copper peptide creams

Copper Peptide Wrinkle Cream

by Linda Robison

What can a copper peptide wrinkle cream do for your skin? Studies suggests it can firm, lift and help the skin hold moisture.

How is healthy young skin similar to an inflated water balloon? It looks plump, firm and is springy to the touch. 

However, when skin loses moisture, it looses volume. It soon begins to look wrinkled, puckered, dull, and dehydrated. 

Note: According to the MORE magazine - EVERY dermatologist they interviewed insisted that peptides are the most effective anti-aging ingredient to help lift and firm the skin.

Whether it's a copper peptide cream or serum - these little protein blocks can help your skin cells hold onto moisture. And, more moisture means firmer, smoother skin.

What are peptides and what can they do for you? 

Copper Peptide Creams

Hydrate! Peptide based creams can help hydrate which can make skin look fuller and younger.

How? Simply put, a peptide is a bonded polymer of amino acids (protein blocks) that help cells communicate effectively. 

The greatest advantage peptides offer is that they facilitate collagen production. While your body makes collagen naturally, as you age the amount decreases.

That’s where peptides come into play.

When applied to your skin, they can help plump skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support long term skin repair.

Best peptide cream - What to look for when shopping

peptide serums

When shopping for a peptide wrinkle cream make sure it contains enough copper peptide to make a difference.

Some less expensive drugstore brands only contain a smidget of peptides in their formula just for window dressing, but not enough to make an anti-aging difference for the skin.

TIP: Check the ingredients. If peptides are listed last or close to the end, then it probably does not contain enough. So where can you buy copper peptide cream? I get mine online.

This anti-aging Copper Peptide Wrinkle serum is powerful, inexpensive and suitable for women and men of all ages - especially those over 50!

Instead, look for products that have high concentrations of ingredients like palmitoyl oligopeptide, pentapeptide, tripeptide, and copper aminoacetylamino  -  all of which can help improve your skin’s elasticity.

Some manufactures also include antioxidants and humectants and moisturizers.

Which is a good idea because this not only protects your complexion from environmental damage, but can help improve the look and feel of your skin sooner.

If your complexion is dry look for a combination with a good moisturizer, this type of product gives your skin a fighting chance against age-related issues.

If dryness is not an issue – a peptide serum is usually stronger and more concentrated to deliver faster results.

When to use copper peptide wrinkle creams

Peptide wrinkle creams or serums can be used anytime (day or night) under makeup or alone. I know many people also like to use retinols with peptide creams for a powerful anti-aging treatment but are not sure how to use them both. 

Most dermatologists agree that the two most powerful anti-aging creams on the market today is the combination of retinols and peptides. They recommend using copper peptides during the day and retinol based creams at night. 

Measurable results - do peptide creams work

While a lot depends on a lot of factors like your age, the condition of your skin and your skin care routine.

Typically, younger people begin seeing healthier skin from peptide creams sooner. However, older skin may take a little more time before the tone and texture begins improving. 1

And, there are other factors to consider. Aging skin requires a multi-pronged approach. For example do you regularly:

While peptide wrinkle creams are powerful and can help improve aging skin, just like your body - healthy skin requires a well rounded approach.

You'll get better results faster if you regularly, feed your skin with a anti-oxidant rich moisturizer, exercise/massage your face, and fight the signs of aging by using anti-aging creams (like peptide and retinol creams).

Don’t be discouraged by the time frame. Your didn’t get wrinkles overnight. There is no such thing as a proverbial fountain of youth. 

What’s most important is that the sooner you start, the sooner the peptide wrinkle cream can begin the process of rejuvenating cells.

What about a collagen and peptide cream?

Now, you may come across products that have collagen and think – hey, that’s a great idea. Unfortunately commercial collagen doesn’t get into your skin effectively.

That’s why a peptide wrinkle cream is a better option. It kicks your cells back into producing collagen. This, in turn, deters new wrinkle formation.

Other benefits from peptides include slowing the skin’s aging process, providing moisture and offering antioxidant properties.

It is well worth your time to review potential peptide wrinkle cream products and find one that has great consumer reviews (within your budget).

After that it’s just a matter of having a good daily regiment. Your skin will thank you.


1. IJCS Role of Topical Peptides in Treating Aged Skin

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