Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Secrets

by Linda

Beauty Tips and Secrets

Beauty Tips and Secrets

Cheap beauty tips and secrets

One of my favorite inexpensive beauty tip is exfoliating. It's the secret to smooth skin and is extremely important for women over 40.

Around this age our skin loses the ability to shed excess dead skin cells. This causes a build up on top of the skin will exaggerates fine lines and makes the skin look sort dull - lacking that healthy sheen that younger skin has.

My simple beauty tip works wonderfully during hot muggy summer weather and - with a drop of a healthy oil like coconut oil - it becomes a super hydrating soothing facial scrub during harsh dry winter weather.

Either way you can't go wrong and it costs a few cents to make!

Check out this and a few other of my favorite beauty tips and secrets to looking fantastic with each passing year.


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