your face afterward, patting it. Put that washcloth directly in the hamper.

When combating blackheads and acne, it’s important to always use clean linen so you don’t spread any infected material to other parts of your body.

One thing that is vital: do not squeeze a blackhead. They can become infected, and you can actually cause your acne to spread by so-doing.

Finally, after your blackhead treatment remember to moisturize with an oil free moisturizer. This is so very important.

You may think your skin has too much moisture due to the oil, but blackheads are isolated. The rest of your skin cells need hydration.

As with makeup, keep it oil free and watch for a brand that offers SPF protection.

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