Micro Needling - Derma Rollers

by Linda Robison

Does Micro Needling work?

Derma Rollers  - Micro Needling2 different sized Derma Rollers

Micro Needling, Dermapen, Derma Rollers...whatever you call it – it’s basically the same treatment. 

It involves a smaller hand-held roller or dermapen (i.e. derma-stamp) that contains micro needles that roll or puncture needles across the skin to induce collagen production. Some call this collagen induction therapy. 

But the concept of this anti-aging therapy is pretty simple. If you think about what happens when you cut the skin on your finger, your body recognizes damage to the skin and directs collagen stimulation to the area to close up the wound.

derma roller needling CloseupDerma Roller Needles

Micro Needling (derma rolling system) is similar in that it causes very minor wounds across the skin and the theory is that your body will send new collagen production to those areas across your face.

Some people say it works well to help ensure smoother skin and reduce wrinkles and lines. But, at my age, I’m also dealing with sagging skin and want to invest my time and money using something that will address both issues – if possible.

My personal experience with microneedling

In 2006, I had a professional derma roller facial and I remember how plump my skin looked for about 24 hours. I had a few more facials (as a gift from a friend) after that and loved the way my skin looked for a day or two. 

However, I couldn't afford to do this procedure on a weekly or monthly basis so I stopped. 

Then in 2010 I started using a "home derma rolling system" that I purchased from the internet. I used it (off and on) for about a year. I hated the way it felt because I'm not a fan of needles. Plus, there are a lot of cons to using derma rollers.

  • can be painful
  • can cause bleeding dots across the face
  • may cause infection
  • must be properly disinfected after each use
  • there is a recovery time from 24 hours to several days
  • must be replaced with a new one every so many weeks $$$$$

But! Most important - I never saw any positive results!

My skin did look good for a few hours after the treatment but the next day it was back to normal. But I never saw a difference in crepey skin or wrinkles or sagging. 

NOTE: Derma rolling does not help droopy skin. It's mostly helps to create a smooth skin tone...but will not lift sagging skin.

Anyway, years later I found that certain facial exercises not only helped reduce the depth of my wrinkles, but actually lifted my skin too. Plus, I feel more comfortable doing massaging/exercises on my face than needling.

I think my results are amazing. You can see two before and after pictures here:

My neck firming results in 8 weeks

My lifted face after 12 months

Plus, in addition to reducing wrinkles and sagging skin - as we age we our facial bones tend to atrophy and droop as well. Which means when your facial bones sag - so will your skin. Read below to learn more!

Why should you care about your facial bones?

Well, for example:  The bones around your eye socket start to droop with age and as a result, the skin attached to that bone will sag too!

Look at these two pictures comparing CT scans of facial bones between young woman and a woman over 50...You can clearly see how our face bones tend to droop. It's amazing!

That's another reason why I'm a fan of facial exercises that also help strengthen facial bone mass. Because in the end, all the face lifts, dermal filler injections, more micro needling will NOT stop your facial bones from atrophying and drooping. And when your facial bones droop - so will your muscles and skin.