Nerium firm or Zenmed to get rid of eye wrinkles and nasolabial folds?

by CR

My best eye wrinkle treatment

My best eye wrinkle treatment

UPDATE: Sorry, I just realized that I didn't not answer your question completely. You asked about the Nerium Firm cream. I've never tried it so I don't have an answer for you.

But. I firmly believe that creams and serums (while they are wonderful to help support healthy skin) cannot lift underlying muscle or support healthy facial bone structure and therefore reduce sagging of the face.

Hi Linda,

Would you recommend the Nerium Firm product or ZemMed Anti-aging Duo to help diminish eye wrinkles and nasolabial folds? If not, what serum would you recommend?

A friend is selling Nerium products and showed me before and after photos and swore they weren't retouched. Since she's a friend, I believe her. However, I know you like the Zenmed Anti-Aging Duo.

What's your expert opinion about this product?

Just turned 66 and my laugh lines really have me frowning big time.


P.S. What about a good eye cream or serum. I'm starting to get a lot of those tiny lines directly under my lower eyelid?


Hi CR,

Zenmed's products are great and I love the hydrating effects of the Anti-aging Duo cream and serum. When your skin is hydrated is seems a bit more lifted, plumper, and sort of "springy"

And if your skin is dry, you'll definitely feel and see a difference!

But, nasolabial folds usually are a results of drooping or sagging of facial skin. This happens for several reasons - but the two most important reasons are:

1. Loss of facial muscle mass. As we age our muscles (on face and body) shrink and deflate in size. This causes the skin that was once held up by these muscles to start to sag and the skin begins to drape down around our nose/mouth, under chin, and neck.

2. As we age our facial bones shrink or atrophy. Again, this causes the skin that was once held up by facial bones to sag and droop.

So all the expensive creams or serums won't help prevent or repair this problem. But facial exercises can help quite a bit. You may start to see some results in a few weeks, but dramatic results can take up to a year.

Personally, I feel it's worth it because as you continue to exercise, you will continually help prevent your face from aging. So you can grow younger looking with time!

You can see some impressive results in these Before and After pictures of my naturally lifted and firmer neck skin.

Also, see how your facial bones atrophy with age which also contributes to droop, sagging skin. Check out these pictures of a CT scan comparing younger to older facial bones/skull.

Hope that helps,

P.S. Oh, about the eye serum - you know how I feel about believing that creams can magically make wrinkles disappear? Right? But, I do believe in feeding your skin with good quality creams like a home mixed fresh vitamin C serum.

And of course I cheat a little..........I use an instant eye lift serum that helps reduce the look of under eye crinkles. Click here to see those pictures

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