Baby Botox vs Botox Treatments

by Linda Robison

Is Baby Botox the same as Regular Botox? Which is Better?

Baby Botox vs Botox: We'll discuss the difference between the two, how it works, and which is better for your needs.

FYI: Baby Botox is also sometimes referred to as Babytox.

Woman wondering about getting Baby Botox vs regular Botox Treatment

Difference Between Baby Botox and Standard?

Just as the name implies, baby Botox uses smaller amounts of toxin (micro doses) per injection site compared to standard injection. 

And, the injection technique is different too.

Baby Botox:

This procedure uses superficial micro-droplets (fewer units) just under the surface of the skin, across larger areas of the face (more injection sites).

Traditional Botox:

This traditional treatment uses larger doses, deeper injections (which restricts muscle movement), and fewer injection sites.

How Baby Botox Results Differ

The benefit of this technique is that it allows a more natural look with fewer side effects (like the frozen look) compared to regular injections.

Facial muscles are not completely paralyzed, which allows for natural facial expressions and movement.

If you're young or have very fine lines and wrinkles, you'll probably see complete smoothness of the skin. Older patients, or those with deep lines, will see a softening effect, but lines will most likely still be visible. 

Baby Botox Areas - Off Label Use

In addition to treating crow's feet and frown lines, these mini injections can be used on areas of the face (like the lower half). Make sure your injector is where experienced in order to obtain the best results.

These off-label uses include treating marionette lines, lip lines, lifting the neck and tightening the skin, and reducing fine lines on the décolletage.

Baby Botox: How Many Units and Cost

Baby Botox bottle-syring

Generally, less product (about half the standard amount) is used per injection site compared to regular treatment.

So, if 20 units of botulinum toxin injections are required for fine forehead lines, Baby Botox would require about 10 units.

Is Baby Botox Cheaper vs Traditional Botox? It can be since you are getting fewer units, and it requires less maintenance since you don't mind a bit of facial movement as it wears off.

However, since Baby Botox does require a precise skill, the injector my charge more for their special talent.

The cost will vary depending on where live, but typically average about $10-20 per unit.

Babytox: Best for Older Patients?

baby botox best for older people

Baby Botox was originally used in young patients who wanted to "prevent" lines from forming in the first place. But, times have changed, and most older people prefer a natural, "semi-aged" look.

More Natural Look

Having less wrinkles doesn't make you look younger. And, in some cases in older people, a frozen face can make you look strange. 

That's why older patients can benefit from Baby Botox. It can help "soften" lines and wrinkles and still allow facial movement. 

Baby Botox is also a good choice if traditional injections caused issues or problems in certain areas of your face.

For example… My experience:

I've been getting Botox to treat my frown lines for over 20 years. As I got older, I noticed it amplified my slightly droopy left eyelid.

Then, as it wore off, I was left with these strange muscle bumps above my eyebrows. I just dealt with these issues, until Baby Botox was born!

Now I ask my provider to use smaller amounts of Botox in that area. What I found is that I'm still able to achieve my desired results, without those strange side effects, and I spend less money too!

If you're older and this is your first time getting Botox or dermal fillers, it's best to find a dermatologist or provider with extensive experience to ensure you get the type of treatment that suits your needs.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. This is not a "one-size-fits-all" treatment. 

The beauty and popularity of these treatments is they can be combined and tailored to your needs for amazing results!

Baby Botox vs Botox: Consideration Factors

Baby Botox (or preventative Botox as it's sometime called) is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for younger patients who want subtle changes or to prevent the early signs of facial aging.

It was rumored that Meghan Markle is credited for popularizing this natural results trend among young people. She wanted to preserve her youthful appearance, but with subtle results.

So by using smaller doses of Botox as a preventative measure, a treatment plan that offered a youthful look and eliminated the "expressionless face" was born. And Baby Botox became a popular choice among young women.

While we all want a more natural appearance, tiny doses of Botox may not be effective for treating larger muscles or deeper wrinkles (static wrinkles). 

What are Static Wrinkles:

Static wrinkles are deeper and are sort of "etched" into the skin. They are the wrinkles are you can see even when you're not making any facial movement. These wrinkles are difficult to remove with just Botox alone.

What are Dynamic Wrinkles:

Dynamic wrinkles are usually only seen when you make a facial expression like a smile or frown. 

Regular Botox (full dose) may be required for stronger muscle contractions or to soften deep expression lines and the appearance of wrinkles.

Take Away Note: For some older people, the combination of Baby Botox, traditional Botox injections and dermal filler treatments may be used for optimal results. 

It's important to understand the best treatment for your situation. It's also important to find a skilled injector who has experience using the Baby Botox technique.

Baby Botox vs Botox: FAQ's

Q: Is Baby Botox a good idea?

A: For younger people who want to prevent wrinkles or for those with light dynamic wrinkles, Baby Botox is a good idea. It's also a good idea if you've never had Botox and would like to try it for the first time.

For older patients with deep folds or static wrinkles, standard Botox will probably offer better results. Remember, all Botox is temporary, so if you don't like the results, it will wear off.

Q: Does baby Botox last as long?

A: It really depends on the patient and the injection sites. Common areas where there is a lot of natural facial movement, such as crow's feet and frown lines, results typically last 2-3 months. 

Q:Can you still move your face with baby Botox?

A: Yes! That's the beauty of Baby Botox. The injections are superficial, and will not completely paralyze or freeze facial muscles. It's a lighter approach to softening wrinkles that still allows for some natural facial movement.

Q: When should you get baby Botox?

A: Anytime you want to soften wrinkles and lines, especially in areas where the muscles are small, like crow's feet.

Softening lines in the crow's feet area can be a challenge. Too much Botox is injected in this area could cause a strange "hollow" look around the eyes, or it could affect the cheek elevator muscle with can affect your smile and even flatten your cheeks. You can see what this looks like here...

Baby Botox was once considered preventative for those in their 20s and 30s. But these days, it works well for a variety of ages, especially if you're looking to soften and lift your face without the heavy unnatural frozen look.

For example, Baby Botox can work well in older patients who are looking for a tiny lift of the eyebrow. Or it can soften the frown lines and still allow you to be able to make facial expressions.

It also works well when combined with traditional Botox (for stronger muscles with deeper lines) and dermal fillers.