What Serums Can I Apply to my Face After Dermaplaning?

by Alice

What can I put to my face after dermaplaning? Are serums a good choice, and if they are, which ones should I use?

I recently began dermaplaning at home in hopes of reducing some of the age spots on my face.

Before that, I've been using switching between alpha hydroxy acid and vitamin C serums for brown spots and discoloration. But I wasn't seeing much results. So I was hoping that dermaplaning along with the serums might help.

Is it safe to apply these serums right after dermaplaning? If not what should I put on my face right after dermaplaning?


Thanks for your question regarding what to put on your face after home dermaplaning.

Right after dermaplaning, your skin is like a clean slate, ready to soak up all the goodness from serums and creams.

But, remember that your skin will be extra sensitive immediately after dermaplaning, so it's crucial to opt for soothing and hydrating serums.

The first serum I would apply is hyaluronic acid to hydrate and moisturize. Dermaplaning can dry out sensitive skin. Then follow up with a moisturizer.

A few hours later or even the next day, I would apply a low-concentration vitamin C serum. You want to let the skin rest and regenerate.

A 5-10% vitamin C serum that's in a moisturizing base might be a great choice. Especially, if you're tackling skin discoloration.

This is prime time because dermaplaning sweeps away dead skin cells, making your skincare products work their magic even better.

Of course, everyone is different, so you should do a small patch test first.

Find out which type of vitamin C serum is best for your skin type and how to apply it here at this post.

Serums To Avoid Right After Deramplaning:

As for specific serums to avoid, steer clear of anything harsh like alpha hydroxy, glycolic, or lactic acids, these are too intense for your freshly treated skin. At least that's true for most people.

You might want to wait at least 24-48 hours after dermaplaning to apply those.

NOTE: If you do your at-home dermaplaning at night, you might want to try slugging too. That is the process of applying a thick, petroleum jelly all over your face and sleeping with it on until morning. Applying this jelly over your hyaluronic acid will help seal the moisture in.

Here is how to do slugging.

I hope this helped.

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