Turkey Neck Exercises. Can I see your before and after pictures?

by K.

Hi! I have been doing CFF for about 5 weeks now and also suffer from "turkey neck" at just 51 yrs old...

I was wondering if you would share some additional photos showing how the program continued to help your neck area. I really need to see how well I can expect the program to work over the long-haul.

It's been hard to stay motivated when I haven't experienced any positive results yet - but I think seeing your continued success would help.

Thanks so much!!!

Take Care,

Hi There!

Thanks for reaching out. At 5 weeks you probably won't see dramatic changes when you look in the mirror, but they are happening. I know this because I took pictures every week and when I compared them 5-6 weeks later I did see very subtle changes. That's what kept me motivated.

Hopefully you've been taking pictures at least once a week, every week. If not, start now and keep track. So you can see the changes.

Make sure to take these pictures with the same angle, in the same place in your house, with the same camera, at the same of day (so the lighting is the same) and wear your hair the same way if possible. This will give you the best and truest comparison.

The most dramatic changes will take place months later. If you scroll to the middle of this page:

Turkey Neck

You'll see my neck changes over 8 months time span from January to August.

It's still pretty much the same now, but I wanted more improvements. So Carolyn (owner of CFF) and I spoke about this for several months trying to figure out what else can we do to address the neck - which is the HARDEST PART TO FIX!

Eventually, a few months ago, she came out with a new Bonus exercise called The Lower Face Filler that helps fill-in that hollow on the sides of the face. This is really important because we realized that if you fill/lift the side of your face (right around your jawbone by your ear) you'll see the neck gets smoother too.

Try this while looking in the mirror:

- Take two fingers and place them on each side of your face, on your jawbone right in front of your ears.
- Then pull up slightly and look what happens to the neck.

You see, one of the reasons our neck starts sagging after a certain age is because we lose that beautiful face fat that sits in-between the bottom of the cheek bones and top of the jaw line.

When that area starts to hollow out, the extra skin starts to sag downward and causes that heavy fullness under the chin and upper neck (turkey neck).

The new bonus workout targets the muscles around the jawline and jawbone (by the ear). I'm starting to see some results, but nothing dramatic enough to post...yet.

Since you're new to CFF (at 5 weeks) you don't know if you'll need the Bonus workout yet or not. You really need to give the CFF workout a good 9-12 months to see what your face will do. Everyone is different, and we all have our problem areas - just like our bodies do.

For example, I've never had a wrinkle on my forehead at all! None of the women in my family do. But my girlfriend has really deep wrinkles and did since she was in her 40s. But the neck -- that's a different story. All the women in my family have issues with neck skin.

Please keep at it, it does work! Just make sure you do the exercises on a consistent basis 3-5 times every week with a day or two rest in-between. Once you get your face in shape, you'll only have to do a workout once or twice a month. Consistency in the first year is very important to getting good results.

P.S. Here is another photo of my improved neck. In addition to firming up that sagging neck skin, other benefits I saw was just a general improvement in the quality and thickness of the skin. It looks smoother and less crepey. If you scroll down the middle of this page:

Vitamin C Skin Whitening

You'll see the difference in my neck skin quality.

Hope that helps!

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