Gentle Microdermabrasion Products

Want to exfoliate but worried about the irritation (or expense) that sometimes happens with microdermabrasion scrubs and peels?

by Linda Robison

We have some simple ways for you to smooth your skin and minimize pores without causing your skin to freak out.

Favorite cheap microdermabrasion product?

The Skin Eraser kit lasts so long that it's probably by far the cheapest (least expensive) microdermabrasion treatment I have purchased on-line.

When looking for gentle microdermabrasion products, try to use ones that contain hydroxy acids along with herbs and anti-aging vitamins for healthy skin support.

Personally, I really like the results I get after using the Skin Eraser kit. I've used just the scrubbing cream before - but this time I've tried the serum that goes with the microdermabrasion treatment.

You apply the serum after the scrub and it helps to lighten and smooth out dark spots and blemishes. 

I think of all the over-the-counter microdermabrasion scrubs and serums I've tried so far, this one offered the smoothest results - like I get with a microdermabrasion facial.

Just make sure you use a good sunscreen for a week after each treatment because it contains professional grade alpha hydroxy acids. 

Plus, it lasts a long time because you only need to use it a few times a year!

Need a more gentler microderm product?

Consider an aloe rich crème scrub that's not only loaded with antioxidants to reduce skin damage, but also contains coconut, avocado, and olive oil.

So while it helps remove dead skin cells, it won't strip or harm the skin.

This is especially helpful for those suffering from Rosacea or other skin care issues. Click on the link below to learn more.

CFF - Gentle Antioxidant Exfoliating Creame

Home microdermabrasion tips

As a last resort, you can always make your own home dermabrasion mixtures. Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda with enough filtered water to form a paste.

Massage into skin for several minutes using circular motions and then rinse. Follow up with a moisturizer or a few drops of coconut oil.

Super Sensitive?

Those with skin conditions like Rosacea or Acne usually have a tough time with any type of exfoliating scrub.

If anything with beads or granules is still too rough for your skin, then consider pineapple juice. Cut a fresh pineapple and apply the juice to your face for five to ten minutes.

Pineapple is a natural exfoliate, skin softener, and evens skin tone. It also helps break the gluey bonds that hold dead skin cells together and has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Just remember to always test in a small area first if you’re super sensitive. Better to use microdermabrasion products with a safe than sorry approach.

My favorite homemade microdermabrasion paste

gentle microdermabrasion home products

I make this micro-fine microdermabrasion paste about 3 times a month.

It's basically just baking soda mixed with water - Super Cheap. But for extra hydration add some organic oil such as olive oil.

Mixing them with water or oil also helps soften the scrub  - so keep that in mind and adjust accordingly.

If you’ve spent a day at the beach loading up on gooey pore-clogging sunscreen or a in a high smog area and need a good deep clean use less liquid – as little as you can tolerate.

You can also mix or rotate microdermabrasion products according to your needs.

I use the baking soda a few times a week and the Skin Eraser Kit (for that airbrushed look) a few times a year. There is nothing wrong with switching them up depending on the season.

The important thing is that you find microdermabrasion products that suit your needs and skin type as needed.