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Sep 18, 2013
Getting rid of puffy eyes this works for me
by: Beth

Hi Rose,

Don't worry, the little sample size serum will last a long time if you use it right. I've been using the eye tuck serum for over a year now and told everyone about it.

But, some people have a hard time using it and I think it's because they use too much.

You only need a tiny drop for each eye and make sure to massage it in well. If you use too much you'll get a whitish film under the eye area.

If that happens, just wet your finger and rub some of it off and remember to use less next time.

My first bottle went pretty fast because I kept playing around trying to find the right amount. Plus, I shared it with my mom and some friends.

But now I know exactly how much to use and can even do it in my sleep :-)

Speaking of sleep, during allergy seasons in the spring, I apply it at night too to help prevent puffy eyes in the morning. I'm mess in the morning when my allergies are acting up.

Hope this helps,

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