What's the best foundation and concealer for women over 60?

Hi All,

I'm over 60 and want to know what's the best foundation and concealer to use. Everything I use gets caught in the groves of my lines and wrinkles and makes them stand out even more.


Hi There!

I believe once you're after 60, applying foundation all over your face is not a good idea. Our skin is much drier now and foundation can only exaggerate lines, and wrinkles and can make your complexion look dull and aged.

I still use foundation, but I only use a small amount mixed with my moisturizer. And I only apply it to the areas where I have some discoloration, like around the nose and lower cheeks.

For the rest of my face, I use a tinted moisturizer or a tinted sunscreen.

As far as what type of foundation is best, that's such a personal choice...depending on your skin type and your budget. I don't like spending a ton of money on foundation. I use Maybelline Long Lasting foundation and I always mix it with my favorite moisturizer before applying it.

Also, I apply a tiny amount of concealer in the inner corners of my eyes (where we all tend to have some blueish discoloration) but I make sure that area is well moisturized so the concealer doesn't look cakey. I use a concealer called Mommy Makeup Little Helper Concealer. Love it, but it's a little hard to find online lately.

Finally, I would never apply any foundation to the under-eye area where there are wrinkles, because it will only make them stand out more.

P.S. If you do use a liquid foundation, try applying it with a paddle brush. I helps the foundation melt into your skin. It spreads the foundation so thin, that it can't cake up. I also use the brush to apply my blush too!

How and Why You Should use a Makeup Paddle Foundation for Dry Skin

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