Blackhead Treatment for Skin Over 50

by Linda Robison

If you're over 50 and still search for a blackhead treatment, choose wisely because some can damage mature skin prone to wrinkling. Here you'll find causes of blackheads and how to treat and prevent them.

From home remedies to the best online products - we'll give you tips for cleaner looking skin.

blackhead treatment

What is the truth about blackheads?

Before you look for an effective blackhead treatment, here are a few misunderstood facts about blackheads:

  • Blackheads are not the result of dirty skin. Excess oil production and dead skin cells are the culprit in most cases.
  • Excessive washing or over drying the skin won't get rid of or prevent future blackheads from forming. In fact, overwashing or over-drying the skin can cause an over-production of oil, which will only cause more blackheads to form.
  • Pores cannot and do not "open" or "close". They just look "open" or wider when they're filled with excess oil or dead skin cells and look "closed" or smaller when they're clean.
  • Cold or hot water won't open or close pores. 

Clogged pores: Treatments to avoid

While there are 101 products on the market that claim to be the miracle cure, some actually aggravate mature or aging skin and disrupt normal oil production.


  • Some products contain alcohol, citrus and mint which can irritate and further increase oil production as a result!
  • Products like pore strips often leave part of the blackhead in place, so it comes back quickly.
  • Harsh scrubs and cleansers may increase oil production, making for more blackheads as well.

What are blackheads made of?

It helps to get to know a little bit about the causes of blackheads before you try to treat them.

Blackheads form when oil and dirt back up in a pore. Mix that with dead skin cells that lay on top of your skin and you have an ugly combination just waiting to mar your face.

Once exposed to the air, the skin cells and oil oxidize inside the pore, creating the prominent black color dot you notice - mostly on the nose.

And while the oil in your skin is necessary to keeping it healthy, in this case hormones may be the culprit that’s giving you too much oil.

How to prevent and treat blackheads over 50

A good blackhead treatment is one that focuses on getting oil production back to normal and help exfoliate (eliminate) excess dead cells to clear the pores.

One of the biggest issue for those over 50 is the skin's ability to shed dead skin cells. A process that was much easier when we were younger now needs a little help.

A weekly or bi-month manual and chemical exfoliation is a must! You can start with simple daily routines like using soft cloth (to help lightly exfoliate the skin daily) and very gentle soap.

Then incorporate weekly scrubs and monthly mild chemical peels using hydroxy acids.

Home remedies and products to remove blackheads

Homemade Scrubs

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to keep skin clear of blackheads is to make a scrub using baking soda. How?

This scrub will bring an instant shine and glow to your entire face. So even if blackheads are not your problem, use this scrub at least once a week if you're over 50. You'll love it - I promise!

Mild Chemical Peels

Not only do mild at-home chemical peels make aging skin look more lustrous and glowing, they can help keep blackheads at bay too.

After a certain age, manual scrubs are not enough to keep dead skin cells from clogging pores and making your skin look just plain dull! 

Mild chemical peels help to "unglue" those sticky dead skin cells and exfoliate them away, leaving your pores cleaner and your skin glowing.

Most of us over 50 experience dry skin, so a good chemical peel to try is lactic acid. I LOVE lactic and glycolic acids. 

These acids supports the skin's barrier keeping irritants out and locking moisture in. It help keep skin hydrated while boosting collagen production. This is a win-win for not only aging skin but skin troubled with blackheads.

You can learn more about this wonderful AHA here...Why Use AHA Peels.

I like to use a product called the Skin Eraser.

My readers also tell me they love it too. Most people see a difference after the first treatment.

What type of exfoliator is best for mature skin?

If you're ready for something a bit stronger, then consider Zenmed AHA/BHA Refining Scrub, which is a lactic acid serum combined with glycolic acid scrub.

This gentle buffing scrub contains natural fruit acids instead of strong cleansers. It used about twice a week. Most people notice a visible improvement in skin texture and pore size.

BHA is oily soluble - which means it actually cuts through the oil and dirt in your pores, treating the lining so they become healthier.

It also provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, which is especially great if you have excess oils or irritated skin.

Zenmed AHA/BHA Refining Scrub

Other options - products for blackheads

If your blackheads are mostly only on your nose, consider trying nose pore strips besides the suggestions above.

They can help remove or loosen blackheads from the nose and cheeks. Products like Biore are a good choice.

Final tip about blackhead treatment

Be gentle with your skin. Don't over dry or over wash and definitely do not pick or squeeze blackheads.

Skin over 50 is fragile and squeezing blackheads can leave permanent red marks or worse scarring.

Aside from the nose strips, the suggestions listed above (homemade scrubs and mild chemical peels) serve a double duty.

They will definitely improve your skin tone and texture and help boost collagen production. And they'll make your skin look GREAT!